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Giving checkmate is always fun | Judit Polgar

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From a young age, Judit Polgár’s parents wanted her to be a genius. They got their wish. By age 7, she was playing chess against 15 opponents simultaneously — and beating them all. At age 12, she won the gold medal for Hungary as part of the women’s team at the Chess Olympiad. Regarded as the strongest female chess player in history, Polgár shares her dream to see chess taught in every elementary school worldwide. TEDArchive presents previously unpublished talks from TED conferences. Enjoy this unedited talk by Judit Polgár. Filmed at TED in 2016.
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Text Comments (474)
Clevert Bacchas (5 days ago)
I met Judit in 2010 in Khanty Mansisk. She’s humble, pleasant and very friendly, a feature that’s very uncharacteristic of male Grandmasters except Vishy Anand. I have pleasure of taking a picture with her.
Christopher Aguilera (8 days ago)
Awesome player, rooting her own horn slot, cringy the lack of humility here.
Blueberry (18 days ago)
Just saying the reason there are more men in chess is because more men play the game. If as many ladies where encouraged to play it - or if more took the interest in playing i believe there would be an equal footing with men and we wouldn't needs seapearte competive fields. A hundred years ago male dominance was almost absoulte in the majoirty of fields - over the past few decades the loosing of these constraints has seen the rise of extremely talented women. Please can we loosen these constraints more and encourage more women to pursue these roles - they are awesome!
Emsnews Supkis (13 days ago)
Nope. I am a female and I figured out way back when I was 16 years old that boys (this is in 1964) suddenly surged ahead of me in playing chess. It was a bitter moment in my life. Still love chess, just depressed I was so...distracted? Couldn't beat boys like when I was a young girl.
MaximilianAlex (25 days ago)
Male dominated, but shoulnt be divided
Atikul Haque (30 days ago)
সাতটি বছর হয়েছে গত ------------------------------------------------------ (গীতিকবিতা) Dedicated to:- Honourable JUDIT POLGAR ------------------------------------------------------ ঠিকানাবিহীন এক পাখির মত; ভাসছি দিগন্তে আমি অবিরত..... সাথীহারা বেদনার রক্তিম ক্ষত বুকে নিয়ে; ভাসছি আমি অবিরত!! (২) নিশীথের আহ্বানে; কত পাখি ফেরে নীড়ে! পারাপার শেষ হ'লে; মাঝি ফিরে আসে তীরে। (২) আমার তো কেউ নেই...... এ দুঃখের নেই খেই........ নেই সুখ; আছে শুধু ধুধুময় মরু শত!! ঠিকানাবিহীন এক নদীর মত হয়ে আশাহীন ভাষা নিয়ে; ঢেউরাশি যায় বয়ে............ জীবনের মোহনায়; প্রশান্তি গেছে ক্ষয়ে!! আমি যেন সেই ফুল; ঝরার আগেই যে বহুবার ঝরে গেছে; বিরহের শিখা মাঝে! (২) যে শিখার দহনে; বিধিলিপি লিখনে যাতনায় সাতটি বছর হয়েছে গত!! ------------------------------------------------------ 24TH JANUARY 2019. KUSHTIA, BANGLADESH. 8801715853089
David Borger (1 month ago)
10:20 Tfw you forget the opening you just prepared on move 6
Mr S (2 months ago)
go back to the kitchen, there it is where you belong. you cant beat the top 10 chess grandmasters in the world. women are simply to dumb. Magnus will eat her for lunch, no match for him or anand, ivanchuk, kramnik etc..
Ronbo710 (2 months ago)
In her hay day should could vanquish the best. Her youth only added to my pleasure of watching her opponents defeats :).
zoltan zolcer (3 months ago)
Judit egy nagyszeru ember. Gratulalok az apukajanak ehhez Polgar Lacibacsinak is. Bizonyitotta az igazat!!
Luis Gonzalez (3 months ago)
So she is a genius because she can play chess?
GP (3 months ago)
The greatest she was, the greatest she is and the greatest she ever would be - Greatest of all time
Patidar Institute (4 months ago)
I watched her one of game against Wishwanath Anand , she had brilliant moves and finally Anand resigned. Judit Polgar is really good example for women to dominate chess with male opponents.
Jessica Twinky (4 months ago)
when i heard polgar sister history song horror story for me but she look enjoy it , the whole discipline ...
Laurence Pinney (5 months ago)
I've been out of the scene for awhile (I retired with an Elo 2000 rating twenty years ago), but I seem to remember she _did_ play Kasparov, and did, indeed, beat him. Once. Out of eleven, that I know of. I believe she drew with him once as well, with is pretty remarkable, being Kasparov was the highest rated player in history at the time. I admire Judit Polgár immensely, and have great respect for her skills, but it seems she's injecting Feminism here, and is acting like she mopped the floor with one of history's greatest Grandmasters. She most decidedly did not do that. She did what one would expect to do against a player with a similar difference in rank would do. Lost nine, won one, and drew one. I played against a US Master (Elo 2300) and the results were basically the same. I was not playing at my peek. I was trying to slaughter him quickly, and resigned when I thought a win would take too much effort. I won one, lost eight, and drew one. She lost nine, but her opponent was Gary Kasparov! Pretty remarkable, but it was her skill that did it, not her vagina, and I wish women would just be equal, and stop thinking their vagina makes them superior.
patrick kever (5 months ago)
nice lady
brain power (5 months ago)
Lovely smart lady .
Parameswaran Narayanan (5 months ago)
Chess has more combinations than atoms in the universe.... seriously???
Drew E (2 months ago)
319 billion options in the first 4 moves, most are non-sensical. More possible combinations than atoms estimated in the *Observable Universe* /Milky Way Galaxy (not the unknown Universe). Far greater than Shannons number in an 80+ move game. You have a great chance to play a position in chess that's never been played in the history of the game every time you go up to play a game. If you learn the theory the chances increase in repeating games ever played.
T L (2 months ago)
But every move you make would narrow it down significantly I'm guessing... so the first 5-10 moves is when you're just developing your pieces usually. Then you start the battle. At this point there should be way less combinations. And most of the combinations are probably shitty moves too
Chess Mastery (4 months ago)
Yes, https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shannon_number
Parameswaran Narayanan (5 months ago)
We don't even know the extent of the universe
seetharaman kalyan (5 months ago)
What a girl ! She and her two sisters never went to school, were home schooled by their parents. Learnt chess and challenged the men and beat most of them. She remained a top 10 player for many times and was always a respected and feared grandmaster.
VampireDucks (5 months ago)
"Especially to a - " - what? A dunce? At 2:45
TheOldHacker (5 months ago)
Judit certainly doesn't suffer from a false sense of modesty! But then she has much to be proud of. It must be especially satisfying for a Hungarian to become pre-eminent in a sport dominated for so long by the hated Russians.
Ken Sandale (6 months ago)
She was the best fat chess player ever.
Ken Sandale (6 months ago)
She laughs at Fischer or whoever for saying she would be the top woman player but never the top real player. But they were right!!!! She was the top woman, but not the top player ever. How can someone that stupid be a great chess player? Idiot savant?
Yvan Giovanetti (6 months ago)
Sacrifying both bishops was very nasty ^^
Erwin Panganiban (7 months ago)
Is having a women's division in chess sport means, male's are in general dominant in using their mind compared to women?
Rahul Jadli (8 months ago)
over confidnce
Martono Aja (8 months ago)
She is Pretty and smart I think...
Arpad Szekeres (8 months ago)
Judit the last game i played was 2 days ago ,the chalanger was mephisto the 85 world champion between computers i gave 1 free horse and beat mephisto 6-1 that is six players of mine and 1 player his king at the matt ,at this time i calculated only 2 moves ahead
cptnoremac (7 months ago)
Judit isn't reading your comment.
drutgat2 (9 months ago)
I think that Judit is great, and I agree that Chess should be introduced to all schools. It has been shown that young people are more successful (financially, and in relationships) later in life if they have studied music and/or played sports, at school, and I believe that chess can be added to the list of life-enriching experiences that can help human beings.
Mare T (9 months ago)
15 min of bragging
Игорь Квинт (9 months ago)
Do anybody know, where to buy chess like that? 13:00
Tupurani Krishna (10 months ago)
Amazing person. Really great.
kyle smith (11 months ago)
Bet I could beat her in chess...
Colin Java (1 year ago)
Her win against short was really cool, but she is bragging a bit.
himanshu sood (1 year ago)
Awesome simply!
MishaZip (1 year ago)
This is a fucking travesty. Woman good at combinations that creates basically nothing is called genius.
Ashutosh Pathak (1 year ago)
Technically her statement is not correct. According to the Shannon Number there are around 10^120 number of possible moves in chess, while only 10^80 number of atoms in the "observable" universe. Further, not all moves are legal and even fewer are sensible (as in playing to win wise) and due to these constraint, there are only 10^40 to 10^50 real moves in a game of two rational competitive chess players which is far less than the number of atoms even in the observable universe, what to speak of no of atoms in entire expanding universe ! :) And we can see a grand master resigns, further reducing the number of moves, unlike noob who keeps playing :D The noob could move his bishop when he got check as an extra step, then she would kill it with rook fetching us another extra step, then he would move king and then she'd mate but these are ridiculous moves :D https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shannon_number
EarthSurferUSA (1 year ago)
Bobby Fischer could have given a knight to 99.999% of all chess players in the world, and beaten all of them. I am tired of sharp women, playing the sexist card. It is much more effective to beat the men, than to complain about them. If the world of chess does not allow you to try, in this mental game where brawn is nothing, than don't blame the men playing the game, but the organization itself. Call the organization "cowards". With a mental game, I don't believe in a separation of the sexes, and I don't think a man should be ashamed of being beaten by a woman, just because she plays better mental game. The best, should always be honored---with anything.
Seth Jordan (4 months ago)
It was also suspected that Bobby Fischer had Asperger's Syndrome to.
D D (11 months ago)
Bobby Fischer actually teached her some stuff when he stayed in the Polgar's househood.
Gábor Kovacsics (1 year ago)
Giving checkmate is always fun ... as long you give checkmate....
Emre Geylani (1 year ago)
another biography instead of TED talk
Alejandra Velasco (1 year ago)
I love her
mediaguardian (1 year ago)
In spite of her achievements, she could use a little modesty and humility.
Sup (1 year ago)
Gg and all but this speech is just repulsive
Erkin (1 year ago)
I gave my 9 min of this, what a waste of time
jay patel (1 year ago)
How about vedio of Viswanathan Anand if ted can ...
pwner5012 (1 year ago)
Holy cow, I thought I was the only one who wanted chess to be taught at schools! :O
Phase2face (1 year ago)
For me, she lost a lot of credibility in the very beginning, when she proclaimed that she knows the number of the atoms in the Universe. Chess are contained to 64 squares. The universe has no boundaries. I can make a claim that there are more Galactics in the Universe, than possible combinations in chess, and that makes more sense.
Ryan Hough (1 year ago)
I suggest you look up Shannons number and then go and look at number of atoms in the viewable universe and come back to your idea.
Peterplayingguitar (1 year ago)
AGEMO (1 year ago)
The title at 2:37
Alexander Kurz (1 year ago)
She played some of the most beautiful games in the history of chess, games that are still a pleasure to study today ... the video gives a glimpse at the player behind these masterpieces
tgame 9 (1 year ago)
shes awesome
CoZm085 (1 year ago)
Her entire thing here is about facing and beating a man. Her focus is wrong. It needs to be on being the best. Then maybe she’ll have a shot at being a world chess champion. Her speech here explains why she’ll never get there and why Magnus crushes her on the regular. This battle of the sexes shit is annoying.
cptnoremac (7 months ago)
I'd say a stronger piece of evidence that she'll never be world champion is that she's retired now.
BigBlack (1 year ago)
CoZm085 I agree with you completely, but what's more sad is that women are the ones constantly bringing this shit up
Magister Ludi (1 year ago)
Would smash
Jason Tong (1 year ago)
Hey guys! This amazing Chess player Judit Polgar uses GodMode to think smarter to achieve victory! GodMode can be found here at https://bosslevellabs.com
Kym RAdelaide (1 year ago)
A very good player, best woman. Also she is a TRAITOR to women in that she supported the women's world chess championship in Iran which REQUIRED players to wear a hijab etc. FIDE and Judit should NEVER have given the event to Iran. http://time.com/4514309/female-chess-players-are-furious-they-will-have-to-wear-hijab-to-play-in-iran/
douglas nunes (1 year ago)
She made what no one had even imagined possible in that age, she is amazing!!
eLem3nT (1 year ago)
Her hands are so beautiful, i wonder if she will give me a handjob if I beat her at chess???
Giang Hoang Truong (1 year ago)
TG: 21:59 PM Ngày: 20/9/2017, Tháng 9 Judit Polgar Giving checkmate is always fun
wl357 (1 year ago)
I think any young lady who comes across this video will take something very important with them.
TheOriginalMoc (1 year ago)
now this is a true female role model who actually uses her brain instead of spreading her legs.
NE RA (1 month ago)
Oh my dear. Spreading legs it s the most beautiful thing on earth. And licking. And sucking and touching. We women love sex. We are born bio genetically with so much more sex power than males. But not at work, you asshole. People who try to achieve something with every possible way, includind the unfair ways, are bastards. Not female not male, but very bastard person. Cause even so much males are really big spreaded prostitutes when it comes to career or other thing that them want badly. Sorry for my lame english. But my logic it s on point. Do not try to make up things with 'left handed' pretty sentences.
otty rups (1 year ago)
StopFear (1 year ago)
I don't like checkmating my opponents because I feel bad for them.
Uddipta Kakati (2 months ago)
+cptnoremac lol
cptnoremac (7 months ago)
Do you prefer to play for a stalemate?
Tobin Zerby (1 year ago)
All she is doing is bragging lol
Judit Nagy (26 days ago)
Tobin Zerby funny, if this would be an America it would be pride and courage, not bragging.
Mr. Spock (1 month ago)
Kasparov did it much worse in his TED talk. He just wanted to defend to everyone his own ego about losing to IBM computer, and came under a very useful premiss: "don't fear machines, work with them" as if it would be useful to people somehow. I've seeing a lot of TED's talks and about a half of the presenters have this same objective. Teach us about their lives and achievements, specially trying to feel good about something in their past much more than having a solid point and really teaching us something good . But at least for me Judit has her point about woman in chess that I consider totally relevant. I can see this video easily serving as an inspiration to a lot of woman, which is the kind of point that I think is the reason of the show
Alejandro Delcojo (7 months ago)
Tobin Zerby when you have her achievements you can brag as she is doing
Mathew Bateman (1 year ago)
Practice, perseverance and passion! The 3 P's too successfully achieving your own personal goals, objectives or tasks. This was a brilliant story and a perfect example of how ones determination can overcome any obstacle in life...
Aidid Rashed Efat (1 year ago)
Judit Polgar is one of the best chess players in the history.
Emsnews Supkis (13 days ago)
Not even close.
medexamtoolsdotcom (1 year ago)
Oh my god, she sure hit the wall hard. That's so unfortunate. Well, she's still smart, but she was so pretty before too.
Mirajul Islam (1 year ago)
she is a hen!!!
guidoheuts (1 year ago)
Sorry Judit, I've got huge respect for you, but when you say that there are more combinations in chess then atoms in the universe, you lose me. Not that i don't want to believe you, but no human being knows all there is to know about the universe and it's mysteries.
Whatever You (1 month ago)
guidoheuts THAN*
Xaind Sleena (2 months ago)
+guidoheuts when you talk with emotional base, the infinite and the chaos exist, but when you think with reason base, the forms and orden appears ;-)
Crazy Crab (3 months ago)
+alfa-psi it's = it is. Statement was correct.
alfa-psi (4 months ago)
ITS, not IT'S
Bob Van Boekel (11 months ago)
It’s not about the truthiness it’s about the message, which is clear and sharp.
John Brown (1 year ago)
The man a look some pussy from Miss Polgar!
John Brown (1 year ago)
Who so ever dislike this video is gay.
Kim A (1 year ago)
If she and Kasparov have a kid together, that would be an awesome progeny :)
loosepieces (1 year ago)
dat smothered mate reference. like if you understand.
MrAbrazildo (1 year ago)
What a ridiculous thing to be applauded for "beating them all simultaneously": if they are weak, this means nothing.
Johnny McMenamin (1 year ago)
MrAbrazildo - This is quite a feat for a 7 year old.
Jordan Couch (1 year ago)
Thanks very much for this video!
Santosh Mishra (1 year ago)
truly inspiring
scarypotter777 (1 year ago)
So sick
Mike Beta (1 year ago)
lovely woman .....have polgar played against yifan hou
Holy Shit (1 year ago)
She speaks clearly.,
Giorgosm14081948 (1 year ago)
"IRON CURTAIN". May I ask who saved your society from NYILASKERESZT, as well as from the scourge of three million beggars?
Erik Markus (1 year ago)
her games are more of an inspiration to anyone playing chess than dozens of super GMs playing "solid lines" and "correct moves". playing on the highest level and still is FUN to watch! oh and btw... kasparov DID touch that knight of course! :P
john karford (1 year ago)
typical Jew talk. so egotistical
jesus frybread (13 days ago)
Typical douchebag talk, so predictable.
TheKnightBlade4 (1 year ago)
Nóra Bánfi cry more idiot
Nóra Bánfi (1 year ago)
john karford Take your Nazi ass away from hear!!! Facist fucktard
V. vBruchem (1 year ago)
Just like beating Alexander Onisjuk at Fontys 1997, right? That was a quick win! ;-)
Chris R (1 year ago)
more combinations than atoms in the universe??? seriously?...
cptnoremac (7 months ago)
There are not infinitely many chess games. If you go 50 moves without a pawn advance, the game ends, and eventually the pawns will run out of squares.
Wyndham K Bostian (8 months ago)
She likely means the observal universe which is not infinite. Even is space is infinite, there IS a finite number of atoms in the known and unknown universe.
Ashutosh Pathak (1 year ago)
Technically her statement is not correct. According to the Shannon Number there are around 10^120 number of possible moves in chess, while only 10^80 number of atoms in the "observable" universe. Further, not all moves are legal and even fewer are sensible (as in playing to win wise) and due to these constraint, there are only 10^40 to 10^50 real moves in a game of two rational competitive chess players which is far less than the number of atoms even in the observable universe, what to speak of no of atoms in entire expanding universe ! The it is still comfortably more than number of stars (roughly 10^22). https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shannon_number
lucax tshotting (1 year ago)
thats a thing thoguht right? "a 40 move chess game has more variants than atoms in the universe" I was looking for it when i heard it in a movie i believe but i dont quite remember if i got to check it true or false xd
Barbi Bimbo (1 year ago)
I realize that English is not her native language, but I really have to say that for a Ted-Talk, this is a weak presentation.
cptnoremac (7 months ago)
So you're saying nobody can criticize something unless they've done better? But then if they were the best at it and criticized someone worse than them, you'd say they're an asshole for picking on someone less skilled than them. So really you're saying nobody should ever criticize anyone and everyone's great so shut up and only give praise all the time. Typical hippie liberal faggot.
Dark Voice (8 months ago)
You dont really need to give Ted Talk to know the quality. Stating its weak isnt something rude like for example "her presentation sucked" etc.
miming master (1 year ago)
Tbf, Fischer could give an extra knight to any man and still beat them at the time he said that
IIPhoenixMTA (1 year ago)
Agains Tal? Keep dreaming.
Hal Effect (1 year ago)
Fisher is so far above the rest, unless you are in the top 40 players in the world he will beat you in the blink of an eye. and even now (more egalitarian times I would say) there are only 2 women in the top 100 chess players in the world. Those two women in the 50s would have been like children to Fisher,
Jeff Sol (1 year ago)
there were three females from Russia that took him up at the offer and he never responded.
Barbi Bimbo (1 year ago)
Absolutely correct.
Dieter Rooke (1 year ago)
Shi ankau parolas Esperanton!
Dan Lundqvist (1 year ago)
Very nice video
Lolu Oresegun (1 year ago)
Smothered mate... Qg8+ Rxg8 Nf7#
David Elliott Claveau (1 year ago)
When you are the 1st everybody want your head in a table.
David Elliott Claveau (1 year ago)
EhmeedRls (1 year ago)
what the fuck..she just came to brag about what she did... I am not saying she is not genius, but still...
Emanuele Buonamici (1 year ago)
but it's statistically proved that women are generally worse at the game than men. She's just one of the rare exeptions that confirm the trend. And, beyond it, I've still haven't read of really important female matches on books, and when actually she beat Carlsen as you say? So let's mantain gender rights and chess separated.
BigBlack (1 year ago)
Thiago so nothing special, just beating other really good players because she herself is really good, nothing inspirational there
Thiago da Silva (1 year ago)
She came to inspire millions of women to work as hard as men to achieve their dreams. People have thought for the longest time that women could never come CLOSE to the level of male grandmasters, on a biological level. Then she comes and proves that's bullshit by refusing to play at women's only tournaments, beats the likes of Magnus Carlsen, Garry Kasparov, Vladimir Kramnik, Boris Spassky, and peaks at rank #8 in the world, when people thought no one women could reach the top 200.
Eli Smirnov (1 year ago)
yeah, such strong independent woman. especially in 2000 when Morozevich (Сашка Морозевич, ваще красавец) put something big and mighty between her cheeks aka big black rook on g5. and let's not forget 2012, when chauvinistic viking very disrespectfully annihilates that fat jewsh mistake of nature (of course it's not true, Judit is beautiful, kind and just nice person). well that's because woman are not in power, not because men chess players are superior, of course not (sarcasm).
Babylon Gate (1 year ago)
so apparently she didn't have enough perseverance as much as Carlsen.
Morgan Mbulwe (1 year ago)
it doesn't make sense she's supposed to be mentally disturbed
MrAbrazildo (1 year ago)
Who da fuck said that?! o-0
Excelsior Books (1 year ago)
She remembers one specific game. She's amazing.
Excelsior Books (1 year ago)
Wow. I'm glad she did this talk. I've been curious about her for a while.
Jasper K (1 year ago)
Tell me, what is the reason that chess has male and female divisions anyway?? What is the point, when there is nothing physical about the game, only brain-power is involved. So why would you keep men and women players separate in the first place?
Emsnews Supkis (12 days ago)
+jesus frybread Women have had many years to prove they are as good a player as men and so far, only a very, very tiny handful have been able to show this. It is too simple: win games as often as the top male players. But nope, it just doesn't happen hardly at all.
jesus frybread (13 days ago)
Such an enlightened and well thought out retort.
Emsnews Supkis (13 days ago)
+jesus frybread That is ridiculous.
Tiny Tim (1 month ago)
It's because it needs to seem equal if they didn't keep them separate there would be no girl world champion ever and very little female titled players but if you give them titles like woman's world champion and wgm and wfm and wim than they can feel special and good at chess even though the requirements to get those titles make them mean almost nothing
NE RA (1 month ago)
+Freudian Slippers That s exactly what i think about all those aggressive ignorant idiots in the comments, who play chess like an old granpa, but do "bla bla" like a prodigy.
Dominic Williams (1 year ago)
Like she's ever gonna beat Magnus lol dumb bitch
Pvsmuntje (2 years ago)
This is basically just bragging.
pulykamell (2 months ago)
+chesshooligan 1 She was famous back in the day for being a prodigy. I remember hearing about the Polgar sisters back in 1988/89 not because they were girls playing chess (though that is one angle, but not the most important one to me), but because they were a family of children playing at IM and (soon) GM level. (Also, there was the side story of her father basically raising chess prodigies, believing geniuses were made, not born.) Remember, Judit Polgar at the time became the youngest grandmaster in the history of the game, beating Bobby Fischer by one month! I mean, how friggin' cool is that?!? If you were into chess as I was at the time, that was news. That's what was so exciting about her, at least to me. This was somebody my age earning a grandmaster ranking. That was inconceivable to me. I didn't care if it was a boy or girl, it was amazing. I admit, tenth grade me may have had a slight crush on her. :) She's always been an inspiration for me and countless others. If I could only be as focused and hard-working as her.
Mr. J_Krr_ (3 months ago)
Because she is showing the stairs she took to the flat. She did good and hard work. This is her price. And medals are meant to showed, inspirations are meant to be spread and dump people like you should hide themselves thinking all the best things in the world are "bragging".
Meat to please you (5 months ago)
Youre damn right shes bragging. She deserved it
Parameswaran Narayanan (5 months ago)
Kenneth Ragpala but if she hadn't she would have drawn admiration
Brian Cho (2 years ago)
If you ever go over some of her more well known games she presses really hard and really aggressively sometimes conjuring up new ideas as she attacks she is one of the more interesting chess players I have ever seen.
Emanuele Buonamici (1 year ago)
Fred Bloggs (2 years ago)
*Judit has put quite a bit of weight on - I remember when she was a slim and beautiful young woman*
Amica Akawara (8 months ago)
Tbh Nobody cares. She is still a beautiful Woman.
Fred Bloggs okay.

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