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How To Recognize Ukrainian and Russian Online Dating Scam!

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Scam or real? [email protected] How to figure out a scam in International online dating? Feel free to share your tips! Thank you, Veronika.
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Veronika Olson (10 months ago)
If you are lost and not sure whether you are in real relationship with Ukrainian woman or about to get scammed, please, check out my course : https://veronikaolson.com/product/scam-relationships-self-check/
Helen's Head (7 days ago)
I almost married a girl pregnant from another man. If not these guys https://checkyourbride.com/ I would raise a bastard. Don’t be a sucker for women!
Irena Quiet (14 days ago)
not all girls on a dating site scammers, if you want, I could help you determine whether your girlfriend is real? write me [email protected]@t
Sagar Biswas (1 month ago)
Thanks a lot for the information.
Slavic Scam (1 month ago)
Do you want to check how real the Slavic woman you communicate with? Write to us! scamsearchslavicladies.wordpress.com
I got scammed by a Russian girl yesterday. I got in touch with her through www.muslima.com after talking for all most 2 months yesterday I send her 11800 rub after that she didn't reply. She even tried to hack in to my email address I don't know how she got my password I think there is some virus with the pic she send me first. After I opened her first mail the very next day someone from Ukraine tried to access my email account but due to Google security policy they can't. She also ask me to send 1000 dollars for visa to come to meet me.,😊😊😊
Santhosh Pawar (3 months ago)
Very beautiful I love you I love you very very beautiful really really miss
Debbie Drummond (4 months ago)
if you have to pay for pics and to chat its a scam
Debbie Drummond (4 months ago)
your so pretty
R Verro (8 months ago)
I think I'm in a little trouble. She's 28 and I'm 55. She doesn't mind the age difference but, I am slightly uncomfortable with it. One thing I notice is, she always want me to send pictures. At $2.80 USD each, it becomes very expensive. I voiced my opinion but, she wants some pictures anyway. I asked her if she would like to skype and her answer was that she didn't have a computer and was using an old cell phone therefore, not much to be done about that. She does not look like a model but, her little imperfections make her cute. Any advice ?
Veronika Olson (8 months ago)
Yes, I have an advice , get this video course & you will learn and understand everything that's going on : https://veronikaolson.com/product/scam-relationships-self-check/ , if you still have questions after contact me at [email protected] You Need Help!!!
James Kuei (8 months ago)
Another easy way to find out is, just say you're a fat ugly guy and see if they are still interested, my 2 little pennies.....:)
Steve Symeonidis (10 months ago)
Hello Veronika,What sites were you on before you got married??
chuppy125 (10 months ago)
The biggest red flag is if you try to make definite plans to meet and they give you all kinds of excuses.
jamal Ausberry (11 months ago)
i have a crazy situation i'm in. I'm on charmdate.com but i don't know if its genuine or not. i've been talking to a woman who i looked for online and i found her on Instagram. she's a fitness model and it frightened me because she is so beautiful because i don't know if she's honestly looking for someone. Shes on the site but i don't know if these gorgeous women are genuine or just trying to get a quick buck. I've found one woman on charmdate and loveme.com and it comfirms me that she is looking for someone but i'm not sure if any of the other women are real because we have to go thru the site to chat and too basically have a live video chat but i'm just unsure. i also just wrote a woman who seemed very real but i do not know if these letters i'm getting are prewritten or what. PLESASE HELP!! i want my ukrainian woman this year
Slavic Scam (1 month ago)
Do you want to check how real the Slavic woman you communicate with? Write to us! scamsearchslavicladies.wordpress.com
If you want to be taken seriously loose the 1980's cartoon MTV sunglasses...
Roberto Ruiz Ceron (1 year ago)
UaDreams is a real and horrible scam!!!
Richard S (1 year ago)
Signs to look for: 1) Their profile indicates they live in the city you live. 2) They ask you to get off the dating site to chat either by texting or email. 3) If they text, call the text number several times and they go unanswered. An interested person would answer their number. 4) Ask about Skype of FaceTime and they will give some excuse why their device won't work. 5) They say theyu have no computer at home but can only use it at work. Check the email timing and if it is in their evening they didn't get it at their work computer. 6) Inconsistencies in their stories. 7) They fall in love with you too fast. Bottom line... Never never wire them money under any circumstances unless you met them in person.
Roger Whrabbit (1 year ago)
That was very imformal! Thank you for those pointers!!!
Matt Rensen (1 year ago)
If the other person cannot send you a photo with a definable landmark , street sign , public building with her in the picture than you can be assured she is a fraud. There should be native language in those signs and get that picture after she sends you the first one so you can identify her in the new photo.. One more thing, set up a separate email account and never use your real name. Always use a handle.
steve Truth (1 year ago)
thank you... this was very helpful !
Expatriate Chronicles (1 year ago)
Great glasses!
No Name (1 year ago)
What's uh skim?
tomcat (2 years ago)
How ? first what you should not fear ... or read as a scam : first : most sites are not scams at all ! (posters may be ... and everywhere ... but sites are ok ... some include controls ... it is possible ! i haven't used them but my Russian wife knows a very honest agency ran by a very decent girl who performs checks and interviews before putting them online.) ... i used dating Christians or something like that ... be aware they are not all Christians !! ;-) i am but it was irrelevant. I suggest to go with yahoo or big sites like that ... and be aware that you have crocodiles around you. second : beautiful pictures taken by professionals with girl posing in different positions with sexy dresses are ok ... seriously it is a cultural affair. (i met my wife .. and met one of here friends : one of these photographers .. i saw shootings ... it is cultural ... Girls want to show them at their best ... like western girls wearing make up and high heels ... it is just pushed to another level by going to a professional photograph. We do it for family pictures and marriages .. (our girls want it !) and we don't do it for other purposes ... well they do it for that among others) so this were some points, we, westerners, are worried about .. but we shouldn't ! Now what to really be worried about. A very good trick is that if she speaks English well ... be carefull ! the girls is tooo directive ... f**k. seriously ... be a man. Or you are in land of trouble. (intentional word game). Sorry to be direct but if you are 50 and fat and ugly, and a 25 yrs old barbie is interested in you ... turn it down ! stay realist. 10 yrs difference is ok (my case). More is more challenging. She may like you ... but when she will be living with you, she will be approached by guys ... so if their is a too big difference, even if she initially wanted you ... odds are that she may leave for another guy !!. (my wife is perfect .. green eyes, blond hair, not and inch of fat ... back to here ideal weight 6 months after having had babies !! guys try to hit on here ... it is normal. She is faithful ... but i also am sporty, smart, strong and confident ... . She had plain offers from guys here in my country ! so you have to be able to back up in your country ... stay realist !!). A funny stuff that happened with mine is that we go together to the gym ... bike classes ... bikes are in the rear of the room and every participant has to take his bike ... i generally bring here bike and mine ... one day i was angry with here and told here to take care of here bike ... a "nice" guy, body builder offered to bring here bike back ;-) ... i intervened and told him to take care of his business ... meaning you will have to take care of your girl at home .... so be realist ... !! they are beautiful. A beauty says that she dreams about staying at home and cooking for here family and taking care of the home ? It is mostly true. They are not westerners and think family. What you want to make sure is that she includes you in the family ... not that she wants to build a family in a good place by using you for some time. They prefer real man to smart and refined small shy slim guys ... sorry it is the truth. Be aware of that. (a friend of mine who is like that, + wealthy and beautiful ... married and divorced once papers allowed here to stay !!) (i also know a girl, friend of my Russian wife who married such a guy and they are happy together ... she was not too beautiful ... way better than what he could have got in his country !! she got a man who is not alcoholic, making money, providing a house, taking care of here, ... and of their children now ... this is worth gold and Russian girls value that way more than western girls) ... by the way they also value soldiers ! for them it is a man who can fight, defend family ! She asks you to send money ? be careful ! (i did it, this woman became my wife ... and we are married for 10yrs now ... with children and she is awesome ... no regrets at all) so i am not saying don't do it .... but be carefull. i would say that you can do it but for a purpose. If she needs money for something NO ! it is for you to meet with here. She needs to pay a flight ticket (we met in Moscou) .. and do make the payment knowledgeably ... don't go for what she will suggest you. Pay to a bank account, it works. No western union garbage (with 20% commission !!) In my case, i went to stay at girls place 4 times ... one week !(i met them through an internet site and asked them to invite me and that i would stay in their city, at their place if possible ... All accepted) and it was amazing, i discovered Russia, Ukraine ... new land, I gave them gifts and invited them for lunch almost every evening. I had really good fun ... and had i spoken Russian at the time ... it would have been even better. I had choice, they also "tried"me, i "tried" them ... like normal dating stuff with girls ...at the end we try each other when we date girls ..i view it as comparable. The last became my wife. Still be confident in you, i am latino, i know that i score better with Blond girls countries (Scandinavia, Russia, Ukraine) than with Latinos. So if you are different, you will be more attractive ... it is normal. (whoever traveled knows that ... in some countries you score more than in others) therefore a very beautiful girl is absolutely doable. When you meet here, do not expect here to love you straight ... it is not possible .. (normaly) ... if you have sex the first nights ... it is fine (very fine ;-) ) ... but she will not love you at that stage !! be realist. She will start liking you after some days ... . She will eventually have passion for you if you did well and are attractive to here and gave here pleasure ... like in a normal dating. Prefer going at here place rather than in a hotel (if she can ... apartments are a problem many times and they may live together with family). But at here apartment makes your experience so much more interesting and you see who she truly is and what here true environment is. Be a man ... it will make scammers go away ! (not an asshole macho !) but you are in control. And take care of your potential future wife. Russian girls like real man ! much more than in our western world ... with feminists and ... . Be aware that they are very smart. (generaly) ... they will think in advance ... they calculate ... much more than Latine or Black girls. Culturaly they may not sound so depending on your level, but play games with them and you will see ;-) ) So she will be calculating ... and probably more than you. (any chess player having been in Russia and having played with people in parks knows that !). Also they are very different ! The soviet era is full in their brain ... . Be prepared for some serious cultural clashes. About being smart ... it is all good to have a smart woman ... for you and for the children she will give you. She will educate them to be smart. Also, Putin is a hero ... do not come and tell them what western medias say ... 1) most of it is interpreted negatively by our "great free NATO" medias ... 2) they will simply not like it ... do not go and convince you are the bests !! don't talk about it. Good luck to you guys ... (sometimes i dream about doing it again ... it was an adventure, i discovered land, people, cultures ... myself... and got my AMAZING WIFE). if you have questions ... reply ... i'll reply !
Chris Mafioso (1 year ago)
tomcat thanks for this bro
MrPhil0267 (2 years ago)
I have not been a victim of online dating. But your message has a lot of information so beware everyone. Women too. You all can be victims as well. And to the presenter herself. I would love to see your yes. I suspect you wore sunglasses because you do not have your eye make up on. Not a big deal to me. I would love to see your eyes.
Charles Muniz (2 years ago)
How? Here is your answer. 95% of all dating sites are scams with Anastasia Date, A Foreign Affair, and Hot Russian Brides being the leaders. Never go on Romance tour they are all scams. If you want help at no cost to you, email me at [email protected] Don't get scammed. Don't throw your money away. Many Russian and Ukrainian women live off salary their dating agency pays they to scam foreign men. Think with the head you have above and not below your waist. Use common sense, it's your best weapon.
Jörg Ruthmann (2 years ago)
There are some simple hints to find out if a person is real or not. First of all, if you get photos check them out with google picture search. When a Olga is on other side Svetlana, Victoria or Lena and also city is different be aware. Second thing is to get her into skype. Is like Veronika said, if she can send messages, she also is able to come to skype. Another point is the telephone number, if she uses a number with a 9 after country code in russia it is a mobile phone. Is easy to get a prepaid card for that and is also easy to get rid of it. So try to get a home phone number. When she wanna visit you and ask for money for visa I just can say for Shengen countries dont send money and even more important, dont give such inventation with a garuantee out. European goverments and administration will get back on you if there anything goes wrong with her. A lot of ladies want such Shengen visa and is valid all over europe. That means if you are a dutch man she also can go with that visa to Italy or Spain or opposite. So mention that if you be asked for a garuantee. Scammers just be away if you ask politely for a photo with her by a well known local place. If she is from Moscow ask her for a photo at the Lenin Mausoleum or a well known place. Most scammers don´t even reply after such wish, if she is real is not a big thing to make such a photo. Another point is that somebody wanna send you a passport copy. Is easy to check the document if sombody use photoshop to make a new ID. But first of all ask yourself why somebody will send you a copy of a official document with no need. If you be a bit smart you check out such scammers easily.
Das Mit (2 years ago)
This is why it is dangerous to give things like Social Security Numbers or Credit cards online to unknown sources because we do not know who is on the other side. This is why many people choose to be private because there are some very suspicious people out there. If they are not using the gun to steal they are using the computer. So, it is necessary to use precaution in what ever we are doing or where ever we find ourselves. Great video. Very necessary.
David Brunner (2 years ago)
That's what I have been saying. We have been giving our credit cards and private information to these lying disgusting sites. Five years ago, I received an unauthorized charge after using Anastasiadate. This is a disgusting filthy business. And Stupid American Men need to wake up!

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