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Parisian Beauty Secrets | French Women style seen by Expats

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There's a lot of hype about French women beauty secrets... Do we expats believe the hype? SUBSCRIBE & FIND ME BELOW FOR MORE FUN TIMES ✌ 📷See more of my daily life on Instagram: _notevenfrench 🐸JOIN THE FRANCOPHILES on Patreon: https://bit.ly/2HAC3uG 💎SHOP NOW at Francophile Designs: https://rdbl.co/2qxn6Ce ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There's a lot of hype about French women beauty secrets, French women style, French women hairstyles, makeup and fashion. Do we expats believe the hype? In this video an English and a New Zealand expat living in Paris, we focus in on Paris fashion and Parisian beauty secrets - the haircut, the hairstyle, the make up, the nails, the fashion, the body shape and more. Are you French? Do you have any French women style secrets to share? French style tips? Or do you have an opinion on the French beauty rituals? Let us know down below! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VIDEO NOTES ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FREE STUFF AirBnB travel credit (25€ or equivalent): http://bit.ly/2yTkCAH LIFE IN FRANCE BOOKS * Best French Grammar book that I've found: http://amzn.to/2g511py * Best on French parenting, Bringing up bébé: http://amzn.to/2xORnz1 * Best on multicultural workplaces: http://amzn.to/2fEU9hQ - Favourite fiction read, Almost French: http://amzn.to/2xOdbKZ MY CAMERA: https://amzn.to/2H0m3oF ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You can join me, Rosie, for even more adventures on Not Even French! If you are interested in French culture, life in Paris, or tales from a New Zealander (kiwi) living a long way from home, please ❤SUBSCRIBE❤ for new videos released each WEDNESDAY! ✌✌ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Description may contain affiliate links.
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Text Comments (812)
Not Even French (9 months ago)
Hello les amis! I hope you enjoyed this topic tackled from an expat perspective! Any surprises? Anything we missed? Bisous x
Monalisa Menno (24 days ago)
Eléonore Riha adopt me and my cat please, we are tired of USA
Monalisa Menno (24 days ago)
Thanks for the video, I have a question, almost at the end the other girl says "I miss that so much".. . So, what happens if you just weir that sequined jumpsuit or some colorful dress? Something kinda Carrie Bradshaw....
Claudio Dio (5 months ago)
I'm just fucking fed up when a Black,Asian,Arab move to a country they are migrant white Expat fuck off you are a migrant like them
Not-even -German (5 months ago)
+Claudio Dio ahaaa what's the difference? We are all stuck outside our "Jus Solis " and getting discriminated every single day...from sunrise to sunset you can smell it....
Claudio Dio (5 months ago)
Stop calling yourself an expat you are a migrant
Monica International (2 days ago)
Italian here and British and American are gorgeous but way too much of everything on..
sharon maclean (3 days ago)
I've heard French women spend on average 10% of their income on lingerie, is that true?
Judy D (5 days ago)
I am new to your channel. The videos are loads of fun to watch! So interesting that being overweight is considered unhealthy but smoking like a chimney is not.
Crea Tu Vida (7 days ago)
Why not bring a FRENCH friend to talk about France, instead of always foreigners?
Gabriela Roman (4 days ago)
I think shes always trying to keep her videos from an Expat point of view.
Sonja Breker (8 days ago)
Really enjoy your videos! 👍
Ann (9 days ago)
I lived with a French family when was a young girl of 20 years. After a couple of months, I had put on about ten pounds, and my French “mother” commented to me, “Il faut garder la ligne.” As you say, it was helpful and not offensive, the way she said it to me, and I got the message and cut back on the patisseries! And lost the weight.
someone you might know (14 days ago)
I remember finding it so strange people were complimenting big butts on the internet, I thought "isn't it a very bad thing to have?" A big but sound so bad to have haha
someone you might know (14 days ago)
I dress myself very bold for a feench girl and constantly get positive comments on it! Just do it! People like individuality and confidence!
finn jones (15 days ago)
I think the French look rather boring. Italians dress well...not very relaxed...but they make a statement . Like English style too
Respect mah autoritah (15 days ago)
French women have to dress well because they are ugly
Pvris Suicide (16 days ago)
Personally, I like to dress up but I don't want to get street / public transport harassment or be touched while dancing and it already happens even if I just put on red lipstick so it's more 'casual for my safety' than to 'play it cool' you know? As for the originality part, I think it's mostly because when you start doing your own clothing choices as a teen, people tends to look down on what's different so you either suck it up and own it or try to fit in to have friends. I got a lot of different haircolors before it started trending in France (it was ok but in other countries -I saw it on Instagram Tumblr etc- or ok if I was just hanging with people from the alternative culture) and I got my share of "weird looks" as I wasn't living in a big city. That's why there's such a cliché about 'art students' here, if it's colorful / gothy / thrifted etc it's different so it must be someone artsy :')
Maya C. (17 days ago)
Everything needs to be done in a nonchalant way. That's the way they do it but in a way, it is classic but at the same time, boring.
EternallyStunning (17 days ago)
Cant agree with you guys anymore, very nice video
Zainab Noori (19 days ago)
You girls are so cute and lovely!
Carla (22 days ago)
Here in Brazil we have to wear a lot of make up, like people ask you if you are not wearing it. My grandma always complains because I really don't like to wear makeup. And the hair is always ironed or with lot of products.If you go to a night out, for sure girls will dress for a party. Maybe this explain why we are always late... it is not good but we are not pontual. It is funny how different we are from french woman.
Anne Marion (22 days ago)
hi girls ! you forgot to mention that French people in general dress in black. They don't dare putting on bright colors. As a French person, it is what strikes me the most apart from what you just said.
Shelley (23 days ago)
The whole “French” manicure thing is from the 90s and imo was never attractive. Ugh....
Marie Libby Ryan (24 days ago)
Love this vid! French girls/women(young and old) have fantastic taste on what they wear, their makeup is natural and elegant. Looking forward to further vids. Á bientôt
Arty Bookworm (26 days ago)
Does anyone know about French women skin care routine? I would love to know that from French women, with details, please.
Tania Segura (1 month ago)
France is the european South Korea
Meghan K Workman (1 month ago)
Paris (at least in terms of fashion and beauty trends) sounds right up my alley.
Danae Thalassa (1 month ago)
hahaha Woso nailed it. I have the misfortune to know a french woman, an insatiable bully of all sorts with a particular specialisation on weight. bullying is not a french thing any more than it is a British thing or Taiwanese trait but this French bullying expertise on issues of weight is remarkable.
Wejden Tayechi (1 month ago)
I find them extremely boring and on the old, closed minded judgmental side rather it became such a ridiculous cliché. Clones of the same looks and restricted in every way projecting a je-m’en-fous kind of airs undone hair natural dressed down toned down but they do actually care what others think of them. I think a woman is really beautiful only when she s free from trends / fashion / critics worries. Dont get restricted to a specific style just what makes one look and feel good what boosts confidence! Hate the unglamorous underdressed ways of clubbing and celebrating! Cant go to work and appero and party with the same clothes and make up!
American Patriot (1 month ago)
Thank you, ladies! Very insightful! Both of you are wearing plain solid-colored tops with jeans. Would you wear that on a casual shopping Saturday in Paris or just at home? (Asked with a humble tone, don’t mean this sarcastically or judgmentally at all, from a middle-aged American woman).
Mokkamalia (1 month ago)
I don't like all those "social rules" in France. I feel like here in Berlin you can do, wear, behave etc, whatever you want to and express yourself. Diversity is normal and accepted here in every context. When I'm with French people, I often feel uncomfortable because I'm afraid to do a mistake and be considered weird, uncool/unfashionable/loser or badly behaved. I remember feeling like a loser during a student exchange in Paris because I was the only one who didn't smoke. They treated me like a uncool weirdo because I didn't want to smoke. In my class in Germany, there were 3 pupils who smoked, in France it was literally *everybody* .
nerdgurl402 (1 month ago)
Now I’m afraid to go. What is fat over there? I’m 5’6 and size of 10.
Suzie Park (1 month ago)
Always knew this..argh, I am such a natural french woman...why am I not there already?! Maybe because I'm too so...too nonchalant♡flips hair. Lol:)
Colasante Venezia (1 month ago)
As a born and raised parisian who has lived in the UK... Can so relate!! It is hard readapting coming back home... Although I must say I find Brit girls a bit too extra for me!! Especially the nail craziness! Love the artistic take on it but it's so inconvenient About the weight thing: huge problem in Paris... The anorexia rate is outrageous... So healthy.. Not so much
cherkkiable (1 month ago)
very nice video. though one comment: you never dress just for you. especially with high heels and miniskirt. c'mon!
Alfino (1 month ago)
I just love the french beauty style.It is classic.Almost like the Scandinavian style
Gaïa (1 month ago)
I'm French and this summer I was in London for the first time in my life. I was shocked how much people don't care how you dress! You have more freedom, people do not judge you, it's awesome! it's a pity that in France we are not the same mentality.
Cassandra CATS (1 month ago)
Haha funny the way you see french woman Concerning the nail part, I kind of disagree cause I’m french and I wear flashy colours all the time and I have friends that are doing the same. For the french manucure it was “a la mode” in the 90’s and everybody was wearing it We bought the nail polish with tape to make the perfect french manicure But now it’s over but the name remains
Xtra Delite (1 month ago)
I love the hoop earrings on French women! 😎❤️☮️🌻🌹🌼💕
Tsuyomi (1 month ago)
I'm french girl, and personally, I'm not really skinny, but very muscled, because of sport. So I have unfortunately problems to dress me. The big problem in France, or at least, near of Paris, is that there nothing beautiful or which makes you feeling great to wear which is over the size 40,... I have wide shoulders so the only size i can wear is 46 for the top, and the only thing I can wear is shirt or tank top.. So yes, it doesn't allow me fun clothes. It's very sad, because I love style from UK or USA, but the french obsession of weight is really constraining.
MonaM (1 month ago)
Being a french girl who grew up in south of france, in a little village, i can totally relate to your experience in paris... parisians are so normative when it comes to fashion and it s so hard to fit into the one and only ideal of the effortless stylish skinny red lips parisian girl... oh and i totally went through the same experience at a countryside family house party, wearing small heels and too much make up while people all wore wool pull overs and slippers. Really like your videos girls !
Toni Art (2 months ago)
french manicure means they are clear with no color and clean looking. French woman wear lots of products they just are not obvious about it.
sansconsequence (2 months ago)
All these comments about smoking... Well it is certainly in decline. 15 years ago queuing for the ski lift, you had 1 person out of 4 smoking, now it is 1 out of 25 or 30. As for fashion, fashion is finding your style and what suits you - which is why French girls/women do not follow the trends as much - although of course unless you are a seamstress or can afford one, you are still dependent on what you can find in stores ( and second hand are rare). French females ( middle class certainly - in my experience by the way black girls are very sharp dressers ) on the whole, not all the time but most of the time, aspire to be classy or to at least wear something that makes them look good as opposed to something that they like but that does not like them and they have a pretty good talent in selecting what suits them.
mamamia mimimoi (2 months ago)
i just move to UK country side.. from asian country that is obsessed with beauty and appearance. in my country they always say im not feminine enough because i like to dress in basic colors (save money, invest in few quality pieces neutral color, always look good and classics accessories). In my first year living in UK I was shocked and got depressed because i dont want to look overdressed but when i try to dress like the locals to blend in (i dont like attention) i feel so sad. I feel like im wasting myself and as a result i always try to find an excuse to go somewhere nice where i can dress up. Then i went to a countryside in France. Lo and behold, the older women there dress so nice, chic, neat, its not branded, its not flashy, its not trendy but they are pleasant to look at. Im impressed and it motivates me to take good care of myself. The french women do have class
mamamia mimimoi (2 months ago)
im also very impressed that the french in general are more slim than the british. I think for health reason british women need to watch their diet. the NHS is not that dependable you know... French has better health care :P
PhDResearch (2 months ago)
I know it is the culture, but I believe the root cause may be because they criticize each other a lot, it is connected to their education system; so this reflects on their clothing choices, which is usually very conservative and colorless. They like to keep the attention away from themselves almost. Moreover, the pay gap and females being significantly underpaid in one of the most expensive cities in the world, Paris, would create a large demographics who cannot afford expensive clothing, so it is cheaper to have a closet that is matching in colors and styles and would allow to do the maximum out of the items you have. Also, rich shaming is an actual thing in France, probably because of the history. I would appreciate if anyone helps to give more info x
Aurélie Chaillou (2 months ago)
Est ce qu'il jour vous allez finir par arrêter de confondre français et parisiens ??? C'est vraiment insupportable !
S W (2 months ago)
French women seem very plain Jane boring looking and I find it funny that they're so focused on size bc the French girls I met at University were all bigger than me. Like size 8-12 with flabby skin, untoned arms or legs, mini gut and never exercised but smoked like a chimney. They look boring and dirty and just slather on red lipstick like a street walker... bizarre
Yuqi Chen (2 months ago)
So the French beauty sounds quite similar to Japanese beauty to me.
cmolodiets (2 months ago)
You said "everyone's aiming at similar looks and it's a shame because they're fighting for the same beauty ideal". But being similar is the purpose. originality isn't encouraged. you're expected to blend in. As for beauty ideal, you're not expected to fight to reach it. Beauty is what nature gave you. People have to accept you the way you were made. Some were born beautiful, some weren't. You won't fool anyone with make up and even if you do fool someone, deception isn't appreciated. if there are as many beauty ideals as there are people, what's the point of a beauty ideal? Is it a ladder you climb ? You make up in the morning, look in the mirror and say "I' m one step closer to my beauty ideal. I've almost succeeded in my life"? Is it a personnal achievement or a way to compare with other people. And if you do want to compare, thus entering a competition, you all need the same ideal
Elyce Behrsin (2 months ago)
I don't agree that it's a health thing. French are definitely a lot more mono-ethnic and and smaller build that other nationalities. Spanish women are just over the border and are naturally curvy. Plus they smoke a lot for people concerned about health.
melimelo2805 (2 months ago)
Super vidéo :) I'm not sure Iagree with the nail polish although ... You can wear red and pink without a problem in france ... I wear other colors too but that's just me haha
Jolene inner goddess (2 months ago)
french are so boring haha
Andrés64B (2 months ago)
If you believe the hype, you are a clueless, superficial twat. There is nothing in the world more superficial than the clothes someone wears.
Virginia Reed (2 months ago)
I don’t think American culture fits neatly with what you are describing as Anglo cultures. While people in the film and TV industry as will wear fake eyelashes, fake tans, and all the rest, that is rare in the United States. In real life, virtually no one wears highlighter, contour, false lashes, or spray tan. But it seems like these products are really common among every day folks in the UK, and other English-speaking places. From your description, it sounds like the United States for the most part it’s much more like Paris than the rest of the English-speaking world.
Mr Polémik (2 months ago)
Dominique porte son arrogance de bourgeoise parisienne sur le visage... Va te faire foutre ailleurs Dominique !!
Lucie S (3 months ago)
I totally agree about the whole dressing up situtation (makeup and clothes). Im french and lived in Australia. Just a simple saturday night out was the occasion to wear the most dressed up shortest pieces of clothing and i was just hanging out in my jeans most of the time 😂
Jade Aujourd'hui (3 months ago)
J habite pas à Paris mais je pense qu' il ne faut pas se retenir de porter ce que l on souhaite, et de se mettre des barrières, je trouve ça dommage de vois entendre dire que vous vous retenez de porter ce qui vous fait du bien.
kirakkuru (3 months ago)
That was interesting as a French person. I think one reason we don't dress up as much is also a heritage of the French feminism. We fought to wear trousers, to not bear the makeup pressure, to be comfortable. So being super girly seems superficial. I agree it is a shame we are a bit judgemental when people dress up even classy and not sexy though. :)
midnightchannel (3 months ago)
Wow, sounds like the Germans are much more stylish (they have a lot of style like the Japanese Oska)! No leather slacks, with slinky Italian cashmere sweater...? No skirts..? Ironically, not THAT long ago the way you knew a foreign. girl in Paris was the SHE wore jeans., because Fench girls did not..m
midnightchannel (3 months ago)
I lime your comment about body tuoes, it's true that French women are all physically alike, you don't find much difference in body structure... So their one-soze-fits-all does fit all since they are all alike... I am 5'8" and I personally always feel like a mountain. besides my French friend,s who are all 5'2 to 5'5...
midnightchannel (3 months ago)
I find it really sad that French girls will. not wear skirts or dresses: the French are supposed to be a bastion of femininity, but it sounds like they all dress like men. What a shame! And I watched the video about how sort of sad and lightly depressed the French are, which is ALSO sad ... They never were before, just the opposite! I think they are losing their identity. God, I hope not.
Sophie Vennin (3 months ago)
J'ai bien aimé votre vidéo... très vrai selon moi XD !
sntm87 (3 months ago)
I'm from Norway, but part French. What you say about dressing up is the same in Norway. From a guy's perspective I actually find the makeup, all the fakeness (tan, nails, etc even silicone, fake lips is getting out of hand here) to be quite vulgar and not attractive. Plus I think most girls look kind of the same when they're behind all that. And the amount of effort, time and money girls put into these things is offputting when there's no occation, it feels so insecure and yeah.. fake. So imo it's the complete opposite. I find that natural nonchalent look French girls have often more attractive, and they always seem to have this certain je ne sais qoui. It's a matter of taste though of course, so I hope I'm not offending anyone.
mary so (3 months ago)
*******************For your information : "French manicure" n'est pas Français c'est juste une expression, only because of the colors ;) ***********************************
Estelle Leonetti (3 months ago)
Your video reminds me of a something I have experienced as a french young woman. I have studied in UK in the uni of Durham. One evening, my college organized a special dinner where collegians had to come dressed in another country outfit. However I did not know about that so I came like it was a regular diner and obviously I came with my favorite black dress ... when I arrived there i felt like I didn’t respect the theme of the evening. Suddenly a girl came to me and ask me “what is your costume ? What nationality you wanted to copy ? Oh let me guess .... you are dressed like a french girl, right ? We both laughed when I said “well I AM FRENCH and I just didn’t know I had to wear a costume” There were a lot guys dressed with marinière, béret carrying a baguette. Very stereotypical but I love stereotypes like that ! Anyway good video ! I am always very interested about how foreigners see us ;)
fufi (3 months ago)
I had a bit of a culture shock as well when I came to the UK. I'm from Hungary and we usually dress more casually and wear less make-up as well. Actually, there is a term for one who wears a lot of shiny makeup and very tight and short dress, the plaza-girl and it is not a flattering one. I think we are also more direct in making comments but people are not very health-conscious and a lot of them are overweighted or obese. I was the most shocked to see girls in the UK wearing skirts and sandals without tights during winter. That's something hard to wrap my head around.
Anna Kerkhoff (3 months ago)
6:50 "and stan smiths" YES. Honestly in Montreal that's how we sot French people is that they're the only ones in those adidas tennis shoes no matter what the occasion is.
Colleen Denty (3 months ago)
Several years ago I went out with a french guy for 2 years. His sister once asked me “pourquoi est-ce que les anglaises sont des putes? I was like ummmm I’m English and I don’t think I’m a “pute.” And she said well “vous portez des jupes au bar!” We wore skirts and they were in pumas and long sleeve shirts. So the clothing discussion was definitely spot on.
maxsmum1000 (3 months ago)
I am 51 and go to Nice quite often and I love the style there for women of my age. I love the dresses just above the knee and this time I noticed French women are obsessed with jeans that taper in above the ankle and show a lot of ankle, finished with trainers and NO socks. If you dressed like that here in the UK people would laugh because they would say your trousers weren't long enough! But there if the trousers are took long they will actually turn them up to ensure enough ankle is revealed! Also minimal make up and a healthy tan, which I much prefer. BUT the thing I can't understand is the same matching hairstyle, which is short and slightly wavy but stays brushed back off their faces. How do they DO that? It's a mystery to me frankly. Think Ines de Fressange.
baranski marianne (4 months ago)
Hi ! I'm french andL'm not agree for something in your video :french manucure come from USA, it was created for Hollywood's stars. . french manucure isn't french. What you say about Mode is maybe true for a part of the population, but there is lot of differents style. Go to Les Galeries Lafayette and you can see that mode is not a Jean and simple grey pull-over all the time ! Now mode is bright colors like orange, yellow and green. . with fluid fabric
Camille Pointier (4 months ago)
I’m french but I think I might be english inside 😂 Every time you compare french culture to USA or new zeland or england ... I’m like “ I’m not like this. I’m more like you” Even in make up and dress up : I’M ALWAYS OVERDRESSED ! In every situation ! But now everyone is use to it and actually like it. But every time I met someone new we have this moment where he is weird about it 😂
It's not the same when you work in a non corporate environnement in Paris. In creative fields the acceptable is much broader. As a rule, attention to details is a must.
Jane 29 (4 months ago)
Im french (teenage, not Parisian) and I think we (teenager) are more and more influenced by « American style »(?)
Nicolas Cheradame (4 months ago)
moi etpastoi (4 months ago)
jokes on fat people are the better
Molly Quilter (4 months ago)
As an English girl having recently moved (back) to France I am already missing getting dressed up to go out somewhere nice! When will I ever be able to wear my nice dresses?! It's such a shame that you have to wait for something as big as a wedding or something to dress up. Although I have noticed, however, that the French don't go out partying like we do anyway, they have House parties instead. Which is nice, but I need to get the occasional boogie out of my system! I'll have to go back to England to get my groove on 😂
OneGreyFox (4 months ago)
Something about the « they don’t want people to be overweight over health reasons » : most of the time people say that but deep down they just don’t like the way it looks
Stephanie H. (5 months ago)
Ah! Completely stumbled across another Kiwi at random. Hello!
When you spoke of “different markets of interested men for differently sized women in the UK” it made me realize that the market for men in France is also way more narrowed and way more defined. If you are a sporty guy, that’s not as accepted or acceptable as being a thin intellectual. Again, understanding that we are talking about white middle-class to upper middle-class Paris. The banlieu has its own rules and french black culture has its own tastes as well.
Miniskirts + highheels + makeup + jewelry = overkill. Parisians look down on overkill. UK and Russian girls can do a lot of overkill, no offense intended, just it can quickly be TOO much. About your country house party experience, french culture firmly believes you should know how to dress for the country, for the city, for the beach. Otherwise, it’s a big faux-pas. In fact, think of that notion “le faux-pas”, what other language do you know has a hyphenated coined word for the notion of: what goes and what does not go, culturally speaking. :) there is art in restraining yourself. For going out, wear you Saint-Laurent Black dinner jacket, sexy lingerie, jeans, t-shirt and maybe some heels. Bold lipstick and hair like you just finished making love. If you wear a dress, then pair with sneakers and wear with a black leather jacket. Save your mini skirts for summer abroad.
Siren Song Woman (5 months ago)
I was digging this right up to the point where body shapes were discussed. The French don't get fat because they're more "health conscious"? Seriously? A nation FILLED TO THE BRIM WITH CHAINSMOKERS IS 'HEALTH CONSCIOUS'"? Eating out of control may not be healthy but our fat people aren't destroying the health of everyone nearby when putting a fork in their mouths. The same cannot be said of people who habitually mainline carcinigens around others. I give the French credit for a lot (understated elegance, limited feminine fakeness, better movies about real stuff) but France is the LAST place I'd look to for examples of good health.
Fuyuko (5 months ago)
Hello ! Tank you for this video, it was really interesting. But could you try once or twice to go somewhere else in France and tell us what you've seen. Paris is Paris, and there is a lot of people out of Paris. So could you try to speak about them ? I know a lot of people said that before me, but in France there is not only Paris. But thank you, thanks to your video I discovered that I'm not like most of the Parisians. (Sorry for the mistakes I made, I have big difficulties with the timea of verbs... ^^)
Varmelith (5 months ago)
ah ouais !? j'avais pas réalisé que c'était un truc typique français de pas ''dress up'' (je sais pas comment traduire) ! Je pensais que c'était juste pas mon truc ^^ (j'habite en Amérique du nord) Peut-être entre autres parce qu'en France on peut facilement se faire traiter de pute si on a une jupe trop courte et un peu trop de maquillage :/
Sixtine Lauzeral (5 months ago)
You are totally right ! (I am French girl, born and bread in Paris) In Paris, if your outfit standouts to much, people will look at you rudely and judge. That is why everyone is looking the same. I agree with you, it is a shame...
Nickelini (5 months ago)
I wonder how much value this has without pictures
Voilà (5 months ago)
Americans and British like fashion, French people prefer style; Well, so of them at least
dixie b (5 months ago)
Bonjour, I live in Paris, and your are right! The French are super self involved when it comes to their hair and skin care..
ENRICO ELCONI (5 months ago)
French manucure, Cette technique est née aux États-Unis dans les années 1970, inventée pour les stars hollywoodiennes. Elle est alors dénommée « French » (« Française ») en référence à la « French Touch », terme évoquant l'élégance et le raffinement dans le domaine de la mode
Léa Serre (5 months ago)
Étant française je me sens obligé de répondre à cette vidéo. Je comprend vos avis et j'en ai moi même rie à certains moments.😂 Mais dire "vous ne verrez jamais " ceci ou cela je trouve ça exagéré.. Sachant que énormément de française adorent la mode américaine et se font donc des ongles exagéré ou alors ont la dose de Make Up sur le visage. La plupart des femmes restent naturelles mais pas toute 😉 Par contre le point ou je suis tout à fait d'accord c'est pour les habits.. J'ai moi même des tenues de soirée que je n'ose jamais mettre car je sais que tout le monde va me devisager si par exemple je met mes talons de 15 cm.. Bisous et bonne continuation 😋😘
Agnes Kim (5 months ago)
I grew up in France (in a mixed culture household), lived in the US for 2 decades now, so I think of myself of anything other than French. But once in a while, I get this realization that in some respect, I am very French. Watching this video gave me another one of those moments. So I have not been satisfied with a single haircut since I moved to the US. I let my hair grow long, trim it myself (or ask my husband) and when I travel to France every couple years, I get a good haircut as a special treat. I once sat down at a hair salon in Austin, and made a request from a stylist for a haircut that would prevent my hair from giving me bunny cheeks. The stylist got snippy on me (not with scissors) and told me that this could easily be fixed with a bit of styling. She grabbed a round brush and a blow drier and proceeded to demonstrate. I told her that I did not want to start every morning by blowing hot air on my head, especially not in July in central Texas and could she, or could she not fix my problem with a good haircut?
Noor Al Meer (5 months ago)
Interesting topic, I wish included photos! Thanks
Ann (5 months ago)
I have been watching you videos and really enjoy them. I must say, though, that i think i would suffocate and die in paris. Between the negativity, complaining, strict prescriptive fashion, fat shaming, superiority complexes--- I would hate it! And i feel i can say all of this because i know the Parisian will not care! Lol
carole ctb (5 months ago)
Bonjour il faut avouer que cette vidéo m'énerve beaucoup la plupart des choses dont elles ont parler sont fausse les français ne se résume pas à paris, les français peuvent très excentrique ou originaux mais pour sa il faudrait sortir des arrondissements "bobo" de paris
Cécile V. (5 months ago)
You girls are boring, really and snobish. You are totally out. Reading too much women's magasins. Reality is not this, open more your eyes.
Diane C (5 months ago)
I’m a parisian and I think parisian are always class that’s beacause when there is a birthday are a party you think that they are just dressed like everyday. 😘 (I hope that you will understand what I am meanning, my english is very bad 😂)
Panda Blanc (5 months ago)
Venez dans le sud de la France c'est totalement différents et d'ailleurs tout ou presque est différent de ce que tu dis sur la France a Paris 😅
Tina Doutreloux (5 months ago)
I think it's a good thing you guys mostly refer to "parisien women", cause for example, I'm from Bordeaux and I don't know anyone here, boy or girl, who'd think it's polite/ok to comment on someone's weight. I think it isn't stereotyping to say that parisiens are more snobby (superficial maybe ? Focused on their appearance ?) that other French people. And regarding makeup, maybe it juste depends on personality or age, I'm very much a fan doing a full glam, going a bit ham on makeup, most of my friends are like that too
Jenn Feeley (5 months ago)
So here's my problem with the Parisian weight standards. I think it's fine to encourage people to maintain a healthy weight. But, my body frame, my none structure will never change. I will never look athletic... I will never look slim. I'm shorter with a more hourglass figure. My legs will never be longer, the width of my hip bones isn't suddenly going to narrow, my chest is not going to be flatter. If Parisians have a problem with that, it makes me sad. I hope to travel one day to Paris and already know there is almost no chance I will ever find clothing that fits me, even if I'm at my ideal weight.
jerome jolle (5 months ago)
You simply discovered how much normative we are..Not sure this is the proper english word, but you got it I guess. If you're a little bit chubby, wearing a tight short skirt, you'll be under so many judgmentals. As for the makeup, guess what? the same. But, as a french guy, I don't see the point to go at casual birthday party all dressed up as for a wedding, again I'm french:) It might kills some creativity somehow, but this is how we genarally do it here, Cheers
littleblackpistol (5 months ago)
I agree being fat isn't healthy at all but from a nation where they all smoke like chimneys? Haha. Ridiculous. Also, worrying about skincare while again, smoking, which over time wrecks your collagen stores and deprives you of vitamin C which does a massive number on skin as you age no matter what expensive shit you slather on topically. Older French women in my observation often have faces like walnuts between the food restriction and the constant smoking, ugh. Like the French style generally, but not the dreary conformism that makes it the only acceptable way to dress. A Frenchman I met in Asia once described to me how French women's personal style in 'set in aspic' from late teenagerdom. He said he actually liked how other cultures are more relaxed about dressing up and trying different styles through life. I agreed - while it's important to find what suits you and feels good, experimenting with styles is part of the fun of life. As is accepting that people dress differently to express themselves and there's more to life than looking dressed-down and 'tasteful' and scorning anything that's outside these narrow, 'acceptable' margins. I mean, it's so anal and boring.
fotolynn (5 months ago)
Great video! I lived in Paris for 14 years and I agree with almost everything you say about Parisian norms, especially the reduced range of what is acceptable. I never missed dressing up and found Parisian women always to be impeccably presented, even in jeans and a T-shirt. Three things I would like to add: elegance is the general rule; poise and being perfectly coiffed add greatly to a woman's beauty (a Parisian woman can be stunning but if you look closely, she may not have a beautiful or even average face); and mature women -- 40s, 50s and even older -- are seen as sexual, sensual beings. ...Oh, a fourth thing -- Parisians *never* step out in anything like sweat pants, not even on a Sunday morning dash to the boulangerie. It may seem like snobbery (and sometimes can be), but Parisian standards are often guided by an aesthetic idea of what is "beau" and "pas beau." There is a high, quasi-moral value placed on "la beauté," including for objects. That was my experience, in any case.
Bolchevik duck (5 months ago)
Most men prefer less make up. Less bad surprises.
Linda Rosenthal (5 months ago)
Clarisse 2131 (5 months ago)
Les françaises à Paris sont sûrement très très très maigres. Mais en général, les filles ont des formes. Mais l'obésité n'est moins acceptée à cause des problèmes de santé qu'elle entraîne.... Voilà et sinon les jeunes aiment quand même s'habiller pour sortir. Ça ne se passe qu'a Paris.
Alexa W (5 months ago)
Lmao. I would fit better in Paris then I do in NYC. I like casual wear, minimal makeup, and if it was acceptable id totally wear jeans and a t-shirt to a club haha.
Eugenie De Nardis (6 months ago)
Hahahaha you cracked me up!!!! All that you said is SO TRUE!!!...hence why I left Paris and now happily live in Australia!!
Yellow-L (6 months ago)
I'm French AND Parisian and I do have to disagree on the fact that we underdress when we go out. My friends and I always take really good care of what we wear in terms of clothes as well as make up whenever we're going out. Looking casual or keep it simple doesn't mean that we just casually put on whatever was lying on the chair Everything is really studied I swear haha

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