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College Vlog #1 | Behind The Scenes | Ft. WSSU Silky Smooth Flag Line

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Wassup Stats Gang! It's Been Awhile But I Recorded A Little While I Was Away.. I'll Be Back For Good, Soon. Check Out The Silky Smooth Flag Line For The Red Sea Of Sound Marching Band! WE Are NOT Your ORDINARY Flag Line. Enjoy!!! *********************************************************** Get Paid To WALK: Check out this app 👉 https://sweatco.in/hi/kenya723172 ... It pays for walking ************************************************************ DM Me For Collabs, Questions, and Concerns SONGS IN VIDEO: Plain Jane - A$ap Ferg NBA Young Boy- No Smoke 6lack- One Way Ball Greezy- Nice And Slow Bedtime Stories- Slim ********************************************************* → CONNECT WITH LADY ← Instagram: Lady_Stats Twitter:ImLadyMonroe Facebook: Kenya Silky Staton Snapchat: LadyStaton ******************************************** I DO NOT OWN ANY RIGHTS TO THIS MUSIC!!!! ********************************************* -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "WORKING INSIDE A JAIL..." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rY1gH3ZwNA -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (13)
BASKETBALL BEAST (9 months ago)
Nice vlog u did great in the practice
Erika Miranda (9 months ago)
Hi! I know tryouts are over, but how would incoming freshman join the team? Do we have to wait until sophomore year?
Stats Lounge (9 months ago)
Yes. 4-6 8 Counts Of Twirling
Erika Miranda (9 months ago)
Stats Lounge for tryouts do you have to do a solo?
Stats Lounge (9 months ago)
Erika Miranda .. Most Of The Time There Is A Fall Tryout For Those Who Couldn't Make It The First Tryout Or Want To Retryout
Odette young (9 months ago)
Awesome 🤗👍🏽👌🏽
Swetleena Chatterjee (9 months ago)
Seth James DeMoor (9 months ago)
NICE WORK on the vlog, found you through twitter, so your promotion is working there, keep it up! Subbed yah, #498! Keep going with the creativity and storytelling! Appreciate the support back, onward and upward ⬆️
PeteyLeeTV (10 months ago)
Sweet moves! Awesome vlog. Keep on creating^^
TWOTRUELIFESTYLE (10 months ago)
Awesome Vlog #TwotrueGang
Keara Sheri (10 months ago)
Love this vlog💛 keep the videos coming 🤗
Stats Lounge (10 months ago)
Keara Sheri Thanks Queen!
Kicking it with Keyah (10 months ago)
Okay I see the stands 🙌🏽

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