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Famous Failures

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Inspiring video on persevering no matter how many times you have failed in life. This video mentions well known people who had failed, but kept pressing on until they became successful. Those People are: Michael Jordan After being cut from his high school basketball team, he went home locked himself in his room and cried. Albert Einstein He wasn't able to speak until he was almost 4 years old and his teachers said he would "never amount to much" Oprah Winfrey Was demoted from her job as a news anchor because she... "Wasn't fit for television." Walt Disney Fired from a newspaper for "lacking imagination" and "having no original ideas"... Lionel Messi At age 11 he was cut from his team after being diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency... which made him smaller in stature than most kids his age. Steve Jobs At 30 years old he was left devastated and depressed after being unceremoniously removed from the company he started. Eminem A High School dropout, whose personal struggles with drugs and poverty culminated in an unsuccessful suicide attempt... Thomas Edison A teacher told him he was... "Too stupid to learn anything" and that he should go into a field where he might succeed by virtue of his pleasant personality. The Beatles Rejected by Decca Recording studios, who said "we don't like their sound"... "They have no future in show business" Dr. Zeuss His First Book Was Rejected By 27 Publishers. Abraham Lincoln His Fiancé Died, Failed In Business, Had A Nervous Breakdown And Was Defeated In 8 Elections. Ending Quote "If you've Never Failed, You've Never Tried Anything New" http://youtu.be/zLYECIjmnQs
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Psk Dasanayake (3 days ago)
J. K Rowling and Agatha Christie should be on this list .
Thomas Myers (4 days ago)
Shoutout IBT
Wilah Bellin (5 days ago)
Me to!
This was honestly so inspiring and motivating Success doesn’t come without hard work And hard work doesn’t come out without success Now number 1 of my favourite vids 😭😭
omg this motivates me a lot
Alex Miazga (9 days ago)
0:16 *14 time all star
Rwdy Piper362 (10 days ago)
Who else saw this in school?
Brian Leah (11 days ago)
I watched this In my school assembly for some reason
BEAST SLAYER (12 days ago)
I saw this at school today
Banana Man (12 days ago)
heh, i'm a failure and nothing good has come out of it
Handa Kindani (14 days ago)
Add me there later in the future. I will sure fail
AliviaplayzRoblox (17 days ago)
1:21 is just sad
Pug (18 days ago)
0:30 Uhh... Einstein was Transgender? Didn't know that. Thanks video!
Jorden Evans (21 days ago)
this is shit
joseph clark (25 days ago)
Early failer is a sign of great sucess.
Buttin Muffin (27 days ago)
Ryder Harris (3 days ago)
you are about... 7 years late
Montrosesister12 (29 days ago)
Why do famous people think they can get away with raping people. Hitting them or treating people like shit? I mean do they not realize people love to see famous people get into trouble. You’re under a microscope as it is and when you screw up you go down even harder.
Skelly Arts (1 month ago)
Could you imagine being the studies who turned down the beetles after they became famous
Bungo Beats (1 month ago)
I enjoyed
Im good at failing
Stan ? (1 month ago)
Eminem tho 🔥
Okurrr Gurl93 (1 month ago)
When I was 6 yrs old I didn’t know how to speak english Nd a man laugh at how I spoke english Nd now I’m on a gt(gifted,talented) class Nd I now I know so much english . {People may tell you that you’re stupid or an idiot but prove them wrong } See u in 15 yrs ✌🏼🤗
Okurrr Gurl93 (1 month ago)
In Harvard!!! Dreams come true 💗💗
brightgreenleaves iv (1 month ago)
I just want the teachers/coaches or whatever to look back at this and suck ass
Tara Mazda (1 month ago)
this is so inspirational.
Justin Valmer (1 month ago)
What an inspiring video! 🙌
RyderHatt RydetHatt (1 month ago)
Watched this in school today
Meena Daberao (1 month ago)
When i was in 5th i failed in geog and now in 8th 9th and 10th the best paper in the class is mine mam always appreciates me In 8th my mam told me that i dont do the parade of NCC properly and in 9th my senior appreciated that the most nice parade is mine Whoever opposed me now appreciates me Thanks to god!
Brianna Malek (1 month ago)
They play this at my school assembles. I know all of them!
JReed1985 (1 month ago)
This should be shown to all the negative people who gave up on their dreams long ago.
Rohipop J (1 month ago)
Eminem is
serpent Empire (1 month ago)
I have failed my class and I am faileding on my new two class but this halps
jordan levin (1 month ago)
I saw this in school and now I am obsessed. We saw it because of someone that came in as an assembly . This is the guy that came in- Rohan Murphy he has a YouTube channel. He is amazing
jordan levin (1 month ago)
Please like
Abbey (1 month ago)
Always come back to this 💗 this inspires me so much . I will succeed and prove people /my old self wrong
JX Tian (1 month ago)
I'm surprised they did not mention Jack Ma (founder of Alibaba). When he applied for KFC, he got rejected and now he's an influential billionaire.
Akashdeep Singh (1 month ago)
What about RDJ?
red hood (2 months ago)
For some reason....steve jobs kinda reminds of simon Cowell
Crit. ical (2 months ago)
Who else saw this at school
HI BYE (2 months ago)
SpaceCows! (2 months ago)
I will be a famous failure because I've been through loads of fails in my life
TOP5CLUB (2 months ago)
Scythefan 30355 (2 months ago)
Just watched this yesterday
Natta D. Oo (2 months ago)
Who else saw this at school? 😂
Serenitee Raevyn (2 months ago)
I cried and my teacher showed us this video at school and I am also watching it at home right now showing my friends and family and I am sad and crying
angraj seebaruth (2 months ago)
How are those failures?
Saw this in school...
I saw this at my school
Russia (2 months ago)
Dr Seuss first time seeing him and I thought he was santa :>
BtsArmy me luv BTS (2 months ago)
Me and my class learned about the "dip" and my teacher showed us this. And I never knew about this stuff and I never knew that about what Eminem did! 😭😭🤧🤧🤧😭😭😭😭😭🤧🤧♥️💔♥️♥️💔💔
Milenys plaza (2 months ago)
Wtf is wrong with Thomas Edison’s teacher
help v (3 months ago)
i got scared from the music they used
help v (3 months ago)
watched it in school
Ava M (3 months ago)
Love Eminem
VIERA _1 (3 months ago)
After being rejected from art school, he went home and attempted suicide. - Adolf Hitler, leader of 3rd Reich
Slim Shady (3 months ago)
Eminem and messi❤️
nattynoi (3 months ago)
My class watched this and half of the class cried
Shahbaz Alam (3 months ago)
I got 4 backlog in first year engineering now time to clear in sem 2
Chxlls (3 months ago)
I just saw this at school lol.
Serge May (3 months ago)
I knew that Dr. Seuss was rejected by 27 publishers and everyone reads his books now he es so famous
killian 129 (3 months ago)
they probably all gave up and luck just gave walt disney millions of cartoon ideas
Kizzy Lolo (3 months ago)
I saw this commercial in school
Z Donaghie (3 months ago)
Me:sees the oprah one* hmm,ok Me:sees Walt Disney* NANI THE FUCK!?!?
*looxcie* (3 months ago)
Lucy Wang (3 months ago)
why would a teacher say he is stupid
fab tati msp (3 months ago)
Im here because I wanted to hear the Eminem one my school blocked it for some reason
TenZin choden2001 (3 months ago)
Thankyou so much. Gives me a hope.
Walt Disney lacking imagination?!
First Class Sports (3 months ago)
I LOVE these stories. Who doesn't like an underdog.
Lauren McGinty (3 months ago)
we watced this in school
Keth Zabala (4 months ago)
Tarokh ́s lego life (4 months ago)
AvocadoSauce (4 months ago)
did anyone else watch this at school?
Tevin Cremins (4 months ago)
Kamal Sarkar (4 months ago)
You guys are doing a great job of inspiring billions and billions across the globe. Thank You😄😄
Lotte Dornez (4 months ago)
Who is watching on school
Matty (4 months ago)
We were watching this at school and when eminem came up we were all like “um don’t you know teacher he’s one of the most controversial and inappropriate rappers lol”
MRAPS _ (4 months ago)
Eminem is legend
Evan The Great! ! (4 months ago)
I saw this at school
Oscar Gazzola (4 months ago)
He barely had a mother growing up and was sent to Florence at the age of 18 to work as an aprinteace Leonardo Da Vinci
Nomar Reyes (4 months ago)
PERKI (4 months ago)
Good Video
Ryan Productions (4 months ago)
Just remember. There is one person or more in this comment section that could change this world.
Bhasker Manandhar (4 months ago)
Why didn't y'all add Denzel Washington
brittney smith (4 months ago)
Just got rejected by my dream performing art college. I nearly didn’t apply because I knew I would get rejected. I don’t know what’s worse the fact that got rejected and now I know I wasn’t good enough or having the regret of not applying in the first place...
Random Kat 28 (4 months ago)
I watched this in school today
Rohan Sunny (5 months ago)
I was rejected in so many interviews... Still struggling to get a job...
Ankit Pandita (5 months ago)
Best one at 1:22
Devorah Friedlander (5 months ago)
That last sentence- chills!
StarryNights (5 months ago)
*F.A.I.L.* = *F* irst *A* ttempt *I* n *L* earning
CJXD360 YT (5 months ago)
failed austrian art student, guess who
Tyson cheigowoah (5 months ago)
2018 anybody
Charles Greer (5 months ago)
that's crazy, how these people failed, and how they grew up to be what they failed epically at.
Anna Clarahaja (5 months ago)
I watched this is skl and wow I shivered when I heard Eminem and the Albert Einstein
Dominique Khan Repvblik (5 months ago)
wha about KFC
Rihana (5 months ago)
I saw this video in my school yesterday
Christian Burnett (5 months ago)
fortnite is the best game
The Hub (5 months ago)
I watched this in class today
Josephine Satterfield (6 months ago)
I didn't know not giving up can make someone famous?
EyetlizYT (6 months ago)
Am i einstein reincarnated i was'nt able to speak until i am almost 4 My teacher threw somthing at me i failed 3rd grade but im really good with physics and math
LonelyPianist (6 months ago)
StarWarsftw12 (6 months ago)
Ahh yes, bullshit spewed by people who are all have the damn genetic coding to foster their dreams. Reality is reality, the odds are you will not amount to shit at all in this world. You will more than likely die in a box in some dead ass ditch in fuck knows where. Unless you are superior via genes sorry mate, game over. Don't believe this ''believe in yourself'' crap spewed by so many today. Reality and logic are facts, and if you are not born, you are not going to win.
Venkatesh Venkatesh (6 months ago)

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