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Why do business in Poland? [Kult America]

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People often ask me how to survive professionally in Poland, and I normally tell them that people who are willing to work hard and learn the language have many opportunities here. However, I wanted to take a closer look at the possibilities, so I traveled to the less obvious region of Podkarpackie, with an emerging economy and industrious history that far exceeded my imagination. To see why people do business in Poland. ★★★ CONTACT ★★★ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RyanSocash Email: [email protected] Brands: [email protected] Merchandise: https://shop.spreadshirt.pl/KultAmerica https://mediakraft.tv #Poland #Polska #podkarpackie
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Text Comments (154)
Toby Moto (7 days ago)
Do you live in Podkaprackie?
TheKielbasaKid (8 days ago)
Love this video. Podkarpackie is where my dziadek immigrated to America from in 1910.
Beata Jaszyk (23 days ago)
Mieszkam tu :D Podkarpacie jest piękne i ludzie są tutaj wyjątkowi! Nie zarabiamy dużo ale żyjemy dobrze, mamy pewne priorytety i tego się trzymamy :D Tu się inaczej oddycha ;) Kochane miejsce.
Łukasz G (1 month ago)
Robisz nam świetny PR. Podkarpackie to ciekawy region.
Hubert Sobków (2 months ago)
If you want to start business in Poland you should check out this webiste. www.gotowespolki.org/en/ready-made-companies/
Darius Kokoszko (2 months ago)
Pease hire me i want to come back in Poland where my ancesters are
Kamil Szylar (2 months ago)
Pozdrowienia z Podkarpacia ^^
GutekGames (2 months ago)
Nice job.
Jacek Mak (2 months ago)
Wspaniale nakręcone, pełne ciekawych informacji wideo. Twój entuzjazm i stosunek do Polski są równie imponujące. Gratuluję i pozdrawiam serdecznie w 100-lecie niepodległości.
Robert O. (2 months ago)
Jakas obsesja lub strach autora przed banderownia i podaniem prawdy zabrzmial jak zgrzyt zelaza po szkle. Chlopie, wbij sobie do glowy, że gdy Ignaczy Lukasiewicz zapalał 1. w świecie lampe naftowa w polskim Lwowie, nie było zadnego "Lviva"? A odsetek rusinów i ukrainców razem wzietych siegał w nim - co najwyżej - 10%. Polaków bylo 60%. Lwow to sedno polskiej historii i skarbnica polskiej kultury. A poza tym - OK. :)
sighin (2 months ago)
Excellent promotion of one of the actually most poor regions in this country. Try one of the richest ones as well: Lower Silesia (Dolny Śląsk), Mazovia (Mazowsze), Greater Poland (Wielkopolska), Pomorze (Pomerania)...
escapetomars (2 months ago)
Poland and Polish culture is such an important but under-appreciated building block of western civilization and the modern world. Thanks for sharing, lots of support from an American expat in Georgia.
Ricardo Pinho (2 months ago)
Let me just say this videos are very inspiring.
VOYTASNY (3 months ago)
Poland have had always intelligence people that why Hitler and Stalin They want too remove Polish people never happened Without Poland Europe will not survive.
MrBartnick (2 months ago)
Yeah. We saved Western Europe's asses at least twice: in 1683 (Battle of Vienna) and 1920 (Battle of Warsaw).
Giordano Amabile (2 months ago)
Yeah, that is exactly why.
VOYTASNY (3 months ago)
Mieszkam USA 24 lata Te regiony Podkarpacie Podlasie Malopolskie rzada w USA Tak duzo jest z tych regionow w Ameryce ze nie dawali nie bede dawac promesy $100 biora Amerykany za co Student szybciej wyjedzie do USA Nie Tak szybko do strefy wizowej Kiedys calymi wioskami walili do USA tam gdzie bieda byla dzis dolary inwestuje sie Takie sa fakty
L9bus (3 months ago)
Your videos are really great! By whom are they sponsored? Is it american or polish initiative?
Christian Peters (2 months ago)
If i had to guess it's to bring American tourism and dollars to Poland lol
Milson Wolf (3 months ago)
Polska to kraj z ogromnym potencjałem który jest nieustannie marnowany
Paweł F. FishingVLOG (3 months ago)
Why do business in Podkarpackie...
Eugene M (3 months ago)
If you want lose business, made it in Poland
Adam Warlocki (3 months ago)
ale ten pilot ma przyjemny głos^^
Kult America (2 months ago)
My wife made the same comment:)
KamilMB (3 months ago)
Ryan, dawno nie zrobiłeś tak super filmu! W sumie znałem te wszystkie miejsca i mam świadomość tych wszystkich rzeczy, ale jak to pozbierasz w film i zdasz sobie sprawę, że to wszystko w województwie Podkarpackim to robi jeszcze większe wrażenie. SUPER FILM! Ale jedno muszę (delikatnie) skrytykować. Gdy mówisz, niech dźwięk będzie nieco bardziej wyciszony. POZDRAWIAM!
Nordic Axe (3 months ago)
amazing content as always! glad i watched your content before i too traveled to PL.
Kult America (2 months ago)
I hope you had a nice trip!
Tomas Wiak (3 months ago)
Wow, impressive. How did you get access to the factory and the Airport runway ? Cool vid. P.S. I liked your glidier trip...
Kult America (2 months ago)
Getting permission to walk on an international runway was not easy at all!
RichieLarpa (3 months ago)
Nice video! Can I have a suggestion? You should try visiting a tripoint CZE-POL-GER next time, it is lying next to river and looks more beautiful than the UKR-POL-SVK one you already visited. Thanks in advance for reply.
Kult America (2 months ago)
Yes, that is on the list - we might even do it in December:)
Aleksandra Stopyra (3 months ago)
Podkarpackie pozdrawia, Ryan! :D
Tyrone Fountain (3 months ago)
Can you do a video about Americans adapting to life in Spain? I want to move there from California but am uncertain of my job prospects. I just don’t like life here in SF supposedly the best city in the world lol. I don’t want to waste my life working with no social life, I hate that there is no nightlife in SF at least compared to Europe. I want a social existence and feel Spain is a better match.
Ekonomen (3 months ago)
Pls Invest in eastern Poland
andr27 (3 months ago)
Robienie byźmesów w gównochujni to jak wpierdalanie gówna - wątpliwa przyjemność
Fabiann (3 months ago)
Podkarpackie is also known in English as the Subcarpathian Region/Province.
Mikolaj F. (3 months ago)
Cannot watch KA anymore. The channel used to be good, but has become a tube for very annoying propaganda. It's so sad.
Kult America (2 months ago)
Thats not true at all, these videos are completely sincere and I spend an incredible amount of time making them.
Time Traveler (3 months ago)
germany < Polska
Trekker (3 months ago)
Marcin Dobrowolski (3 months ago)
Because it's worth it. Poland is a country of opportunity, we're like a speeding bullet that is still gaining more speed. We're a rising regional power whether people like it or not. Together we can achieve so much more. We can drag this country even further up the ladder. Mark my words, in the next 50 years, Poland will be more of a key player in Europe than that of Spain, Portugal, Greece or even Germany and Italy. We will outpace them. They have become stagnant and weak, they create more problems daily than they solve. That's a great recipe for failure. I travel to Germany 7-8 times a year and I can see how it's deteriorating rapidly. This is the space we can fill. We have to work harder now than ever.
Artur Olech (3 months ago)
Lwòw (lvoov ) is a proper way of writing and pronunciation :-) . Great movie.
Bartosz G (3 months ago)
Kult America (3 months ago)
You are correct
MaCiAcHo17 (3 months ago)
HAah Znam go :D
ziggef (3 months ago)
Just... Amazing ❤️
Przemek Wielgosz (3 months ago)
Don't, they gonna tax the shit out of you, unless you can lobby the politicians to let you slip.
Joseph Hromy (3 months ago)
I'm really glad you have this channel. Being Polish is great; your videos show the culture in such a positive way. Growing up i never heard so many good stories about Poland. This is true diversity online.
Kult America (3 months ago)
The fun thing is that I basically live my life exploring Poland :)
Kacpersky Poland (3 months ago)
Przyjedź kiedyś na Dolny Śląsk
Czeekaj (3 months ago)
samolotem może w kosmos.
ytgrabber (3 months ago)
Do you know that Tadeusz Kościuszko designed a flag of USA? He got an idea from a coat of arms of the Sandomierski Poviat. Follow a link to see above coat of arms. https://pl.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herb_powiatu_sandomierskiego
Erhan Sarı (3 months ago)
Kutl amerika dolar çok yüksek düşür :(
Ruvik Magdalenovich (3 months ago)
It's Jasionka? Was near this places) Podkarpackie is innovation region)
Lukass BeatAddicts (3 months ago)
Your videos are so nicely done. Love it.
RP (3 months ago)
Poland is awesome, I was there last spring - great spirit and hardworking energy, you can feel the potential. I plan to do business there in the future.
Łukasz G (1 month ago)
Marcin Dobrowolski (3 months ago)
You should visit regularly, be sure to visit all of Poland and all our regions! each region have some magic in it and places that are not only rare but unique. All the best for you and your loved ones! Regards from Warsaw and thank you for the warm words about my brethren.
z Wietnamu (3 months ago)
Bo tania sila robocza i dobrze wyksztalcona
Skiba GNO (3 months ago)
Newer come to Poland !!!
Samurai Marcin (3 months ago)
Powiem ci tak że mało ludzi wie że to polak wymyślił lampę naftową i że w Polsce wydobywało się ropę.
RichieLarpa (3 months ago)
Dla mnie to była też ciekawa informacja, ale wiem że ludzi też nie znają ważnych czeskich wynalazków, którie odgrywają dużą rolę na świecie. Zrobiliśmy na przykład kostki cukru, instalacji odgromową, słowo robot i soczewki kontaktowe. Jestemy mały, ale sprytny stan.
szescwtotka (3 months ago)
A mnie ciekawi czy ryan czasami podrozuje do us nie wiem np spotkac sie z rodzicami/rodziną?
szescwtotka (3 months ago)
+Kult America thx for answer💕
Kult America (3 months ago)
More often on business these days but yes, I’m in the US pretty often.
wychowanynawinie (3 months ago)
Ja to bym podkarpacie oddał za kratę wódki i byłby to najlepszy interes jaki zrobiłą Polska od 100 lat.
dor ada (3 months ago)
Najlepszym intresem dla środowiska naturalnego jest twoja samoutylizacja.
Solo Lolo (3 months ago)
Ja bym ciebie oddalil do USSR... towarzyszu.
bart whydoyoucare (3 months ago)
Pierdolnij się w łeb
Lupo XX (3 months ago)
You should have your programme on Polish TV:)
Kargol Łukasz (3 months ago)
I live in Podkarpacie !
Łukasz G (1 month ago)
Jo tyż.
Kamil Gontarz (3 months ago)
And... we still need visas... but Czech Republic not. What Czech Republic did for USA?
Ghuul (1 month ago)
+Brian Dowling - Stop living in eighties. Today maybe 0,12%.
breslavia007 (1 month ago)
+Brian Dowling It used to be like that in the past. Not any more. We can live work anywhere in the EU.
Brian Dowling (1 month ago)
12% of Poles go to USA on tourist visa and never come back to PL. :D
Ghuul (2 months ago)
anti Polish Jews, not just bureaucracy.
breslavia007 (2 months ago)
+henoch44 it is the American Jews's policy.
mir mir (3 months ago)
Pan pilot ma piękny ,,radiowy,, głos.. śmiech też przyjemny;)
Sahthus (3 months ago)
Turkish sublites please
Sahthus (3 months ago)
+Kult America thank you so much
Kult America (3 months ago)
Yes, I would love to get the Turkish subtitles back, you guys have always been so supportive of this channel!
Mat K. (3 months ago)
Very informative, thank you.
Mani Mani (3 months ago)
Perfekcyjnie 👌👌
psvarek (3 months ago)
If You like Polish countryside and historical places, I think You should visit "województwo Dolnośląskie" and City of Bolesławiec which is famous of its traditional pottery and also You should visit "Zamek Grodziec" which is only 25 kilometers away from City of Bolesławiec. Castle stays on very old extinct volcano. From its tower You can see "Śnieżka" which is tallest top of "Karkonosze". I really recommend You to visit this part of Poland.
jacek jackowski (3 months ago)
Thank You for being true friend of Poland. I think America is real ally of Poland and we will build very strong relations in next years. Your president Trump is very respected and famous in Poland.
brama (3 months ago)
You're a beautiful man.
then benagcz (3 months ago)
Business in Poland is hard lots of taxes and stupid laws employees taxes are like 50% if we had better laws and lowered taxes we would be ahead of Germany
Marcin Dobrowolski (3 months ago)
We will overcome and outpace Germany as an economic power in the next 50 years. Germany is sinking a lot of money and creating issues they can't deal with. Their military is a joke and we work 3 times harder than Germans. That's why we will come on top, just a matter of time. Business in Poland can be hard that is true, but also very prosperous and lucrative, if you are smart. This is a country of opportunity, something that can't be said about many Western countries any more.
Tomasz Kiełtyka (3 months ago)
You should go to the Krosno hot air baloon festival sometime (it's near Rzeszów)
Kult America (3 months ago)
I will for-sure take that under consideration!
Adam Kiepul (3 months ago)
You should check out the town of Łańcut - it is about 10 miles East of Rzeszów. A fantastic Castle Museum and Park complex, great hotels, nice restaurants and world class business - http://transsystem.pl/en/
Pietrek L (3 months ago)
Ryan you forgot about Łucznik Radom gun factory and Kirkham Motorsports Poland in Mielec which build chassis and aluminum bodies for Kirkham Motorsports AC Cobras which are fabricated in ex MiG factory.
Mat Carrington (3 months ago)
I was subscribed when he had less than 400 hundred subs. Good job man.
Polish Native Speaker (3 months ago)
Love this video. Have you seen 'This Is Poland' by Dirty Motion Studio? Also very good.
BPO - 346 (3 months ago)
This was interesting to see. Would like more videos like this! :)
PanPiorun (3 months ago)
Ja polak i cie pozdrawiam
ExpertRaze (3 months ago)
Nice Ryan!
Enigmarius (3 months ago)
Paweł good as always :D I was working at Aeroklub in Mielec for a half year. Great experience. Great people. If they want to scare you a bit they could simulate a rupture of the rope at the start :D
Paweł Pomianek (3 months ago)
Thanks guys it is first time for me i have not experince😄Ryan good job thanks a lot
Kult America (3 months ago)
I have to be honest, I'd really like to go back and do that again with out a camera so that I could take in the experience. That pilot was seriously amazing.
zonek z Żoliborza (3 months ago)
Czekałem na nowy odcinek, zastanawiam się czemu Amerykanin więcej wie o Polsce niż ja
Adam Adamski (2 months ago)
+Kult America You are a great Poland's ambassador to the English language zone. Many thanks!!!
sighin (2 months ago)
+Kult America Since you live in PL for so long, you certainly have noticed how this country changed during this time. Any conclusions you wanted to share on this?
Marek (3 months ago)
Stare polskie przysłowie mówi - "Cudze chwalicie, swojego nie znacie "
VOLTREX (3 months ago)
Bo ci się nie chce. Proste
Kult America (3 months ago)
I have been a Polish citizen for over 10 years, have Polish heritage, and a Polish family so it is really important for me to take advantage of my connection to this country for the people I love.
Yopek PL (3 months ago)
Spoko film :) ❤️
Kokorollo (3 months ago)
Jedz na podlasie
Łukasz G (1 month ago)
Podlasie ma coś z Podkarpackiego, czy na odwrót. Ogólnie każdy region Polski ma swoją specyfikę i jest różny.
Kult America (3 months ago)
We already did that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhH4t4WZrCY :)
JustJes10 (3 months ago)
Ryan you were very brave. I’d have cried like a baby. Scared of heights. Great video. Thanks so much for making such wonderful content. Love from Texas. ❤️
Kult America (3 months ago)
Hey! I'll be honest that was like 8AM and I had no idea that I was going for a flight. Everyone in my crew knows that I have two kids and would never agree to such a ride. I'm really happy to have had the opportunity though !
Lunar One (3 months ago)
Really nice video!
AJ Bakyura (3 months ago)
Poland is the only one successful state economically in Eastern Europe.
Sarmatan Lehitus (3 months ago)
+Władysław Bukowski No need to be ashamed of my opinion man. It makes sence and is pro-Polish, so you shouldn't have a problem with it. Poland exists much longer, that 1050 years. 966 is just a symbolic date, because the clergy told us, that there is no Poland without Catholicism. Our spirit is Slavic and Eastern European, but Poles don't like to be associated with their big buddy Russia in the east. But just compare Poles to Germans, French or English people and you'll see the difference in our national spirits. We are similar to Hungary, Serbia, Romania or Russia in terms of culture and we have national pride, which again links us to the Eastern European standards. Look at expanision of the Polish language and culture in past centuries. It was always directed to the east. A teraz coś po polsku. Zapoznaj się z pojęciem Kresy Wschodnie i spójrz chociażby na mapę Europy w XVII wieku czy latach dwudziestych XX wieku. Polska to państwo wschodnioeuropejskie z licznymi elementami zachodnioeuropejskimi. Musimy zmienić mentalność wiecznego zakompleksienia względem zachodu.
Władysław Bukowski (3 months ago)
Kult America Such a narrative is common because our allies treacherously pushed us into the arms of Stalin. However, fifty years of Soviet occupation do not predominate 1050 years of our reality and do not make us east. It's time to straighten it and give up old, unpalatable terms. Regards.
Władysław Bukowski (3 months ago)
Sarmatan Lehitus Directions and parts of the world are defined by geography and not by politics. Historically? Poland has been there as a country for 1050 years. Did not you know that? If you want to divide Europe only to the east and west, it will be better according to religious affiliation to Roman Catholic (including Protestant rebels) and Orthodox (Byzantine), because it defines the spirit and culture of nations. Poland in this regard was always the West. Remember that. As a Pole I am ashamed for your point of view.
ej dzej (3 months ago)
Is central not east damn
Sarmatan Lehitus (3 months ago)
+Kult America Czechia/Bohemia was strongly influenced by Germany. It was pratically a German state ruled by German nobility. That's why :P
Jersey Joe (3 months ago)
Podkarpacie is where my paternal Babcia’s parents came from
Kult America (3 months ago)
Mine to:) I made a video on that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEeG20qJXkU
Zajebisty Ziemniak (3 months ago)
*Sub i Dzwoneczek*
Hiper Maks (3 months ago)
Second like and Second comment
Halil Rahmi Cesur (3 months ago)
First like and First comment
Kult America (3 months ago)
You are fast!

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