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Beautiful green dress design | fashion sketching step by step

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In this fashion tutorial you will learn how to draw a beautiful green dress. Subscribe to NAGMA DESIGNS channel and learn how to draw fashion sketches easily & press the bell icon also for getting notification of beautiful videos Previous Video https://youtu.be/SNl175wVhgg Other beautiful videos Latest stylish dress https://youtu.be/Fon65wT9vZg How to draw Elegant dress https://youtu.be/4gXahJmy_ao Fashion illustration: beautiful wedding dress https://youtu.be/FTIgVh2w2zo Fashion illustration : beautiful dress with fabric colour https://youtu.be/DZJ4_G7Qykk How to draw beautiful high low dress https://youtu.be/hOW11uB5oms Fashion illustration: black saree design https://youtu.be/HLawfgkBKg0 Fashion illustration: beautiful evening dress design https://youtu.be/JRadt5k6Qao
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Text Comments (7)
Urvashi Dhiman (6 months ago)
Hy I seriously love ur designs ....want to know frm which college u r graduated from ......and which water color u used in ur videos
NAGMA DESIGNS (4 months ago)
Urvashi Dhiman (6 months ago)
Thnku sooo much😊😊
NAGMA DESIGNS (6 months ago)
Urvashi Dhiman pearls fabric colours
jeZz RoSe (6 months ago)
Beautiful.👌👌👌 Next time can you please design one formal wear ❤❤
NAGMA DESIGNS (6 months ago)
jeZz RoSe thanks
Farhan Ahmad (6 months ago)

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