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"Premature Attackulation" - Hilarious Out-Takes From #GibChess 2017

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Sometimes interviews do not go to plan, here are our favourite moments from the #gibchess studio!
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Text Comments (74)
aneet_chess2000 (1 month ago)
I don’t understand anything 😭😭😭
manish batta (1 month ago)
Premature ejaculation this make them laugh
S B (2 months ago)
whats funny i dont get it
Dennis213100 (3 months ago)
Can we just globally agree this interviewer is fucking hot as fuck
Haitham Bader (3 months ago)
I dont get it ?
Fort Univ (4 months ago)
Caruana is looking cute while smiling.
Limit3d Infinity (5 months ago)
When does he say premature attackulation? I don't get it
bluewhale18 (5 months ago)
She asked for Say it..
Kaisar Anvar (6 months ago)
SO HAPPY to see TOP grandmasters having fun, showing human side.
Izzy Jeter (9 months ago)
Its not funny i seriously suffer from this
Uchiha Madara (10 months ago)
when topalov started laughing I fucking LOST IT
Saleh Almousawi (10 months ago)
Who came up with that term?
geometric art (10 months ago)
You got to understand how unfunny chess really is the think this is funny
Alo Knight (10 months ago)
Wow, chess players 😂
finfelagund (10 months ago)
So the word "premature" is going to be another You-know-what word that nobody dare say aloud.
Marklion Janecek (10 months ago)
Great fun! :D Caru is such a likeable guy, much more than Magnus for example. I hope Caru will beat him in November.
Christian Asmussen (10 months ago)
Hahaha, more! haha
jonah levi? (10 months ago)
i cant stop laughing not even joking
Killian Defaoite (10 months ago)
The funny side of serious chess
Dr. Drake Ramoray (10 months ago)
this is probably the nerdiest thing ive seen in my life
anon ymous (10 months ago)
nah, i don't watch dumb shows
Dr. Drake Ramoray (10 months ago)
seems like you havent watched "friends" tv show
anon ymous (10 months ago)
says the guy named Dr. Drake with a picture of a doctor as his avatar
mohit verma (10 months ago)
Is attaculation is a word or misspelled articulation??
alfa-psi (4 months ago)
It is now.
mohit verma (5 months ago)
JacoBone (10 months ago)
mohit verma it's a play on "premature ejaculation"
whithaw (10 months ago)
This is just too funny. Caruana can't get it out of his mind.
Storm Shadow (1 year ago)
I think this is how chess GMs joke about in their homes like you know "he missed mate in 10 and it was funny "
kantamneni vidyadhar (1 year ago)
Alejandro m (1 year ago)
She is so pretty
manish batta (1 month ago)
Ghanta bc
alfa-psi (4 months ago)
So ?
Yakir Dorani (1 year ago)
Name of girl?
Ashmik Harinkhede (1 year ago)
Yakir Dorani IM Tania Sachdev
asdfasd (1 year ago)
I don't get it. Help.
Faa Rian (1 year ago)
premature ejaculation
Averagebum Bum (1 year ago)
fugiapple96 (1 year ago)
1:00 How did he equalize so easily? "Premature Counter-Attackulation"
Averagebum Bum (1 year ago)
fugiapple96 Hahahahhaa...
it's Daniel Rensch who came up with this term haha!
AhPhoey (1 year ago)
Fun stuff.
Ez Suspect (2 years ago)
if he would just say it wouldn't be as funny. this was; the laughing is contagious! thanks for uploading
sghulten (2 years ago)
So funny! (not a pun)
KARTIKEYA007 (2 years ago)
How idiotic. That's why i like carlsen more than these people.
joyfulvulture (10 months ago)
shut up fucking moron
Mimerafm (10 months ago)
The only person with no brain who is making a mockery out of himself here is you. How would you think Magnus would react if you called Fabi, one of his best friends, an idiot?
Santiago Morales (10 months ago)
I've never read someone that idiotic. Stop mentally masturbating about "the brain" of other people...
Gino Giotto (10 months ago)
+ItsMandi Exactly, people like them have no reason not to laugh when they want to. Moreover, no one in the world thinks that seriousness is synonymous with class, the class is measured in another way. Who does not laugh is simply sad, nothing else to say.
ItsMahdi (10 months ago)
Deepak Nanda played against him in a 50 people simul back in 2014 and i remember vividly he was laughing with a friend of his. You could also watch his livestreams, he makes alot of jokes. Or even so, instead of being such a jerk, you could also see his blind simul, he made a joke and he laughed on his own while all the 200+ spectators didnt smile. Stop making shit up.
Reflection Ofpower (1 year ago)
1:08 she says,"F" that question." Super hot.
alfa-psi (4 months ago)
All of you considering this hot do so because the girl is pretty and because you have primitive minds. If she were overweight with pimples on her face and greasy hair you would say something much different. So be sincere and cut to the chase: you would dream to fuck her while she's screaming dirty words at you and you are viewing this video locked in your bathroom with the pants down and just one hand free.
zeranzeran (7 months ago)
Manoj Kumar you a bitch. Women can do and say what they want. They are not beneath you. Deal with it.
zeranzeran (7 months ago)
Dimitri you a bitch. Women can do what they want.
Arpeggio (10 months ago)
Beats by Clover (10 months ago)
Lars Erik Brobakken (2 years ago)
This comes from a comment made in the ChessTV chat during the final tiebreaks between Nakamura and Anton. GM Simon Williams was suggesting that Anton play h4 or g4, which was met with criticism from NM Nick Matta, calling it "premature attackulation".
mttrk (2 years ago)
these interviews were done during the tournament (before those final tiebreaks)
akawojo (2 years ago)
premature attackulation, not so funny in itself, but topalov makes me laugh so hard!! :D :D
sagar thakor (2 years ago)
which game he is referring to?
Sayan445 (2 years ago)
Caruana vs Nakamura. Round 9.

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