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Finishing Technique for Greene and Greene Furniture

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A simple recipe for reproducing this classic furniture style's finish
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K L (5 months ago)
I think African Mahogany looks better without DYES, since you can get the beautiful colors with just straight oil finish.
James Webb (1 year ago)
This is beautiful work - I've watched this several times over the past couple of years to be sure I'd have it right when it came time to do the woodwork in my new house. That time has come! It now strikes me that the top coat process is an enormous undertaking for an entire house (wainscot, base, crown, doors, door and window trim, chair rail, etc.) What are your thoughts on Arm-r-seal satin or a mix of satin and semi-gloss to achieve something like your work?
Adam Wolven (1 year ago)
Great method. I love the Robert Lang book on the original Greene and Greene methods - awesome read. But the dye is a nice alternative to oxidizing with potassium dichromate. Thanks FineWoodworking!
steve l (1 year ago)
everyone being all critical about ridiculous things and i'm just wondering if there's a video on the construction of the frame itself?
steve l (1 year ago)
never mind, found it :)
Big Swifty (1 year ago)
Dye stains do NOT have a "more even pigmentation" (at the 2:05 mark). Dyes have NO pigmentation. They are dyes. They are not pigments. It's either/or, dye or pigment. Dyes sit in the wood cell, pigments are granular products that sit ON TOP of the surface. It's the difference between getting a tan vs. applying brown makeup. What you should have said and maybe what you meant to say was that dyes have a more even coloring. In that this video is made by a woodworking magazine, your copy editors should have caught this wrong information regarding what a dye stain is and what it isn't. Wood finishing is hard enough for novices. Getting the terminologies and the lexicon mixed up, as was done egregiously in this video, makes it even harder for neophyte wood finishers. Vernacular matters. Wrong information is BAD information. Not acceptable.
Joseph E Fasciani (3 months ago)
I'm 76, 56 years as an Old World/School carpenter- contractor, done a great deal of wood finishing and understand exactly your intent, though it may come across as hostile. Truth is always a burden all round. Having said that, if we don't get the words right, we've no one to blame but ourselves if things don't go as they should. Words matter: many people have died because of words. Greetings, from beautiful Victoria, BC!
gary24752 (3 years ago)
What sheen is the finish? Is it possible to have a gloss product and with the wiping process end up with a satin finish simply by wiping it off?
FineWoodworking (3 years ago)
+gary24752 It is possible. If you don't build the finish enough you will have more of a satin finish. The nice thing about a wipe on finish is that you can stop whenever it looks right to you. You're building it up more slowly so it's easier to get it just right. -Ben
Randy Marder (4 years ago)
this is an excellent produced video, unfortunately this is not even close to the original Greene and Greene finishes used with the obvious modern oil based urethane used in the video  Even when you substitute oil base varnish the approach is wrong.  The original finishes were hand rubbed with multiple coats, built up with a custom blended oil mixture.  As each coat is applied the natural color of the wood becomes deeper and richer in tone .  I do agree this is a simple recipe for a good modern finish on new work, but i would not recommend this finish for antiques and your collectables
James Wheeldon (4 years ago)
Thanks! that was a awesome how to on achieving a great finish.
Learner-Learns (4 years ago)
Great lighting! Fancy camera work! Dolly shots through the doorway, (several times becomes distracting) boom shots, focus, auto-fades, etc. Overall effect is mesmerizing without the harsh stroboscopic shocks of commercial formal features, but constant motion is unnecessary and slightly annoying.  Good audio balance between background music and narration. Kenny's voice is much more tolerable with this nice recording: Close mic'ed in a booth with a decent mic, EQ and compression. He sounds musical, melodic, pleasant, less whiney. A+ ! Great improvement!  Love the fawn grey background with faux timber-frame accents. This set is easy on the eyes!  Most shops will never be so neat. Still, it's a pleasing backdrop that does a good job promoting the fantasy of quiet craftsmanship from a bygone age. Someone at FW is paying attention to production value! Nice. Taunton must be trying to reestablish market dominance with "Avid fans" in this "Final Cut." Good Luck Fellas! As always, the Taunton writing /editing style is excellent, concise and casual. Good grammar promotes understanding, especially when narration is produced so professionally. Suggestions: Work on a larger vocabulary of camera tricks, or just use them less. Content is the new King. Like good musical technique, production technique is a means to an end, not the end itself.  Keep the new mic and mic technique. That will help everyone of course, but Kenny's narration is greatly improved and those techniques bring out his best.  Perhaps a different exterior mat wold help the illusion. That endless nascent autumn is soothing, but static. It seems a bit "Stepford-ish" after two or three videos.  Good work! I hope my passive / aggressive observations are taken in the helpful humorous spirit from whence they came. 
SlawOst (4 years ago)
i remember the same video from over a year ago

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