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Why underage girls shouldn't drink!! (Piss your pants funny!!) - Drunk Chick

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just wow...
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00ninja (4 years ago)
emokiddXhotemorage (4 years ago)
idk im pretty drunk myself right now *if only you could see myface right now*
Lyle Palmer (4 years ago)
are you sure she is drunk?!?!?! dont look like alcohol affects to me...
Brittney Sims (4 years ago)
thats a bad trip
DenanaBanana (4 years ago)
She's on hella drugs LOL
b boaldin (5 years ago)
"it's circulating me! it's circulating me!" LMFAO!!
Zachary Evans (5 years ago)
Next time she walks by tho
Zachary Evans (5 years ago)
Don't think se
Hayden Merle (5 years ago)
vic50743 (5 years ago)
That not booze ! shes proper off her trumpet hahahahah
Mike Bibler (5 years ago)
No way shes drunk. LSD's a helluva a drug ..
Kritix1709 (5 years ago)
obviosly a virgin
Liam Germanota (5 years ago)
I act just the same.... Seriouly.
JLynn0705 (6 years ago)
she's not drunk. she acts like she ate shrooms.
Fifi Badazz (6 years ago)
Reminds me of me :)
sean molison (6 years ago)
holy shit first off that cant just be fucking beer i agree with mattakudesu thats fucking x. or some kind of fucking trip or she is the biggest light weight in the fucking world but funny video lol
Carol Coulson (6 years ago)
I think she's putting on a bit there dont u
David Garcia (6 years ago)
Ok this is just wrong.... U guys are stupid and messed up Y dont u get drunk and record each other.... I dont find this funny at ALL.....
Matt G (6 years ago)
Paused it at 00:10...cuz this is a waste of my time..
Aloof (6 years ago)
LSD much?
Gemma5779 (6 years ago)
Who is that that sounds like a donkey...? Or more like an ass.....? o.0
Jason Chin (6 years ago)
spasms at 0:07
Landon Hill (6 years ago)
she is a fake when your drunk you dont act like that she is a fake or she has been doing drugs!
AMPDOG2 (6 years ago)
are you sure she is just drunk lol
moodie69 (7 years ago)
drunk ppl are fuckin stupid, and make fools of themselves
FollowTheSunDown (7 years ago)
DutchManticore (7 years ago)
Faking shit is gay.
Darconon (7 years ago)
the next morning her friends probably showed her that video and show vowed not to drink again..... later that we she drank to get over them putting this on the web
jackweed722 (7 years ago)
she drunking to good to be talk...
kitsuneninja (7 years ago)
Omg lol in the beginning she sounded like a donkey xD
Tony Roberts (7 years ago)
You know how I know she wasn't drunk?? She hit her arm and felt it.. If that bitch was that wasted she wouldn't have felt shit lol..
khaizerklet (7 years ago)
@TheHumanbull i think she just smoked marijuana
ApplesAreSweet (7 years ago)
Are you a Dolphin?
digmynewsocks (7 years ago)
what an ass hole
Marion Fowler (7 years ago)
I was trying to eat raviolis while I was watching this, and all I could do was spit up on my hoodie or choke.
zippie63 (7 years ago)
so lame
zippie63 (7 years ago)
Sled Dog (7 years ago)
Okay guys she's clearly not on anything except for being a drunk ass. All little girls play more fucked up than they actually are. She is ACTING for the most part..
kaChalloner (7 years ago)
Too bad there is no sound in space :p
Derek Moulton (7 years ago)
Fukin gay!!!
nikola navarro (7 years ago)
i remember when i turned 15.. lol i was predator to people l like this. lmfao
Matt (7 years ago)
take that xbox and put it in xbox protective custody that bitch is unfit to own it.
Kendra Sullivan (7 years ago)
yea shes on drugs
Demi Hamiora (7 years ago)
favourite part 5:32-5:32
HighHeelShoes (7 years ago)
Is there a seal in the room? I swear I keep hearing one.
joshmyersrulz (8 years ago)
@Isidore98 Whatever I'm drunk, high and punchin' the clown with the curtains open!!! AMERICA RULZ
skunkpiss009 (8 years ago)
get raped
hateeb786 (8 years ago)
Did she drink her own piss
rodluv21 (8 years ago)
That Dude Stayed Sober So He Could Hit It When Them Beeziez Got Blank(black out drunk). Lol Sit On That Chair. Lmao
SkittleSTUFFED (8 years ago)
when i need a laugh i always watch this :') it's so funny everytime
pbrskater26 (8 years ago)
fuck church it's boring!!!
Haley F (8 years ago)
lmfaoooooooooooo soo funny
SkittleSTUFFED (8 years ago)
gotta admit, i laughed so much :') she said some reaaaaaly random things :') "??? break my ankle tonight, because of you two, i'll call you... stupid forever" LMFAO
Jennifer Cole (8 years ago)
this isn't funny at all. she is acting like a god damn retard;
anApparition (8 years ago)
Acting, alcohol doesn't make you act like that. You can always tell when people are trying to act drunk, or are trying to show off as much as possible when drunk...
obone01 (8 years ago)
Joshua Evans (8 years ago)
I will take my dad , and i will take him and beat him with you!
fissshy007 (8 years ago)
LMAO ..."you sound like a donkey"
no1wwefan96 (8 years ago)
she is a psycho alien!!!!
Santino M (8 years ago)
she looks high nt drunk
He Sapa (8 years ago)
@AlexXnj i take it you never drank before..
Kamina Flemming (8 years ago)
wtf? HAHAHAHA LMFAO i feel bad now
Gngrcpl (8 years ago)
you are one annoying bitch
se7endreams (8 years ago)
stupid kids, stay off drugs.
QuasiTraction (8 years ago)
I don't think she's drunk....just trippin real bad.
raddwest (8 years ago)
great video for the grandkids lawl
discordantconsonance (8 years ago)
looks like salvia to me
jennifermgilbert1995 (8 years ago)
hahahaha. lmfao wtf???
craig thin (8 years ago)
acid is a funny thing lol,,drunk my ass lol
danieldererste (9 years ago)
And she realy drinks only Alcohol??? Damn she is relly high as tha sky! but she is sweet and got a smokey voice. Come to germany and we will make partey .. Sorry but... *LoooooooooooooL*
bikerboy616 (9 years ago)
thats why when theres drunk people around you you dont drink cus youl remember every dumbass retard thing they did n laugh your ass of afther that
Jonae Reckley (9 years ago)
yo fuck off!! y dont u jus laugh and enjoy it!!!
smukulu (9 years ago)
her voice.. omg ?
Airborngus (9 years ago)
haha wtf alcohol does not make you behave like that. she is high with something
MaxxPayne2007 (9 years ago)
she aint drunk dis chick is high 0ff sumting an it aint weed
Adrian Bath (9 years ago)
yandy aka weed...
Shayne Gross (9 years ago)
LOL everytime i try to be a pony i hurt my wrist LMFAO THIS IS AMAZING
Adrian Bath (9 years ago)
lol i think she is more than just drunk, maybe had some yandy as well...
Cisco V (9 years ago)
you!! the drunk one!! you are really cute and awesome lol i love you!!!!!!!!!!!
Madison (9 years ago)
I look like a pony! xD
dESTiNy0170 (9 years ago)
3:00 haha too funny... "please get it off me, it's circulating me" !! lmfao
BestTits (9 years ago)
this girls hot they shouldnt mess with her
Adam S (9 years ago)
hahahahaha i don't even know what to say to that "every time I try tot be a pony I hurt my wrists" :P
Yuedh (9 years ago)
hahahaha, i bet she hates her life after this! haha. i want some of that shit!
Joshua Evans (9 years ago)
" I Will Take My Dad.......... I Will Take My Dad And Beat Him With You!!"
Joshua Evans (9 years ago)
OMG I Died Laughing!
frodorov (9 years ago)
Under what influence of the undeworld is she?
Holly Berry (9 years ago)
this is an insult to underage female drinkers like me who can hold their liquor just fine

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