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Pickup Motivation 2018 - Watch This Before Picking Up Girls

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Here's some Pickup Motivation for you! Watch this before going out to be to get your pick up inspiration surging through your veins. Daygame pick up infield and nightgame pickup in field inspiration courtesy of Austen Summers. Subscribe to learn how to meet women from a healthy place. Failure means Progress? (1:06) What is stopping you? (2:02) What do women love? (3:10) What to focus on (with an understand of female psychology)? (3:25) Truth of the human condition (3:57) Threesome? (4:15) Most important quote of the video (5:13) Most important b00ty of the video (5:30) How to get another infield compilation like this (5:55) ————————————————— 📸 Instagram ☞ https://Instagram.com/AustenSummers 👥 FB Group ☞ https://fb.com/groups/AustenSummers 🎁 Free Extras + Uncut Pick Ups ☞ https://austensummers.com/vip ————————————————— 🌎 GET COACHING FROM ME WORLDWIDE 🌎 💑 Bootcamp ☞ https://austensummers.com/bootcamp 👨‍💻Online Mentorship ☞ https://austensummers.com/skype 👨🏼‍🏫 Seminar ☞ https://austensummers.com/seminar ————————————————— MUSIC Aaron Smith - Dancin' (KRONO Remix) Jinsang - Morning
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