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VS Live! | Mono Red Aggro VS Dimir Midrange | Standard | Match 2

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Text Comments (47)
Raj Singh (5 days ago)
its probably time to replace Todd Anderson, he is really a pain to watch play.
Mike Manfredi (9 days ago)
Can the people whining about Todd whining take their hypocritical selves elsewhere?
Ruby Patterson (8 days ago)
Can the people whining about the people whining about Todd whinging take their sanctimonious selves elsewhere?
DAVIDE FREISON (9 days ago)
Todd play grixis
laidout21 (9 days ago)
Don't forget to exile that Augur of Bolas too in tourney. ref:@51:10
shawn wilson (10 days ago)
wtf attack ross
Travis Duncan (10 days ago)
Todd please, I've enjoyed watching you so much in the past, but in the last few weeks/months, you've just whined and whined about your own misplays and a deck's poor construction. Please, just have fun. I understand this is your job and that you have to try to take it seriously, but that doesnt mean that you have to verbally dissect the games and complain about every single loss.
Veronica Page (10 days ago)
did todd lose a bet with that haircut?
NerdPhil (10 days ago)
The sideboard seemed to make the deck worse for mono red, but being mana screwed doesn't help either.... Sorry Ross!
AnimuMango (10 days ago)
Shout out to Todd these deck names suck and tell you nothing about the deck and are awful for new players. At least Dead Guy Ale and Cephalid Breakfast were fun.
C M (10 days ago)
Todd has become the worse part of the VS series. He complains so much, he misplays often, forfeits matches all the time and just isn't enjoyable to watch anymore.
Colin Bieszard (10 days ago)
100% Agreed. I love the decks, but when Todd pilots them and they don't go his way, he doesn't play the way I would expect someone of his skill level to play at. Emotions are getting the best of him when they are in a low stress environment just testing decks... I don't get it.
JurinoJr (10 days ago)
Love watching you both
Nick Sakowski (10 days ago)
I loved watching CVM vs BBD. I remember when everyone used to complain about CVM. I can’t remember a time when people didn’t complain about at least one of the hosts.
numb kids (10 days ago)
I agree I don't understand those people that want Todd to Go away.. I can't imagine the VS Series without Todd
Suhr Zork (10 days ago)
Y'all acting like you never tilted from sitting with all the answers in hand and not having the right lands, or making a stupid misplay that costs you the game. I understand why Todd is angry at himself and him verbally announcing what he's thinking is kinda his job?
Colin Bieszard (10 days ago)
It's a low stress environment. They are just testing decks and trying to play the decks at the highest level they can. It's fine to get frustrated, it's not fine to give up and make bad plays/concede too early due to the frustration. Is that what we want new players to do? It is just a game, in this environment. Of course if this was a Mythic Championship, I would see the frustration making more sense, but there he wouldn't just concede, he would play it out due to the stakes.
Bill McMurdo (10 days ago)
he's a content producer who should hold himself to a higher standard.
Doug de Leon (11 days ago)
Can you seriously just replace Todd with someone else. Salty when he losses, brags when he wins.
Cody Niles (11 days ago)
Can we just Skype Gerry T in to play Ross on these damn things.
Anel Zadic (11 days ago)
Fat dude is so salty like enjoy the game, that last game was intense and fun to watch, win or lose. I hate these kinds of players at FNM.
Yellodoodle (11 days ago)
I would prefer emmy handy vs ross mariam for versus live moving forward
Zow Zout (11 days ago)
God she was annoying to listen to. All the noises she would make. Please, don't even suggest that lol. I understand and agree Todd can act like a poor sport and whines a lot. But he can be fun to watch and he plays well enough while maintaining entertainment
Tharrix (11 days ago)
Can Todd please stop whinging...
DXTb0nEXD (9 days ago)
Field of ruin is bad in mono red ill agree but in most other matchups its soo good. Forces eternal gods deeper into the library, lets you reset your deck state if you miss a key card with augur or narset (like kefnet) takes out key lands like azcanta. Can really mess with grixis or esper because of the lack of basic lands. Its really not that bad...
Alessandro Verrecchia (11 days ago)
it's half the show
Adam DeJager (11 days ago)
Red SB plan was poor. You have to side out critters and bring in RF and commit to burn. Finale and ETGE are too strong to go with critters.
MeagherMan101 (10 days ago)
Tibalt, Rekindling and Dire Fleet all seem fine. The Goblins were a mistake and could have been Risk Factor.
Bong And A Blin (11 days ago)
Temur energy i listen to bathory and burzum just to remember the terror. That was also my first exposure to magic all that energy and even aetherflux marvel getting the maug. I try to get the homies to play frontier but it feels too good for standard now and not good enough for modern so there is no overlap and not worth it
thomas mclean (11 days ago)
My personal opinion. I haven't liked augur of bolas. Wiffs alot. And I feel better cards could be take that slot. Namely cards like arguels blood fast. It paired with kefnet makes for insane amount of card advantage and pressure. With all the inherent life gain in the deck, good bit of the time just free cards
thomas mclean (11 days ago)
+Patrick I feel like it's really more about what you want to do. But as far as any statement about the decks consistency. Already mega consistent. With narsets, opt, chart a course, arguels, and other little cards that this the deck runs. Mathematically , maximizing the cards listed you can go through 45 cards in your deck to see cards. None of which wiff. And as far as arguels vs. That card turn 2. You'll acrew alot of value by the time they deal with it. Unless they happen to just have a mortify in hand.
Patrick (11 days ago)
+thomas mclean I suppose that could be true, with Moment, Carnarium, and Enter. I still play Augur in most decks that can use it though, as it helps with consistency, protects against aggro, and can threaten a lot of the new walkers. I've had opponents no use new Tef's -3 to bounce something because Augur was in play. Sure, that's true of anything, but Augur is something they don't want to use a counterspell on, so it becomes a catch 22. I board him out in some cases, like against control that doesn't use the new walkers as much, and midrange.
thomas mclean (11 days ago)
+Patrick my only argument is that even without augur , dimir has an already great mono red match up. So why play a sub par card for a Match up your good in?
Patrick (11 days ago)
Augur is also very important due to being 2 cmc and being 1/3. That allows it to slow down any creature based decks by quite a bit. Rakdos Midrange is one of my favorite decks to play, and Augur can easily block almost half the creatures used in typical Rakdos decks. Mono red is even worse off against it, need to spend burn or have chainwhirler or phoenix.
Andrew Shaw (11 days ago)
I wish Todd would take this more seriously. He misplayed a lot and sideboarded poorly. Even something as simple as claiming dreadhorde invasion is good in multiples was a yikes. Idk. Just kinda upset because I was excited for some content on Dimir Midrange.
MeagherMan101 (10 days ago)
+C A Overall you'd have less targets because you'd be taking out the terrible 1 drops and forcing them to 2 for 1 a Pheonix is fine in my books instead of having them snipe a Steam Kin. Also, there's no guarantee they'd be gaining life off EtGE if you've a Tibalt on the field.
C A (10 days ago)
+MeagherMan101 I'd argue Phoenixs were bad as well. Having more targets for Enter God Eternals is less good and Todd had Crys to sweep up the egg if phoenix is hit by anything. Even after, Ross said he should've not brought more creatures in at all.
MeagherMan101 (10 days ago)
+C A The Goblin Rabblemasters were poor from Ross but the other 6 cards were fine.
Andrew Shaw (11 days ago)
+Ramsay Young Oh yeah I love dreadhorde invasion. It is one of my favorite cards from WAR to play with. It is undeniably bad in multiples tho. It will just kill you while they deal with your tokens.
Ramsay Young (11 days ago)
Andrew Shaw I am actually a fan of Dreadhorde Invasion. It’s risky but I’ve had a lot of games where playing it turn 2 means net positive life gain on Turn 5 when I enter the god eternals. Curious on your thoughts though
Nicholas Chau (11 days ago)
13:20 game 2
Wyatt Usie (11 days ago)
Nicholas Chau (11 days ago)

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