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SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT- Jesus, The Church and a New Prayer 30/8/18

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Our Great Divine Sovereign Father Emmanuel gives us a beautiful teaching on words Jesus spoke on the importance of spiritual growth, how to stay awake to these days of the return of the great sun consciousness and why The Great Lord spoke through him, when he is just a man. He states why these days, when Jesus is Suzanna Maria Emmanuel are more important than 2000 years ago and who our Great Lord Emmanuel is looking for, and who he will state; “Get away” to; and also he speaks of the ones who called Jesus as a blasphemer. SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT- speaks of how the religions never mention his name. He speaks of how he is without judgement, yet the religions threaten people with the afterlife. He speaks of CAEAYARON and takes us through a beautiful new Lord’s Prayer Wishing you much love and great awakening. Please also see the Divinely guided Facebook page of Suzanna Maria Emmanuel and www.caeayaron.com
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kaye rangi (3 months ago)
Beautifully explained dear Lord 💜
Danielle Roberts (3 months ago)
Thank you SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT for the perfectly timed teaching and gifts of how to grow greater into the heart of love. Thank you for the beautiful prayer, it is much needed and appreciated 🤗💙🙏 thank you Suzanna for all you have gifted to help us to come to this time and for the love and forgiveness you have to be the gateway so that we can go home. Loads of love and appreciation Danielle 😇💙💫🌻🤗😘🦄🦋🌸⛰️🕊️🌈🐬
Jacqui Hanson (3 months ago)
Thank you SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT for this beautiful teaching and prayer to stay in the forgiveness and learn to live the higher ways of love again. 💙🌟💜 Thank you Suzanna for all you have done over all of your existence with all your great love to be that gateway so that we may return, so that we may be rescued. 💙🌟💜 I love you always and thank you eternally, Jacqui 💙🌟💜
Barbs Derecourt (3 months ago)
Namaste Sovereign Lord Emmanuel The Great and Suzanna. Thank you for your message. For greater understanding. That I awoke to recognise the season - I am grateful, and that there are no Gods. And for one pathway and gateway to the Divine Love realms through Caeayaron and Divine Love Element Suzanna. Gratitude, love and appreciation, Barbs 🤗💚🌻
Gareth Price (3 months ago)
Beautiful teaching and reading suzanna truly amazing 💕 💕 💕 love spreads throughout everyone indeed amazing too
Julie Kane (3 months ago)
Thank you Sovereign Lord Emmanuel the great for this beautiful truthful loving teaching 💕❤️ Thank you Suzanna for all that you gift to us all and the love we receive from you 💜💜💜 beautiful flowers Suzanna thank you for sharing 🌏🌈💕🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Personality Sculpture (3 months ago)
All is well in my world when Sovereign Lord Emmanuel the Great is talking. So much to love and gratitude to The Great Father and Suzanna.
Linda Jensen (3 months ago)
Thank you Sovereign Lord Emmanuel the Great😇🙏🏻💙teachings us the ways of truth and love and how important patience is as we grow in our daily lives. Wow!!! What exciting times we are in to finally be able to come to the great mountain of light and to be fed on spiritual food . So long I know I have been watching for this time. ✨🌟🚀💫😇🙏🏻💙And so forever grateful that what was promised 2,000 years again is the time here and now.WoooHooo!!!!🌟💙😇 What an incredible time it is !!!!!💙😇🙏🏻✨Always and forever grateful to you Suzanna for returning so we have the way home. 🙏🏻😇💙🚀💫love you always and forever and ever through all eternity 🙏🏻😇💙💞💐💙💙🌺Linda 💐💐
Tomas (3 months ago)
Thank you Sovereign Lord Emmanuel The Great for being so loving. Thank you Suzanna and Stephen for your work.

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