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Short Celebrities (Females)

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Height is relative, but most people will agree these female celebrities are short. Short Celebrities: Hayden Panettiere Vanessa Hudgens Anna Kendrick Shakira Christina Aguilera Lady Gaga Scarlett Johansson Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen Natalie Portman Mila Kunis Salma Hayek Avril Lavigne Ariana Grande Song: Honeyed Tongue by Josh Woodward (joshwoodward.com)
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Russell Crawford (5 months ago)
, I've heard really short women have tighter vajayjay, is that really true? Every man wants one that's tighter, but instead wind up stuck with some stinking cow!
cockergrabber (11 months ago)
i dont like humans anymore they gone uglier
Sir Eugene Courtney (1 year ago)
Females 5' 3" or less should be classified as midgets or little people. The only reason there are so many short female actresses is because the crypto jewish men they are paired up with are also short because they got gypped with less White genetic admixture. Let's give three cheers for the following average height actresses: Jennifer Garner 5' 8" Julia Stiles 5' 8" Katharine Heigl 5' 9" Mischa Barton 5' 9" Amanda Tapping 5' 9" Katie Holmes 5' 9" Lauren Graham 5' 9" Cameron Diaz 5' 9" Blake Lively 5' 10" Laura Prepon 5' 10" Uma Thurman 5' 11" Brooke Shields 6' *MIdgets or Little People:* Patricia Arquette 5' 1" Reese Witherspoon 5' 1" Alyssa Milano 5' 2" Amy Poehler 5' 2" Elizabeth Shue 5' 2" Kellie Martin 5' 2" Eva Longoria 5' 2" Jennifer Love Hewitt 5' 2" Julianne Moore 5' 3" Lacey Chabert 5' 3" Scarlett Johanssen 5' 3" Selma Blair 5' 3" Jodie Foster 5' 3" Annette O' Toole 5' 3" Gabrielle Anwar 5' 3"
Sir Eugene Courtney (1 year ago)
+Kya Lucero The character Denny Craig(William Shatner) on the TV series Boston Legal loves midget girls. If you love 70 plus old fogies like Captain Kirk of the Star Trek TV series nothing is stopping you unless you are racist.
Kya Lucero (1 year ago)
I'm not a midget lmfao ...... I'm an Asian girl so it's extremely normal. There isn't even any justification provided for being classified as a midget. I can still throw strong men around a room if my Borderline rage is switched on (I'm not proud of that, but it shows that my height is not debilitating) ..... then again, my mind is not normal and can affect my body prowess like an ant.
Wolfies And Vamps (1 year ago)
Avril's my favorite
Zebacorn101 (1 year ago)
Anna Kendrick is my favourite!

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