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Vanity, Flesh verses Spirit with Efraiym.mov

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Flesh vs Spirit
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Zaqane Efraiym (5 years ago)
Todah! bless Yahuah!! You can also find more videos from me on the Zaqane Efraiym YouTube Channel. Of course there are other great videos on the Lamadyahu Channel as well. Shalom
Ty lisa (6 years ago)
excellent and timely message, todah!
Dionne B (7 years ago)
Tudah ach and all praises to Yahuah for this lesson. I REALLY appreciate the scriptural insight and agree with many of the points discussed (i.e. – inaccurately worshipping Yahusha versus Yahuah; the struggles between flesh and spirit; and operating by belief in turah through the ruach as opposed to only logically interpreting turah like a Pharisee). I’ll be visiting this one again. :-)
lasheron (7 years ago)
dont forget to uncover your head :D..

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