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Day[9] vs. Joe Manganiello | Magic: The Gathering: Spellslingers | Season 5, Episode 4

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Join Sean “Day[9]” Plott as he plays Magic: The Gathering with actor and creator of Death Saves, Joe Manganiello in the latest episode of Spellslingers! Welcome to Spellslingers, a show based on the phenomenally popular card game, Magic: The Gathering. Presented by Sean Plott of Day9TV, prepare to experience fun-filled, fast-talking and adrenaline-paced battles that highlight the latest MTG cards. Learn more about the Guilds of Ravnica: https://magic.wizards.com/en/products/guilds-ravnica Check out Death Saves: https://death-saves.com/ Visit us on http://geekandsundry.com Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: http://goo.gl/B62jl Join our community at: http://geekandsundry.com/community Twitter: http://twitter.com/geekandsundry Facebook: http://facebook.com/geekandsundry Instagram: http://instagram.com/geekandsundry #MTG #Ravnica #DeathSaves
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Text Comments (890)
Chase TheGinger (14 hours ago)
Deafening Clarion hits ALL creatures, right? Including his own?
Witch King (1 day ago)
Dark crystal sucks boy LOTR for life
Witch King (1 day ago)
RajunCajun34 (7 days ago)
This is for all the bitches who talk shit about nerds but want Joe to put it in their butt.
Tony Sun (18 days ago)
Day9 and idra spellslinger
Soloman Moore (19 days ago)
I wanna play Magic: The Gathering with Day 9 so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Manlio Cipullo (20 days ago)
with clarion you cannot do both, you have to chose one, that's cheating...
tayshwn jackson (21 days ago)
i remember this guy on true blood
jsum33 (22 days ago)
Unfair. No one should be that cool and handsome.
hi00118 (23 days ago)
Don’t trust Arkhan, he’s evil!!
Ivan Hagström (23 days ago)
I saw that Dark Crystal reference!
Joshua Cwynar (24 days ago)
Don’t feel bad. You got beat by Deathstroke
Wojciech Kacprzak (24 days ago)
why no protectors?
Gab DumBeau (25 days ago)
Coulson Lives!!! (25 days ago)
Which Death Saves shirt is Joe wearing
Noah (30 days ago)
"We did it America!" "Well then, you will have to be punished."
Waywerd Saint (1 month ago)
Joe smashes the secret nerd cred test by immediately identifying the skeksis hmmm-mmm.
jack wolf (1 month ago)
why do they play with the decks unsleeved?
Mr.Science (9 days ago)
It's not a competitive event, it's just two people having a friendly game.
Mor Shadi (1 month ago)
I need Joe to be my new BFF
Benitez Art (1 month ago)
deal 3 damage to each creature OR your creatures get life link....... ORRRRRRR Day9 you cheating bastard.
crisis8v88 (1 month ago)
Sean's charisma and energy makes these a joy to watch.
Jeffrey Magtibay (1 month ago)
This game is awesome!
Krombopulous Michael (1 month ago)
"I understand you've done some preps. You're the only guest who's done that ever." I guess Luis Scott Vargas kinda counts though, don't he?
Chris Jensen (1 month ago)
Ok I just found this series and started going through them and kept skipping this one But this guy was really cool.
Kootlet K (1 month ago)
I love this episode!
Necrotic Geist (1 month ago)
I want a nerd friend like Day[9]
RealTrentertainment (1 month ago)
This show has caused me to fall down the mtg rabbit hole. I have now sunk all my money into cards and am now broke. I curse you, Day9 and Geek & Sundry!
bgik12 (1 month ago)
11:54 The best feeling you will ever get in Magic The Gathering, "Oh, are you done explaining what your awesome big thing does? Counter it!"
Tom McDermott (1 month ago)
Love the Death Saves designs, but damn are those products expensive as hell.
Gavin Kelsey (1 month ago)
Kaales Rex (1 month ago)
in golgari sometimes it's even good to chump-attack ... so if you have a creature that your opponent trades 2 creatures for... you attack ... and you also always attack be4 combat ... after all golgari is part green so you can have combat tricks... the worst that can happen is he takes damage ... the best... he loses 2 creatures and you have a creature more in your graveyard for the 2. main
James Denton (1 month ago)
Why kind of twisted psychopath doesn't sleeve up their deck?!
Mk Mnll (1 month ago)
How sexy is Manganiello at 2:53 while explaining nerdy stuff. Damn, so hot.
derpy 101 (1 month ago)
Austin J. Birch (1 month ago)
So Joe gets to be handsome, famous, date Sophia Vergara, play magic, and enjoy the dark crystal? I feel like he’s living my best life.
Cameron Ramsay (1 month ago)
is that chuck mangione?
The Modest Musician (1 month ago)
Day[9] would make an AWESOME voice actor!
Barron Holmes (1 month ago)
That was pretty cool. I just started thinking about MTG because of a few friends, I was thinking of building black and green or black and white but if I can get a deck like that one I think I will have some fun.
Juan sebastian (1 month ago)
Chris McLeod (1 month ago)
That was fantastic stuff gents!
Justin Choo TC (1 month ago)
I don't know how to fanboy to this. Always loved him in HIMYM, then he went to do magic mike now this? GOD
Hans Hertzman (1 month ago)
I am going to like... unless I cheat!!
Jaxtor1 (2 months ago)
Loved this episode!
Blink (2 months ago)
from magic mike to mtg I like it
Michael Barnes (2 months ago)
Day[9] cheating lol
Jake Dunnegan (2 months ago)
best line of the show: "Amortizing my shame..." ;)
thomas oneil (2 months ago)
Sean when did he start this?
Bernardo rosa (2 months ago)
“See those brecks over ther on the right? See those BRECKS?”
Tyler Lucas (2 months ago)
Death Saves clothing is kinda cool, but I'm not paying $40 for a t-shirt!
glenn mounts (2 months ago)
No card protection
Mike's Daily Gaming (2 months ago)
His name was Brad in something, someone please tell me what it was
Joshua Sweetvale (2 months ago)
Joe is like Day9 but 75% less math and 75% cooler.
Stuart Reed (2 months ago)
zackymas2000 (2 months ago)
I love how connected they were! Love this!
Timmy the Sorcerer (2 months ago)
Love that you guys play sleeveless ✌️
Travis Simpson (2 months ago)
wait, the lurcher was exiled and you cant pull it from graveyard with find...
Jim Redtalon (2 months ago)
I miss my old deck from the nineties. It was a built around the fodder Canon and it was a blast.
MrTime2Spare (2 months ago)
Soooooo. Joe went to my highschool and Day9 is my favorite Starcraft player of all time...... this episode is amazing.
kronosmorpheus1234 (2 months ago)
Odd question. Could you post Decklists after? Because watching Spellslingers there have been several decks I gave wanted to try-because of Spellslingers, I might add- but alas! No decklists.
RYAN WALLS (2 months ago)
He looks like Andrew Lincoln
J Jaye (2 months ago)
When Day9 is talking with Joe Man, does he ever think that this is the guy keeping Sofia Vergara happy in life? I wouldn't be able to stop thinking about that.
alfredo zamora (2 months ago)
Golgari is badass. Anyone know the card list for the deck?
KageNoTenshi (2 months ago)
There was no reason to hold off an attack just because your opponent can block with two creatures and kill it, since you take cares of at least one of them and you get stronger as your graveyard gets bigger
tomtepaulchen1 (2 months ago)
Sean, love your show, love you... so much ...but this was extremely painful to watch! :-D
GreatfulGert (2 months ago)
Flash Thompson is still bullying nerds, I see.
Katalyzt (2 months ago)
Thumbs up because you guys know about, and can quote from 'The Dark Crystal' ;O) Katalyzt
Heaven Studios (2 months ago)
Joe should've swinged with the 1/1 on the 3rd turn and only play the Lurcher in the second main phase potentially dealing another free point of damage or getting 3 more cards in the graveyard making the Lurcher potentially stronger but WHO CARES. Episode was awesome!
alsween218 (2 months ago)
Man, I SO WISH that the graphic text for Assassin's Trophy was the ACTUAL flavor text of the card!😏
Blasphy B (2 months ago)
Rhoss Giller (2 months ago)
pulling assassin's trophy was some "believe in the heart of the cards" shit
Chris Allen (2 months ago)
Card games with deathstroke. Cool.
Ignazio Acerenza (2 months ago)
Have you guys licensed the game of thrones theme or is this just a ripoff? I don't want to dry your meat flaps, just #asking
D.W. Saurus (2 months ago)
sleeve your f***ing cards
Ariel Lotero (2 months ago)
Great episode. But it upsets me that their decks aren’t sleeved
dare devil (2 months ago)
I am a teenager, and I just started watching videos of magic. Never heard of it till now but just in this month I became a big fan of magic, I watch spellslinger, the command zone and other channels. I can't really play the game because nobody around me is attracted to this. Is there any way to play magic online with out spending a lot of money?
Hylebos75 (2 months ago)
Sure there is!!! Magic the Gathering Arena is available on pc now, you can download it at https://magic.wizards.com/en/mtgarena. It is in open beta for free and you never have to pay to play. I recommend doing the starting quests over the first week or so before you craft any cards, as you will get 15 free decks worth of cards when you do the daily quests. You will get about 5 decks to try the first few quests you do, then one more deck each day for 5 days. When you finish the last quest instead of getting one deck you will get the last 5 all at once. There is also an MTG Arena discord channel you can join where players talk 24/7 and you can get a lot of questions answered or deck building ideas and critiques. Good luck!
Zach Rider (2 months ago)
If he tutored the land, he could have dealt 6 with that 3 mana spell right?
Thomas Aktor (2 months ago)
OMG I love Day9. I mean how can you not love those reactions.
Kacey Caldwin (2 months ago)
Everyone gonna ingnpr the fact that this dude was in magic Mike
SIL3NTA55ASN666 (2 months ago)
“Nobody say a god damn thing they’re busy” I’m dying I haven’t been able to breathe for about 6 mins
Brandon Warman (2 months ago)
Dark Crystal is SO GOOD.......SO GOOD.
Sarah M (2 months ago)
Castra Atmoko (2 months ago)
so, when is day9 gnna have kibler in spellslingers
Alexander LeBlanc (2 months ago)
Not attacking in with the stitcher supplier and playing the rhizome lurcher on the second main was a potentially game losing punt
Adam Berry (2 months ago)
This is painful to watch. Joe seems cool but that host is such an insufferable lame-o weiner. “Unless you cheat! Derp derp derp.” “Sense of humor derp.”
Joseph Newman (2 months ago)
Is there a way to get the card lists for the decks? I haven't played in a while.
Cake (2 months ago)
love the idea, day9 is just so fucking hard to watch for me...
patric törnström (2 months ago)
NO SLEEVES???!!!???
Tyler Anderson (2 months ago)
Please have him back as a guest! One of the best episodes!
Daniel Lawton (2 months ago)
MAGIC Mike ....
Lauty Bend (2 months ago)
For ppl who are just meeting Joe for the first time, he is Sofia Vergara's husband
ludwig amadeus (2 months ago)
Joe is amazing and Day9 THREW THE GAME
Stuart Smith (3 months ago)
The number of games I've lost on arena cos I played the wrong land... it's upsetting.
George Gividen (3 months ago)
I can't watch Sean tap to the left anymore.
EmilyW (3 months ago)
as with any nerdy gamer franchise, they love their white dudes, white women, token black dude, and asian women. ignore the asian dudes lmao even tho they kick all ur asses and are the coolest chillest dudes to be around
Young Plinco (3 months ago)
always been super invested in streetwear and Joe is killing it with death saves, could have been super corny, but is absolutely fire. (well besides the paladin palace triferg)
till now (3 months ago)
Honestly seeing matthew mercer playing mtg on spell slingers would be epic
Barokai Rein (3 months ago)
Joe is one of those celebrities that I really like but I don't think I've seen him in any of the actual stuff he's famous for. He just doesn't show up in the kind of movies or shows I watch.
SirNewtonable (3 months ago)
Why does it have to be "Nerd" friends... I mean... please stop calling me a nerd just because i like to play MtG...
SheyD78 (3 months ago)
I feel a strange desire to buy a Lord Soth shirt....
Steve Keenan (3 months ago)
Al seed trophy ftw
pyrojobe (3 months ago)
Anyone know the music at 14 mins in?

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