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Red Flag 2017 F-22 + F-35 Team Stealth! | Military Videos | AeroSpaceNews.com

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Red Flag 2017 F-22 + F-35 Team Stealth! | Military Videos from AeroSpaceNews.com Login to http://aerospacenews.com for aerospace news & free aviation wallpaper! Download our tilt rotor history documentary! http://aeronauticpictures.com/buy/download/v-22-osprey-documentary/ You get free fighter jet and bomber pics with it! This video features a channel-exclusive edit of the Nellis Air Force Base footage to create a real military documentary as USAF Colonel Peter Fesler, Commander, 1st Fighter Wing, discusses Red Flag 17-1, his first Red Flag (flying an F-15C) and how the role of fighter pilots flying the stealth F-22 and F-35 during Red Flag 2017 differ from those earlier days. It includes some great F-22 in action video, along with a really interesting interview. Red Flag 2017 sure ain't your grandad's Red Flag. ;) What do you think of the F-22 and F-35? Video by: Airman 1st Class Christina Ensley Thanks to: 99th Air Base Wing Public Affairs Please leave a comment, like this video, share it with your friends, and subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=aerospacenews Check out AirlineExplorer.com & AirplaneForSale.tv! http://AirlineExplorer.com http://airplaneforsale.tv LET'S CONNECT! Instagram ► http://instagram.com/igaerospacenews/ Twitter ► http://twitter.com/aerospacenews AeroSpaceNews.com ► http://AeroSpaceNews.com Facebook ► http://facebook.com/aerospacenews #redflag2017 #redflag #aviation #aerospacenews #militaryvideos #military #f22 #f35 #nellis #nellisafb #stealth #stealthfighter #airforce #usaf
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AeroSpaceNews.com (4 months ago)
If you enjoy my videos please leave a tip - your support is so very much appreciated! ► ► ► https://aerospacenews.com/fans Download a personal copy of this video to support our productions: Our Download Store ► ► ► https://aerospacenews.com/hangar/ What do you think of the Colonel's comments about the changing nature of Red Flag and fighter aircraft, including fighter pilot's, thanks to the development of stealth fighters like the F-22 and F-35? Be the first to know and comment when we upload a new video! Subscribe to our free newsletter now: http://eepurl.com/bTKr9T You'll also get breaking aerospace aviation news & features from our site!
R WARRIOR (1 month ago)
Our participation in NATO is coming to an end. Our wonderful President Trump is sick and tired of paying for Europe's Defense. To say that America isn't likely to go it alone is FAKE NEWS!!
AeroSpaceNews.com (1 month ago)
I suspect you will find that the USA remains very much a part of NATO and that the military and foreign policy professionals in the US government ensure the country continues to work with its allies around the world.
Alpha Alept (1 year ago)
20:1 ratio kill for F22, not for F35. Both type operated together with anti-air role devoted to f22...And even so those results are questionable because in the way to mimic the "stealth" f35, awacs displayed only partial informations to the aggressors F15 and F16 who were just blinded this way... ;-) Funny to see how simple facts twisting  still fools the one who want to believe ;-))))
Alpha Alept (11 months ago)
No, they were taken out by the combo F35+F22+Awacs
Blob B (11 months ago)
According to the Red Flag press conference all F-16s were taken out by the F-35A
Alpha Alept (1 year ago)
Hello, this event is pretty old now but i only recently discover your videos. At the time it was not a secret that this 20/1 (or 15/1 regarding the source) ratio involved a large team of various Advanced fighters (F35 included) versus the aggressors alone. Now we see some marketing propaganda trying to attribute to F35 alone all the "Glory" of this very normal red flag in fact. Here is an interesting source (and pretty nicely fair because informative): http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/7488/lets-talk-about-those-f-35-kill-ratio-reports-from-red-flag
AeroSpaceNews.com (1 year ago)
What is your source for your claims? It is a polite question, not an effort to start a fight. These videos (including the F-35 "Grows Up" one in our channel you also commented on) were produced by the DoD as we disclose - not us - but they offer a glimpse into the training at Red Flag many viewers find of interest.
777Outrigger (1 year ago)
Checkered Flag 18-1 in Nov 2017, had F-22s, F-35s, F-15s, F-16s, and F-18s flying on one side, while F-22s, F-35s, F-15s, F-16s, and F-18s flew on the other side. The most interesting part of this exercise is stealth vs stealth, of course, with 4 gen thrown in. I haven't heard any results or conclusions of this exercise, and probably won't for a long time.
Renovatio (1 year ago)
The F-35 is an amazing aircraft that will revolutionize air combat.
Spring Bloom (1 year ago)
Whatever the F35 is, or isnt; whatever the F35 does or doesnt do, this is pure propaganda.
Blob B (11 months ago)
Well they must of fooled any other airforces that took part BECASE THEY ARE UPPING THEIR ORDERS.
AeroSpaceNews.com (1 year ago)
It is combat camera-sourced footage - exactly as it is clearly credited on screen and in the credits in the description section below the video.
Apple Tree Canterbury (1 year ago)
watch he oversight committee discuss with generals the results, easy to find on you tube, watch how exited they are, not just the stats and rookies taking down f16 top guns in f35s, the are so happy.
GBLynden's RC (1 year ago)
It would be nice to see some performance footage instead of hearing a dude talk.
AeroSpaceNews.com (1 year ago)
Thanks for watching and taking the time to comment. There are a few other turn and burn F-22 videos in my channel. I'll try to get more F-22 in action footage published in the future though.
Oscar Banuelos (5 months ago)
Col. Fesler was an F-15C pilot. If you are an F-15C/E or F-16 pilot and the air force offers you a brand new F-35A what are you going to tell them? No?
American guy (1 year ago)
Maybe trump should restart the F-22 program if the F-22 is really a good teammate for the f-35
Blob B (11 months ago)
F-22 is no team mate at all when fighting far out at sea or when no friendly country is near the enemy.
American guy (1 year ago)
Also Americas next gen fighter has to be able to fly in space as a space fighter jet otherwise the other countries will win. Just hope Trump or another president works on a space fighter jet in order to replace 5th or 6th gen fighters and most fighters must have stealth detection to counter other stealth fighters
james vernon (1 year ago)
Why don't you go to Russia and find out.?
American guy (1 year ago)
We Americas treat anyone trying to beat our jet fighters including Raptors as defcon 1
Jesus F. (1 year ago)
Blob B (1 year ago)
It carries less passengers than 1970s  airliners.  1970s airliners can store more tea than the F-35.
oblt wurst (1 year ago)
For a limited time since the fuel where the heat is dumped cannot absorb heat forever.
Blob B (1 year ago)
f-35 does have heat camo so FLIR cant see it from as far.
Graziano (1 year ago)
marvin chitwood lol they need to get some camo on those things so no one can see them
Maxine Drapo (1 year ago)
Always knew the F-35 was going to be the plane of the future... what this marvel is REALLY CAPABLE OF is still a mystery given its software restrictions, however when its escorted by the Raptor (dam right team stealth!!!) it is obvious it will be a huge and lethal threat to any enemy... in early 2000 I was driving thru Marietta, GA minding my own business when out of nowhere a Raptor appeared next to my car, vertical filling my passenger window with its weapon bay door... it was there and then it was gone. I glanced in my rear view to watch the reactions of my fellow motorists and they were just as astonished as I was... once I checked in to my hotel I did a quick search of the Raptor and it was indeed being tested in the exact area I drove through. Saw this beauty up close early on and I knew it was in a class of its own then, just like team stealth today!!!! We should start a movement called #teamstealth and send it to our POTUS🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
AeroSpaceNews.com (1 year ago)
Hi Maxine - thanks for watching and the fabulous comment! So happy you appreciated the Team Stealth headline I wrote for this Red Flag video. :)
James Derrick (1 year ago)
GREAT VIDEO...Seen this one?? https://youtu.be/7p3oEd7x48Q
marvin chitwood (1 year ago)
thanks good insight info
gspot mop (1 year ago)
the F35 is 20 to 1 against F16 aggressors in red flag 2017, take that trolls!
Blob B (11 months ago)
After that test the RAF asked the UK MOD to look into selling off some older Typhoons + Tornados and replace them with F-35A.
777Outrigger (1 year ago)
Nope, afraid you're out of the loop on this. At Red Flag 17-1, the F-35 not only destroyed 49 of 51 SAM sites, but it destroyed 145 Red Air fighters, with a loss of only 7. From an F-35 pilot at Red Flag 17-1; “I flew a mission where our four-ship formation of F-35A’s destroyed five surface-to-air threats in a 15-minute period without being targeted once,” Major James Schmidt, an F-35A pilot for the 388th Fighter Wing from Hill AFB told the Air Force Times. Major Schmidt went on to highlight the multirole capability of the F-35A in a non-permissive environment when he recalled, “After taking out the ground threats the multirole F-35A is able to pitch back into the fight with air-to-air missiles, TAKING OUT AIRCRAFT THAT DON'T EVEN KNOW WE'RE THERE.” https://theaviationist.com/2017/02/28/red-flag-confirmed-f-35-dominance-with-a-201-kill-ratio-u-s-air-force-says/
eddie money (1 year ago)
Wrong. The f 22 shot all the fighters down. F 35 hit ground targets.
777Outrigger (1 year ago)
Lightning Bolt 665 - USMC Deputy Air Chief, General Jon Davis, said that when his F-18s went up against a similar SAM set-up in a recent exercise, they lost half their number, and knocked out no SAM sites. He said, it was a very depressing exercise. 49 of 51 SAM battery kills by the F-35, and no detection by radar, sounds really good in that light. :-)
Clarence Fowler (2 years ago)
I knew the F-35 lightning II would be a great aircraft despite all the criticism. the Apache longbow and the F-15 faced the same criticisms during development and throughout. look at them now the Apache can only be described as a nightmare on the battlefield. that has 15 eagle it's something like 109 kills to nothing. so I always had faith and the F-35 and I'm confident it will protect America and his allies as intended for a long time.
big wheel (9 months ago)
Roger Jones you really do not know about the true nature of the F35! Its software is still being upgraded and its capability is enhanced. A small man sitting in the bushes (stealth) with a gun always beats the unaware no matter how big they are. 16's are being swatted from the sky with out even knowing it till the last second! Ww1 taught us the best kill was one that had the lowest risk. If they did not see you till it was too late is the best way to fight a war. Bully to bully has to many losing pathways!
Roger Jones (1 year ago)
Your comment regarding the F15 is a new one to me as I have only ever heard this aircraft described in deserved superlatives.It has been as you rightly say,repeatedly combat proven. It was designed to be as good a fighter interceptor as possible and indeed that is what it became. The F35 has not been designed to be a world beating air to air platform relying on it's software systems for it's edge in combat.I have never understood the rationale for this. The F35 should have been made to have similar air to air performance to the F22 from the outset. In the same way as the the F16 performance largely mirrored the F15's . This capability level coupled with it high tec software would have made it the great fighter aircraft it will now,I fear, never be. The planners should have ignored the Marine and the uk's stovl requirements and gone for the F16 characteristic of superior air to air capability as a design priority. The lack of this basic fighter quality is the reason the F35 has come in for the criticism it has along with losing to an F16 in various practice air combat scenarios ( F35 proponents don't waste time making excuses here, I read rhe F35 pilot's comments after this test, he was candid and said the F35 was outclassed in ACM by the F16) It is still possible it will be a good air to ground platform and force multiplier with it's high tec. software and stealth. in integrated strike packages etc , I sincerely hope it does .
AeroSpaceNews.com (2 years ago)
I'll try to stay on top of it and get the latest F-35 videos out when they are available or we get access to shoot our own.
Clarence Fowler (2 years ago)
I couldn't agree more things are definitely looking up. I can't wait to see you what the future holds for the F-35 program.
AeroSpaceNews.com (2 years ago)
Thanks for watching and taking the time to comment! I agree things are looking up for the F-35, exactly as you said, like other troubled programs, it has improved as it has matured... which is pretty typical, especially when the goals are high and the complexity great. I won't yet declare it a winner but the clouds are seemingly starting to clear which is good news for everyone who depends on the F-35, builds, or operates it.

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