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DO NOT BUY $335.76 Ultimate Masters : ABSOLUTE TRASH

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Text Comments (107)
MTG LION (1 month ago)
I don't know how I can make this more clear. They should reprint exactly the same set. Just make packs $6.99.
chris frasier (28 days ago)
+BlindJustice14 then it's still just card board not an investment opportunity. V0V do what you like with your money, it doesn't matter to me, I already sold my expensive MTG stuff.
BlindJustice14 (29 days ago)
What if it isn't
chris frasier (29 days ago)
+BlindJustice14 what if the rest is garbage like the last time?
BlindJustice14 (29 days ago)
You must be joking the box topper alone will be worth at least a 3rd of the cost of the box and not to mention we don't know what else is in the set
chris frasier (1 month ago)
Why that much? No r and d necessary, $4.00 per pack like everything else. This is a children's game not investment vehicles.
Leidnix (25 days ago)
With the Box Topper Pack beeing searchable the Blisterpack looks like the way to go........not XD Not gonna buy this.
TheOneRandy (29 days ago)
Me: Poor, wants box Me at Christmas: Haha thanks grandma. Jokes on them, I couldn't afford the $500 box anyway.
James Oxford (1 month ago)
do you ever show your face?
Steve Bird (1 month ago)
There are ultimate box toppers on sale for ebay now and I everyone should be reporting anyone selling the box toppers alone on ebay due to 1. they are not to be for resale and 2. they are searchable, therefore a lottery grab that IS controlled by the seller.
Richard Martinez (1 month ago)
Youw wike a bwoken wecowd.
Aaron Morris (1 month ago)
I mean just don't buy it? Lul
Blaise St-Amant (1 month ago)
I'm sorry don't mean to offend. There's something about your voic that makes me not able to finish a full video of yours
Brad Sam (1 month ago)
Slippery slope there bud. Also I think this set was well done, sure it’s cheap to make, but it’s well done. Right before Christmas hype lasts till release and box toppers to top it off
Alyosha 1981 (1 month ago)
Fuk this set I'm done.
coooolibri (1 month ago)
people cant stop, cause its spreading like a disease. im playing many different games, also yugioh and mtg in tcg form, and it happens to everything in this world. iphones, cars. they only need to add another small detail, and people buy it to be the "best" in having it the first. which is not what it equals. but thats how low iq people think.
Wasithpol Wasithpol (1 month ago)
Vg is shit
LordoftheJamesClan (1 month ago)
this just makes me want to roll back up right after dipping my toe back into mtg
Crosswalk (1 month ago)
The set will make the original cards cheaper. People will buy this no matter what, cheaper originals for everyone who doesn't buy this. They're re-printing every good card in the last decade, you should look at modern prices.
Lance Stone (1 month ago)
The cost to print this crap is the SAME as a regular box - so they are milking US for $200 of unaccounted money - so they can make an attempt to buy their company back from Hasbro... don't let them!
a (29 days ago)
Why shouldn't they be allowed to buy their company back from Hasbro?
KDD0063 (1 month ago)
"only rich people can play" I dont think so bud, not everyone has to go and buy these box toppers, people can get together with their friends and draft standard, or do $10 deck from card kingdom singles or other crap like that.
Adam Moore (1 month ago)
Looks fantastic to me. I suppose it's ok to be upset about the price, but I don't think it's too bad.
Jim Apostolakes (1 month ago)
Play old-school and say good-bye to wizards for life.
Michael Enck (1 month ago)
I think everything you said is flaw. You gotta remember when the very first masters set came out magic was not as popular as it is now. Magic has increased in popularity over the past 6 years. Also prices to produce these products have also increased in the past 6 years soo do the simple math that if their prices go up our prices to purchase said product goes up as well!!!!!
Trump (1 month ago)
Liliana of the veil should of been reprinted as a rare, Tarmogoyf should of been reprinted as a rare, same with Noble Hierarch, and snapcaster mage, and should of even reprinted force of will as a rare, just to drop the price of modern and legacy
Carl Chang (1 month ago)
For payers not players.
Cytotecman (1 month ago)
Ultimate CashGrab hahaha wotc smh
autoenthused (1 month ago)
This will only invite more outsiders investors into this market. Outsiders who don’t care about the game. Or it’s community. This is turning into supreme and Jordan hype market :/
Nic (1 month ago)
$25 aud for one pack...
Kevin PrimeTimeCards (1 month ago)
The next masters set will have pieces of Jace's under-garments in the box topper. $5k a box.
blue sun (1 month ago)
Nick Delagarza (1 month ago)
Without knowing anything else it's a hard buy, will it hold value most likely if this is going to end up like the last few masters sets where there's a small selection of desired cards.
Walrus Lolbertarian (1 month ago)
I think it's about time to just say fuck it and print out our own cards
RedComet007 (1 month ago)
It is still going to sell.
Collection Connected (1 month ago)
The borderless cards are more common then a a standard foil mythic. U will get a mythic box topper 50% of the time. A normal foil mythic is found about once per case in my experience.
The Lunaist (1 month ago)
That set symbol annoys me how big it is compared to other sets that are fairly small more subtle.
phatkaveh60 (1 month ago)
Why are you trying to be recyclable eco-friendly? Because I don't think the environment cares what your shitty hobby is. Very selfish
cristian omar (1 month ago)
Hey a can buy ps4 ven price master set😂😂😂
R L (1 month ago)
I doubt WotC will ever go back to $6.99/pack if/when they do another Masters set. It can be another Masters set like Iconic or Masters 25 and people will still fork out $10/pack at Walmart, Target, etc.
BradomAT (1 month ago)
i dont like proxies^^ but in my case i dont play the card, if i dont have it, if i loose well i loose cos of that, on the other side i m happy to play a foil lilliana when i have it, if i dont have one i dont like to play a proxie of it either. But i understand when you want to test a deck before you pay it or cant afford it and still want to play it that you print it the last 2 masters set, they should have seld for the normal price of a new set, and this one is way to much i think
isimanica1 (1 month ago)
I'll wait till walmart and target puts it on clearance cause they want it off the books.
Alex Gaspar (1 month ago)
Sorry Rudy JR these boxes will be 500+ in less then a year because this is the most value then any Masters set. Look at the price of out of print masters sets for Modern masters or Eternal masters then look at the value cards in them and then look at the 40 cards reviled in thos one.
Collection Connected (1 month ago)
A lot of these cards have been reprinted to death And for some of them this reprint will kill the value. The take another turn one for example. Emrakul has a good chance. Tarmagoyf. There are several cards that might not recover after this printing
Revas La Athim (1 month ago)
I glad I quit magic.
CraZEEElife (1 month ago)
I’m only buggin I believe you
Revas La Athim (1 month ago)
+CraZEEElife no I'm serious. Last set I brought was the one with Nico Bolas return, forgot the set. I havent played since.
CraZEEElife (1 month ago)
Revas La Athim don’t lie ;)
chris hamilton (1 month ago)
I can’t afford a corvette.....but that doesn’t mean corvettes shouldn’t exist
hooliganXxero0 (1 month ago)
Yea I'm buying a box it looks cool might get two.
mattch (1 month ago)
I bought several boxes. 1 to open, the rest to sell at a premium :)
froggy0025 (1 month ago)
The Ultimate™ proof WotC cares exclusively about the secondary market.
radip (1 month ago)
Yep, it's mega cash grab for almost no work effort from wotc.
Slaλer (1 month ago)
Only people complaining are poor people.
mattch (1 month ago)
They aren’t forcing you to buy it. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.
coooolibri (1 month ago)
only people who dont understand his points have no idea whats going on. you think the world always just has the best offers only ready for you :D its a waste of money. they force people to buy this, and switch to full arts. lowering the values of other cards, just recently reprinted.
mattch (1 month ago)
I bought 3 boxes, because I can.
Jamie Knox (1 month ago)
New phrexa was over 10 years ago i believe
Ethan (1 month ago)
Jamie Knox NPH was printed in 2011. 7 yo.
Jaybee (1 month ago)
Didn't notice that you don't get the "full" 36 packs for the box, that makes this even worse.
BlindJustice14 (29 days ago)
All masters sets have had 24 packs....
Omar Guzman (1 month ago)
Correct. And with only one Mythic Rare 1. So it's almost guaranteed that you won't pull the card you want. WOTC is disgusting.
Jamie Knox (1 month ago)
U let it fail i will buy it and make money off it sorry to say i think this set will out sell the ones before it
DesolatorMagic (1 month ago)
So Lion's official opinion is that they should never reprint anything and modern cards should go up and up and up until nobody can afford to play Modern. That's a great strategy. Btw by "not for everyone" they mean this entire set was designed for bulk openers and singles sellers, not the average player. Nobody needs to buy this product to play the game. They need singles.
CraZEEElife (1 month ago)
They made this set for investors and people with more cash to spend. They didn’t do this for the players. That’s why the investors like it and the players do not.
Mark Lummis (1 month ago)
fk modern . i play std. .. played back in 95 . might Quit.
Cavemantero (1 month ago)
lol des you are suffering from crack withdrawl anxiety
Nicholas Stormbreath (1 month ago)
Yes, derive your own conclusions and proceed to get turned down immediately.
blue sun (1 month ago)
never reprint anything - 3x yes
lanesteele240 (1 month ago)
Wtoc are not forcing any of you to buy. They said it already. If you dont buy it, they wont make it. Also. Stop being poor
froggy0025 (1 month ago)
Telling your customers that "if you don't like it, don't buy it" has proven quite recently to be quite a bad strategy.
Jay Morales (1 month ago)
Lorwyn didn’t have mythic rarity. That didn’t happen till the next block Alara.
Arrogant American (1 month ago)
True, but they were "rarer than rare" by distribution.
Farts ‘n Sharts (1 month ago)
The smart ones will get in early, buy up the supply, resell at a substantial markup and then STOP... they'll walk away smelling like a rose and the rest of us are gonna get hosed like chumps. If you aren't buying at MSRP on release, don't bother at all. the price will hit the floor so fast it'll make your head spin.
autdelux (1 month ago)
next lvl reprinting making he packs so expensive so cardprices will never go down again. the whole point of reprints in the 1st place is missed.
Crosswalk (1 month ago)
it will lower the price of the actual card, not the reprint...
Captain Hindsight (1 month ago)
they opened a box topper on stream and it was warped
MrGhostbeard (28 days ago)
Give it a week
BlindJustice14 (29 days ago)
Other toppers opened were not warped
Dan Wilson (1 month ago)
Thank you for calling this out. WoTC doesn't care. They'll sell whatever crap they can to their consumers at an incredible overvalued rate without any care of the quality of their product. I'm not buying this crap any more.
Captain Hindsight (1 month ago)
with this msrp prices wont drop alot.
11Hourr (1 month ago)
You should be swearing MTGLion! What the blank!! These blanking motherblankers at WotC.
Wolfie (1 month ago)
They just want you to spare a dollar
Vanilla I C E (1 month ago)
I don't see why people are so butthurt about this. I hate WotC, but if they sold this cheaper it would just mean fewer of them would ever be available for sale at the retail level. These are going to be opened by singles sellers, and the end result is that lots of modern staples will fall in price on the secondary market. The price increase just means that WotC makes more money relative to the people selling the singles.
Toop Khat (1 month ago)
po1980 (1 month ago)
Lion, the guy on the twitch announcement actually said that if you think this is too expensive than the product is not for you. He said it's a premium product and it's not for everyone. It's for those people that want to spend the money. And I know those people exist because they sold out on Mythic boxes right away
ThisNameIsBanned (1 month ago)
They will never abolish the reserved list and theres just problems involved in trying that. They will print the living shit out of EVERYTHING else and that goes totally fine for them.
Jay Morales (1 month ago)
ThisNameIsBanned No their isn’t. They just don’t want to reprint those cards because of a fear they had back when they where a smaller company.
MTG LION (1 month ago)
Imagine how lazy they are. This is a set of the best reprints of sets that were 100% reprints. It's like they went back to Ravinca again... wait a second...
Alexander Neimeth (1 month ago)
They can’t reprint dual lands. The reserved list
Z S (1 month ago)
To quote Jefferson in ‘Hamilton’: “You know what? We can change that.” The Reserve is their own internal list. They can change it whenever and have done. If the winds blow right and money becons, you bet they will reprint.
Khai Do (1 month ago)
Do not buy this reprint after reprint after reprint!!!!
DesolatorMagic (1 month ago)
Hey dumbass, without reprints Modern decks would be $3000. They're making modern more affordable for everyone. Get a fucking clue.
xxnwoxx0 (1 month ago)
Releasing a $300.00 box when I have 3x December Birthdays and Christmas for my family?  Thanks Wizards...
Trap sensation (1 month ago)
Speaking of super smash ultimate I pre-ordered the limited switch that comes with digital download code 😀
Trap sensation (1 month ago)
Only 6.99 😯🤤 dam I wish
Trap sensation (1 month ago)
All I want is the bitter blossom lol
NPC #76409543 (1 month ago)
It's a hoax. Rudy said masters sets were done.
DesolatorMagic (1 month ago)
That's because Rudy likes to spread sensational and knowingly false rumors as clickbait to get views and then walk it back later.
HANSDAMPF (1 month ago)
Stop this stupid premiere thing please, my feed is full of your bs
InfamousGamer (1 month ago)
My lgs is doing pre orders for it in november for 225 a box
lanesteele240 (1 month ago)
Consciousness Give your mom back her phone.
InfamousGamer (1 month ago)
+Consciousness dont hate
Consciousness (1 month ago)
+InfamousGamer man your pussy ass little douchebag
InfamousGamer (1 month ago)
+marshall lake its also on a first come first serve base, ill release name of game store after the local community gets theirs.
marshall lake (1 month ago)
where's this? I'd like to get 1.

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