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Map design, from start to finish

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Download it here: http://www.fpsbanana.com/maps/112442 I've tried recording what I do in Hammer, but it just looks silly and messy. Far better (and more time consuming) to take screenshots of the map's progress at regular intervals. This is not a proper map. It's just meant to look nice, and to be an example of how to make your maps look good. I'm sure that your maps reach a stage in this video then can't get any better, perhaps by watching this step by step it'll help you. Check out my channels: ● 3kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/3kliksphilip ● 2kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/2kliksphilip ● kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/kliksphilip Other information you might like: ● Website: http://3kliksphilip.com ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/3kliksphilip ● PC Specs: Intel 6300 @ 2.6 Ghz, 8 GB RAM, Radeon 4850 512 GB.
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Text Comments (557)
Potisman146 (11 days ago)
we shall call this map DE_sign
Mr Depressed (3 months ago)
How can one learn such power?
I've been trying to make a map for hours, all I get is a skybox and a flat ground part of the level, and I can't make houses, detailed walls, bomb sites, hostage sites, but zones, and anything else.
Justyn (4 months ago)
10 years
tobias nielsen (5 months ago)
love this map!
Yusuf Stone (1 year ago)
Lol I'm so jealous now I can only make blocks and skybox with a few lighting effects
kalou (1 year ago)
Oh my god you were such a good mapper even way back in 2009.
Roldan Gutierrez (1 year ago)
You're an awesome map MAKER!!
Paulo Muffato (1 year ago)
This sample from 2009 looks like a goldsource map nowadays..
Paulo Muffato (1 year ago)
yeah.. brushes/brushwork
mynamefrank (1 year ago)
nah when it's completed it looks kinda good but yeah if it used more props and models rather than only cubes (idk how you call them)
Please, Kill me. (2 years ago)
How did you get the walls to fit so perfectly?
ZENOIST2 (1 year ago)
You have a large ish grid and make everything snap to grid.
gEck0 (2 years ago)
The music is just awesome
You know what I love when map making? When I make an ok map which I made in 6 hours and then I start compiling it and it gets stuck in the portal flow. Just grand.
Immersion Gaming (21 days ago)
+Rowdy Noot to have people use them on multiplayer gmod servers
Immersion Gaming (21 days ago)
+Lucas Hoffmann Yeah i save every hour of data aas MapnameA, MapnameB, mapname C until im on the final v
A Random Commenter (2 months ago)
Just select a bunch of brushes and then group them into a single func_detail
ThatDoggoLinkie (6 months ago)
Okay since CSGO now uses more displacements, what you can do is take all your normal brushes and make them all Func_Details. it speeds up the Portal flow ! just be sure you make back ups
Rowdy Noot (10 months ago)
guess so
awsome music
Dan Tomson (2 years ago)
I can't download the sonk :( Iz so good philip! Where can I download?
TheGiant Rat2 (2 years ago)
The song is i like to eat from his album grandparents edition
Deviant Interface (3 years ago)
Have you or can you make a step by step tutorial on how to make arches or curves?
João Vitor dos Santos (2 years ago)
I assume you dont need it anymore, since 7 months have passed
Connor Lintott (3 years ago)
Am I the only one who used this development process, and made almost the same map? -.-
mynamefrank (1 year ago)
Half Way Lambda (3 years ago)
Yup. The only one! xD
crabbyninja (3 years ago)
The "Consume Less" decal is my favorite decal ever :)
Apfell (3 years ago)
Stil love this musik :)
mynamefrank (3 years ago)
I learned to do maps, I cannot could make it without all your help <3
mynamefrank (1 year ago)
lol fucking idiot learn to englich
assidbass (3 years ago)
i've been watching this video like 20 times and it helped me turn my map from a courtyard full of ugly houses to a village. thank you
WhatAGreatName (3 years ago)
Did this map turn into anything else? Or was it just a personal test to see if you could do it?
thraX (3 years ago)
looked really good in the night theme nice job :))
JATOME (3 years ago)
damn good for a css map
alexJ (3 years ago)
My favourite light theme is the warm one at 1:04 :)
lukkasz323 (11 months ago)
All of them are great.
salad (1 year ago)
feels more like counter strike than the others
Jhojanez Figueroa (2 years ago)
alexJ yeah mine too
lolyoshi (4 years ago)
can you redo this for cs:go?
HamTittiesAss (4 years ago)
see kids? this is hours and hours and more hours of work just for that 1 de dust map design. we got those in the first day!
Sankirtanam (4 years ago)
You are the best! Like!
Combine115 (4 years ago)
This is amazing, 10/10 champ
3kliksphilip (6 years ago)
Hi, do you follow the grid in Hammer? Set the grid size to 64 or 128 and you should find it easy to align it. It also depends which icons you have ticked along the top of the screen in Hammer, make sure it looks like mine and it shouldn't cause any problems. You can always use the toggle texture application tool on the left hand side of the screen, select a face and manually adjust it.
Jonas VW (6 years ago)
I've been a subscriber for a long time as i am also creating maps myself.. But i now want to make a textured map and so i'd like to ask you a question. When making a textured map like this, my brick or building textures don't position themselves well. Always too much to the edges or too high or too low. How can i fix this easily? Thanks in advance!
BigBang1112tm (6 years ago)
3kliksphilip (6 years ago)
51% at least.
Tabbarn (6 years ago)
Wow, the lightning makes up about 50% of a maps visuals.
3kliksphilip (6 years ago)
Yes, if you spend a day detailing a small bit of your map, you tend to look at what else needs to be done and realise you'll be there for ever. At least if you make the general layout first, you can pace yourself and make sure that the whole map gradually improves, so it's ready for release at any time but the more time you put into it, the better it gets.
Someone7089 (6 years ago)
Whenever I make a map, I tend to add detail too soon, slowing down my creation process. I noticed you got the general design layout set before you added the extra little details.
ObPoScene (6 years ago)
what skybox was that for the night version of your map?
HonyGully (6 years ago)
Now... place some weapons and put some zombies :D
Spike (6 years ago)
Ok thanks
3kliksphilip (6 years ago)
Which game is this for? CSS? I think it's different to custom textures for 1.6- you put the vmt and vtf files for the texture in the materials folder in the css folder, then you can either attach it to the map's bsp file using a program like pakrat or you can simply include the folder with it in and zip it with the map file for people to download and to manually put in their materials folder.
Spike (6 years ago)
Hmmm but when I will use textures downloaded from gamebanana so before compilation of map I must create .bat file and add command -estimate -nowadtextures ? Or just : how I can make map for server with downloaded textures to make wad files that they will be downloaded with map. It's the same compiling like in maps for cs 1.6 ?
Jsmith6544 (6 years ago)
How did you add wires going from building to building?
ninnocence (6 years ago)
oh yeah and when i watch up your vids i wanna create a map ant whatever, can u make a playlist of how can we get better ?
ninnocence (6 years ago)
can u make a tut about somethong like HOW THE HELL MY MAP IS NOT COOL EMPTY ANT NOT WORTH A SHIT ?
Drool (6 months ago)
Here is one i found, it's not the same game but it uses the same engine so you could replicate it. https://youtu.be/cmUcRKu5kBw
Drool (6 months ago)
Watch some tutorial on how to not make your map sh*t
Golden Gara Prime (7 years ago)
Wow this is amazing! D:
collector1100 (7 years ago)
For some resson I can't download it because it just keeps preparing to download.....
3kliksphilip (7 years ago)
collector1100 (7 years ago)
Can I use this in my HL2 mod?
3kliksphilip (7 years ago)
@Dude5464673 There's no easy answer to that, since it sounds as though you're having trouble with texture scaling (The size of the textures). Follow the grid when making your map. Make the grid size 128x128 and follow that and the textures should all align perfectly. You can use the Toggle Texture Application Tool on the left hand side of the screen and manually adjust the scale / position of the textures for things like windows if you really want to. There's a FIT button in there too. Try that.
3kliksphilip (7 years ago)
@Alexander666W Changing the light_environment properties
Dude5464673 (7 years ago)
hey well when i use my textures for buildings and stuff they are always uneven and i use the texture editor thing but it's always not very good like windows and stuff are to big of small. please help man.
Alexander Wilmes (7 years ago)
realy nice work ... 1 question : What are u doing from 0:29 to 0:32 ??
Sangeeta Dixit (7 years ago)
How to make Engine to Half life 2
the747videoer (7 years ago)
What game is that for? Garry's Mod? HL2? TF2? CS:S?
Headcrabman (7 years ago)
@pppie123 A trigger once? What type of trigger?
Haunting (7 years ago)
@Headcrabman99 ..Triggers. If you don't know how to make one, look it up.
Headcrabman (7 years ago)
@pppie123 :| But how
Haunting (7 years ago)
@Headcrabman99 I think it's just "enable" and "disable."
Headcrabman (7 years ago)
Hey, can I make a trigger that enables NPC AI? So A fight doesnt start on map load
Irithyll (7 years ago)
No offense but the Stone Path look's terrible. You should add some gravel on the stone path to make the map look more realistic. :)
MrChocolateification (7 years ago)
@SargeantD37 Uhh I know that, Im a competent mapper, its just i dont know the texture or material they applied to it.
Csiklós Miklós (7 years ago)
@MrChocolateification it's not a texture, it's a "displacement" that is placed near the sky_camera
MrChocolateification (7 years ago)
Is the mountain texture custom, or at least where can I get it?
Adachi (7 years ago)
@3kliksphilip Im new to hammer.Where is a good place to start?
StickyFingazFO20 (7 years ago)
add 0:00
AyyB (7 years ago)
@Thegam3snitch Thanks :D
tommy joyce (7 years ago)
@supergamer1221 You did actually dude, I think I found someone on youtube who isnt a complete douche! :)
AyyB (7 years ago)
@Thegam3snitch Half Life 2, The source based game, costs around 7 euros in my country, IDK about dollars... (You can also download Team Fortress 2 - It's free - and start creating some maps for this before you start mapping with Half Life 2) Hope I helped :)
tommy joyce (7 years ago)
@supergamer1221 I have steam, How much is half life? :)
AyyB (7 years ago)
@Thegam3snitch A source engine game :) Google Steam and then when you are on steam's site , search for Half Life 2, it's a source - based game , so you can create maps for it :)
tommy joyce (7 years ago)
@supergamer1221 Source game as in what? :)
AyyB (7 years ago)
@Thegam3snitch It's only for source engine games, the hammer editor, you can use it only with a source game
3kliksphilip (7 years ago)
@jamesAboy19 Believe it or not I think I used camtasia for this video. I would recommend fraps though.
jamesAboy19 (7 years ago)
What recording software do you use?
jamesAboy19 (7 years ago)
@3kliksphilip Not a bad idea :) might start doing that once i get my new PC to run it super fast, current one blows ass
3kliksphilip (7 years ago)
@jamesAboy19 I have my work cut out just keeping up with questions regarding SDK, I don't have the time or patience to learn the UDK as well. Why don't you start your own tutorial series on the UDK?
jamesAboy19 (7 years ago)
@3kliksphilip my hammer wont let me change from HL2 to TF2 even though i own both...any suggestions? p.s these videos are awesome! and glad to see you still comment on them even though they're old. Not checked out your channel fully but if you havent already try UDK :)
3kliksphilip (7 years ago)
@Thegam3snitch Hammer
3kliksphilip (7 years ago)
@HunterBeck111 COUGH video's description
tommy joyce (7 years ago)
What software are you using here bro? :)
Gnomester77 (7 years ago)
3kliksphilip (7 years ago)
@dryamston Yes. Sweet.
3kliksphilip (7 years ago)
@dinomasterjoe A skybox in Source is just the stuff you see in the distance of your map. The 2D skybox is the sky texture you see at the beginning of the video, the mountains and the like are a 3D skybox... or in other words, simply your map, but in the distance, made to look big due to clever trickery within the source engine.
Snorrifras (7 years ago)
@3kliksphilip thanks!
3kliksphilip (7 years ago)
@1212rocketlauncher You place them around the sky_camera entity and they'll show in-game.
Snorrifras (7 years ago)
how do I add buildings and mountains and more to the skybox ?
3kliksphilip (7 years ago)
@clownbabydiode1 ...render modes?
3kliksphilip (7 years ago)
@Rulictar Thanks
3kliksphilip (7 years ago)
@Rulictar Interesting idea. Be sure to change the fog colour to fit the map as well! Who knows... a bit more light might help it as well.
3kliksphilip (7 years ago)
@maidenroknrollin Read the description
3kliksphilip (7 years ago)
@Rulictar You could always download this map and take a look at it in Hammer.
AAAZ2A (7 years ago)
@x75tiger75x Mapping is fun! I map alot and when me and my friends lan we use to play on each others maps.. Usually my maps are the best since I´ve watched most of 3kliksphilip's tutorials
xweert711 (7 years ago)
@x75tiger75x You should just make a small house, with furniture, and when it looks neat enough, start putting NPC's in it, npc_zombies, npc_antlions, npc_soldier_s', Hammer is your toybox my friend. You can do whatever the hell you want with it.
xweert711 (7 years ago)
Awesome job mate!
X75TIGER75X (7 years ago)
@3kliksphilip Yeah I know how to use Source SDK Hammer. But its just that I have no creativity to start for my next project. :(
3kliksphilip (7 years ago)
@x75tiger75x You could start with the massive number of tutorials I have on it.
X75TIGER75X (7 years ago)
by just looking at video makes me want to start mapping so bad. But I have no idea to start. :(
3kliksphilip (7 years ago)
@REXanadu If the textures are not included in Portal then they will show up as black and purple squares. So yeah, that's the problem you're having. I suggest replacing those textures with ones available in Portal.
Edgar Onukwugha (7 years ago)
I just downloaded the map files, but when I loaded any of the maps stages in Portal (the only Valve game I have on my comp at the moment), I see tons of areas that are textured with light purple and black squares. Is this because I have the map folder in the wrong area (I put it in the portal folder of the SDK)?
very nice,made a video like this tnx to your tutorials :)
3kliksphilip (7 years ago)
@TheEpicFailMan Thanks, I'll continue to make them as simplistic as possible. Nothing worse than a 5 minute video trying to explain something that can be done in 10 seconds, right?

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