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John McCormack ~ The Hurdy Gurdy Man / Farewell. Schubert. 1928

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Der Leiermann. D911, No24 Abschied. From "Schwanengesang" D.957, No 7
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Lara Dodds-Eden (12 days ago)
Dear Mark32646, Do you have the original recording? I am curious about the translations McCormack is singing - is there any attribution? Thankyou for posting !!
mark32646 (9 days ago)
The only information I can find is as follows: Organ Grinder, The (Der Leiermann) (The Hurdy Gurdy Man)("Der Leiermann") (from (Wilhelm Müller/Franz Schubert, D. 911, No. 24) CVE 49213-1, -2, -3 (partial matrix) (28 November 1928)
Franziska Kreß (8 months ago)
Not good. Its not the "real" Schubert in any other language than German. And Mc Cormick was no "Liedersänger." He was much better when he sang Irish folk songs.
Jay Bee (1 year ago)
Take the point about the original language ... but you CAN understand this instantaneously. Thanks to JM's clarity.
Library Pervert (3 years ago)
I don't like these English language versions, they lose their haunting depth.
mark32646 (4 years ago)
Probably Teddy Schneider.
SeadogDriftwood (4 years ago)
Do we know who arranged the piano parts for orchestra?
J Streby (5 years ago)
This is one McCormack selection that I've never seen on any CD reissue.  It is truly a haunting and powerful piece that I'm proud to have in my own collection.
Kevin Ryder (6 years ago)
Thank you for this.This is the first time I have heard this recording.

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