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Top 3 Flirting Tips For Men (Important If You're Shy)

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Flirting is important because that's how you show a girl that you like her, it's how you build the attraction and it's how you get any girl interested in you. It doesn't matter if you're confident or shy, these flirting tips will help you attract the girl you want and make her consider you as a romantic interest. And the best part is, these flirting tips work especially well if you're shy. My Best Flirting Tip - http://bit.ly/2rRGz3c
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BrotherTree1 (9 days ago)
Amazing Tripp, I kinda do this already in general with human interaction but now it's made me more aware, more conscious, and have a certain delibracy behind it and thus have choices, recognise areas of improvement and be more in control of them. Cheers!
BMorePianoMan (20 days ago)
Hi Tripp! Happy new year! Have been watching your videos a few months now and looking forward putting them in practice for the new year!!!
ROACH (27 days ago)
Instructions not clear dick caught inside of a fuckin microwave
Henry Hahn (1 month ago)
So what if I can’t grow a beard
Shelly c (1 month ago)
I want the dude to chase me! That's the guy's job!
Abenezer Hizekeal (1 month ago)
Disqualifying really works for almost all women's in wrold
Spencer King (1 month ago)
Instructions unclear. Penis stuck in arm. Please send help
zyxwxxx (1 month ago)
Good one. But I downvoted beacause he asked viewers to check his instagram for his most important tip. I don't like these kind of promotional tactics.
Comic Volt (1 month ago)
I'm going to try this
Veteranmac 88 (2 months ago)
I have a feeling that you’re single just Sayin
Robo Gamer (2 months ago)
I did the 2 one it works
Tough Love Dating (2 months ago)
Basically wait for choosing signals
BULLET FRENZY (2 months ago)
Oh how desperate i must be
HTaddict (2 months ago)
“Shoulder to shoulder”? As far as I know, that means standing next to her not in front of her.
TSM_ NINJA (2 months ago)
Thx for the vid bro
alberto sabaini (2 months ago)
you realize of how much you can improve man's life?
Nathan Coleman (2 months ago)
You either say the right thing or you blow it. She is either interested or she's not. You can say the dumbest thing in the world and some girls will laugh or really like it. Some will just not be into your looks or your temperament. Simple. We complicate everything just like me.
Vikram rikhi (3 months ago)
The fourth tip on insta is to say her that she is very interesting 😉
Davld Morand (3 months ago)
How do you say hello? This would have to happen before #1
Drew Orr (3 months ago)
+Tripp Advice I am a very shy guy,and I have watched some of your other videos where you say to let your eyes do the talking. I have been trying to flirt that way bc I am nervous about embarrassing myself in front of someone who I know. What should I do
Oaatmeaaal tastesbad (3 months ago)
He looks like a monkey......why is this on my recommended
Nelson Brito (3 months ago)
Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else needs to find out about how to attract ladies try Trefendous Amazing Women Tips (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my cousin got excellent results with it.
Giannis Kwnstadinidis (3 months ago)
i got 3 girls from this
Daisuke Tanabe (3 months ago)
Farting in front of her is the way to disqualify her. Alpha male way, the louder the better.
chanakaZk (4 months ago)
So create a bubble, touch her lightly, disqualify her and then you...TRICK her??!! Cuz you just did with your magical 4th tip, telling us to follow you on Instagram!!
Joseph Jones (4 months ago)
When its touching if you thinks shes comfortable with it go for above the hip side of the stomach. Your welcome . Not too much though lol
EgyptianDragon (4 months ago)
I need to get laid cuz!!!
Eduard MALOVRH (4 months ago)
...good God,you are advising how to approach the attractive women?I can almost feel how you stink.Just look at yourself man.
The Adanator (4 months ago)
You could always just show them your bank account since they expect you to spend money to spend time together.
Oliver Johnson (4 months ago)
RAPPPPE , RAPPE , the lightly touched me on the arm😂
Yair Michaeli (4 months ago)
how to get her number steps 1. one beer done.
TheHolyBread (4 months ago)
Yep i light touch her arm almost get send to jail
mod center (4 months ago)
I slap her ass and for some reason I went to jail wtf. shes 15. im only 43 years old.
mod center (4 months ago)
how the fuck do I start of I conversation. im shy as hell
Matthew Richards (4 months ago)
I actually did Zone in today it went really well and I'm going to try it again on Friday
Damn bro I really need your help there's one girl she works at the bartender she's a lead very beautiful Mexican with tattoos I never met her in person but it's going to be my first time to go to the bar she has an Instagram her name is Stacy tasty so you think it's a good idea to approach her like for example give it like a nice smile then so when she comes I'll be good afternoon my name is Alex and say how's your day going so far how's work and ask her are you fan of sports like football baseball socialize just please help me out I would really thank you Alot I'm actually planning to go to the bar either September 5th or September 7th they open at 12 to 2 in the morning so I was planning to go like around 2 p.m. so it won't be that crowded in there hang out for like 2 in a half hours I know bartender girls are really hard to get with she's just amazing beautiful
Angel Galvan (4 months ago)
Bro I just remembered why I stop watching him he literally explains the same things every time but In different ways but still great video
Rich Instinct (5 months ago)
haha im a bears fan lol been one ever since i was born
Chris Marklowitz (5 months ago)
A woman wants someone who won't hurt her. Who is valuable. And who is not cocky. Thus you must act in a way that a girl perceives you to be compassionate, confident, and humble. The problem is what is confidence can be perceived as cockiness. Humility can be perceived as low self esteem. Compassion can be perceived as fake or even sucking up. The result is mixed response from different women for the same action. I find though that the best thing is to bolster security and confidence with self deprication. Like making a joke as someones expense and then insulting yourself. With a dash of compliments. Hahahaha your so dorky, I'm a derp too. Hahaha. I'm just kidding I like you
Shane Hill (5 months ago)
Terrible advice
Mercury Simple (5 months ago)
I did ask a girl where she lived as I touched her arm lightly now I'm in jail! Atleast I have wifi!
augart89 (5 months ago)
Thanks dude, you are such a good sport! Now, I just have to find Lily Collins and give these a shot. I´ll let you all know how it goes.
WoW YO (5 months ago)
*touches her Arm ........"The beat goe off ? " 💀🤣🤣
im not shy im not insterested. STOP FLIRTING. with me in Australia.
Harry Singh (5 months ago)
Hey I just met a girl on first date today and she said their was no chemistry between us so we can be friends so I want to ask how to create chemistry.
Andrew Ding (5 months ago)
when youve known this girl for a year, but you lean in and touch her arm to ask what was your name again?
David Khayo (5 months ago)
Thanks man,I just talk to her
Taylor Sampson (5 months ago)
Do NOT touch someone you do not know.
pratham chhabra (5 months ago)
I put my hand on my friend (crush’s) knee in math class. It got real awkward
Joseph Maduabuchi (5 months ago)
Tripp, can you show an actual raw pick-up footage? I have never seen a real infield from you.
Gogo Simo (5 months ago)
Janrey Dunan (5 months ago)
The girl I like has also a crush on me and I already know what is her feelings, should I tell her that I also like her?
Blinata McBlyat (6 months ago)
I already have two girls which showed interest in me and asked me for my number in order to chat and send pictures. The first girl that had done this with me was really interested in me and a friend of hers told me that she likes me. But here's the problem. I'm a very shy and social anxious person due to many years in school getting bullied, and my romance game wasn't the best either, cause I had "my first love" before all that and when I finally asked her out, I got rejected, which left me heartbroken and kinda scared from the other gender. While I was trying to chat with her, it was really hard for me to show interest and all, which led her to think that I'm ignoring/avoiding her and she stopped communicating with me (which was kinda reassuring for some weird reason). Nowadays I have another girl that is chatting with me, which I met from my school and I really think she's cute. And judging by her initiative (sending me snapchats everyday of herself and trying to start a conversation) I think she's interested in me. I'm really trying my best to keep her interested in me, but I'm still very introvert and unsure about myself. I kinda want to show her the real me, and on the other hand I'd rather be someone else, due to the fear of her not accepting who I am (a depressed shy guy). Any tips?
Rinoy Johny (6 months ago)
After watching this, I went to a girl I met at the hospital. I used the second tip and asked her "what her name was again" by touching her. Problem was that she'd never told me her name in the first place and that's not even the worse part. She fell into a ditch when I touched her and had to have her forehead patched up with 12 stitches. Shit.. I'm too scared to use that tip again, pal.
Mercury Simple (5 months ago)
Rinoy Johny ahhh shit lmao
Dumbledores Auror (6 months ago)
How about you just be yourself to attract the right person?
Rain Banz (6 months ago)
We want to see how you tell your advices! Where is the proof that your advice actually works? The advice is not "one size fits all", and every man is different, always remember that!
scott b (6 months ago)
Tip: if your trying to get with her and you're white don't send her a picture of a black penis, she'll know it's not yours.
scott b (6 months ago)
What if girl not in to sports
GeassEnabler (6 months ago)
Can you demo these things?
J7 IT (6 months ago)
4:26 the most important tip
Brushingamol (7 months ago)
or just make a Trump and grab her by the pussy
Tanner Emmers (7 months ago)
I just started talking girls at the bar, I said hi, hows it going, they say good. Then the ask how im doing, I say not too bad. I ask if they been here before and they said oh yea a few times. But before I could say another word they turn around, I know at this point you throw in the towel for that one. But that happened with a few, how do I attract them, im a average guy, I can't see past fake nice, I dont want to a girl who actually isn't into me just (being nice) thats a waste of time
Anshul Agrawal (7 months ago)
Will punching her arm lightly will work......??
SHADOWKILLER (7 months ago)
Hi. For some reason I can't talk to a girl and i don't know if it's because im shy or if it's something else.
peace& love (7 months ago)
Dynacoh (7 months ago)
You made all of this sound like your making a football play XD
Dynacoh (7 months ago)
never fast-forwarded
Zachary Lee 1995 (7 months ago)
I'm A Shy Person Sometimes So I Actually Need Too Watch This Video And Thank You So Very Much For Posting This Video Shy Guy's Really Need Too Watch This Video Because This Is Actually Very Very Important For Us
Mai O' Nerds (7 months ago)
Great job now I can't go in the link thank u so much
rayday gaming (7 months ago)
i really thought about sex when u said human touch im i crazy?
P. Cap. (7 months ago)
Dont ask her what was your name again 😂
Euan Harrison (7 months ago)
You forgot don’t fart in front of her as you’re “zoning in”, that’s actually somewhat pivotal
Smith (7 months ago)
abstaining from farting while talking to a girl plays a fundamental part in passing on genes
Karen Took the kids (8 months ago)
istiklalcaddesi (8 months ago)
1.5 feet ? So close she can smell your bad breath. Touching her? Why? So creepy and WRONG! Let her touch you. Dis qualify her yes I agree but after you get so close and touching her its gonna be her disqulifying you not you do that to her... Such a non gentelman way to approach women
lastsilverking (8 months ago)
Thanks dude
Zach Vossler (8 months ago)
True mastery is learning to blend all these without a hiccup.
Stormboxer (8 months ago)
Yooo I’m so shy that if a girl touches me on purpose I would think she likes me consciously and I would freak out
Watermelon Man (8 months ago)
Hurry up with my damn Croissants
Thebunchiebunch 83 (8 months ago)
what about guy liking guy
carter8352 (8 months ago)
So basically on the last tip... be Jim Halpert?
Quantum Leap (8 months ago)
To talk to girls you must first talk to boys, before you talk to boys... Talk to men. If men are still to hard, then talk to the old, and if the old are too hard to talk to then speak to the dead. But remember if all else fails just simply kill someone.
Edward Kenway (8 months ago)
And if you date her for a while and she says/does something you appreciate, you give her a pair of gloves and tell her she a keeper
Tadiwa Matika (8 months ago)
Did anyone notice the footsteps in the background? ?
cheposantos 3puntos (8 months ago)
Thanks man I just talked to this woman she so hot and has a bf 😪😪🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ but idc ☺️
Troll Trama (8 months ago)
Instructions unclear, dick stuck in fan
Mintu Das (9 months ago)
Your mother and father fucj
SsilenceTv (9 months ago)
ohhh im touching my self tonight just for practis XD
SpoinRoin (9 months ago)
just go for the DENNIS system look it up
Hakan Levent Kaplan (9 months ago)
Flirting is stupid
DARKSEID (9 months ago)
Why would you date a girl? Girls like dicks, and dicks are gay
Carlos Roman (9 months ago)
Excelente. Thanks man! Great Video. Peace. Be still
Castrol Oil's (9 months ago)
i might ask out a girl tommorow i like but probably wont happen :[
Umar Shadman (10 months ago)
smart guy! I'm actually going to follow his Instagram😂😂
erfan Sw (10 months ago)
I have problem😐 First problem is my english not very good becuse im iranian😐 Second problem is help me😐 4 or 5 years ago in past i was 16 years old i met girl and she like me but she like boy older than me but i dont get it i talk her but she is cold with me One day i call her go to street of her house and wait for her to come down She came and we walk a little and i go to her parking and kiss her for 1 hour😐 (Im boy on that time babyface i dont have mony enagh and shes first girl i love and talk and ...) After we kiss she went to house and next day she text me dont call me dont text me i have new boyfirend But now im 21 and my face body anyting is better than i was 15,16 years old Now i found her in instgram i dont know im shy to what say to her? I always say no im not good she love other boy im not like she want I want to know in this time can i have chance what say
I don't want tips, I want tits
Mr. Wonderful (10 months ago)
Everyone: google "Wes Borland" then look at this guy. Same person (just about) lol.
Mr. Wonderful (10 months ago)
Mateo Alejandro Ray 😃 🎸 🎶
WipsCoolSen (10 months ago)
I didny need to watch the full video i remeber this shit now
ThatOneBlueGuy (10 months ago)
375, at least 150 woman disliked this, im amusing its because you told men to act like there not interested, while showing interest,
Gaming Wizard!! (10 months ago)
Im going to try it.😆😆😆
James Quaranto (10 months ago)
Using the touch at the end seems like the best time to use it.

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