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57 Celebrities Who Have Sadly Passed Away

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This Video is In Memory to those Celebrities who have sadly 'Passed Away' and that are no longer with us. (R.I.P) Life is short for some people. Make the most of what you have left in your life. No one knows when our time is completely up. Love from MrCaringuy.
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MrCaringuy (15 days ago)
Dear everyone, my new latest video on my Channel is called - 100 Celebrities Who Have Sadly Passed Away. Here is the link for those who would like to watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Agdg7b5Rak
ķåÿȽå (1 day ago)
People you missed: Lil peep Mac Miller Michael Jackson Tupac/2pac XXXTENTACION.
Harrison Swayze (10 hours ago)
Fine if celebs die of drugs & so respectable etc., if it happened to someone not famous they'd instantly get scumbag etc. remarks... Wholeheartedly agree & have taken therapy for personal depression (with several centres) I'm still chatting to you so cut the sympathy & accept people can easily cock up due to shortsightedness or stupidity. Medical conditions, murder or true accidents I can show patience with though. Where's the remembrance for armed personnel etc.? (Don't have their names so you don't bother)
Michelle Cara (11 hours ago)
Amen rest in peace 😭😭😭😭😭
Subhan Qureshi (17 hours ago)
we are in 2019 yet we have no proper medicine and cure for cancer so many people die of cancer.
Inchi Bohr (18 hours ago)
I knew only Bruce Lee!
Wesam Alnasser (1 day ago)
becoming a celebrity just makes me scared cause of this
MD PV (1 day ago)
The body goes back to dust but the soul lives forever. Where will you spend eternity?
Bob Abooey (1 day ago)
Bill Paxton went from a 5ft turd to Surveillance being his specialty GAME OVER MAAAAN
Brad Matthew (1 day ago)
Rest in peace. Every circumstance's are different. The easy way out is the coward way. It's heartbreaking too watch.
Johyn (1 day ago)
the person who made this video is stupid because he writes sadly lost their life after every person who is dead even the stupid people who died from drugs. drug takers who died are not sadly they are stupid. so grow up stupid person who made this video.
Dylan Gantrich (10 hours ago)
It's still sad when they die for all the people involved, you fucking moron. Have you never been tought manners? Respect the dead, even the foolish ones.
Jade Woolgar (1 day ago)
Where's Freddie Mercury and Alan Rickman??
Lecto- Escritor (1 day ago)
Setting criminals aside, ALL deaths are "sadly" events.
Cisco Budge (1 day ago)
good riddance to every damn one of them.
mark kinrade (1 day ago)
WTF u evil piece of shit
Lecto- Escritor (1 day ago)
Yep. They´re going to say exactly the same thing about you when you´re dead. And that´s a heartless and cruel thing to say, don´t you think, you stupid moron?
Debashish Avasia (2 days ago)
Bless these souls Rest In Peace !
scarcie I an I (2 days ago)
Why do so many celebs die of freakin pneumonia??
Simba (2 days ago)
Everybody dies. 😢
Darren Nicholl (3 days ago)
very sad rip
Paul Desfosses (4 days ago)
Helen Peck (4 days ago)
thank you for sharing
Super3kids Gaming (5 days ago)
beware pneumonia guys
Sebastian Janska (7 days ago)
4:59 heather o rourke cardiac arrest
Glenn Weeks (7 days ago)
Sorry but that is not a picture of Nicole Smith... stopped watching there!
Ms Z (19 hours ago)
*Glad* someone pointed that out! It sure wasn't Anna!
Virginia Connor (7 days ago)
Tis sad when they die when old; his sad when they die when they're my age-63; his sad when they die from smoking or drugs; his sadder when they die from some disease they couldn't help or some accident; and his even sadder when they die as a child or baby.
dessie o connor (8 days ago)
Farrah fawsett died of anal cancer ... you could just have made somthing up..
sweet puddin (9 days ago)
What about Leonard Nimoy, Elizabeth Taylor, Prince, MJ???
sweet puddin (9 days ago)
That was Not Anna Nichole Smith's picture the very first one. Her boobs were way bigger than that and she was much prettier than this wanna be who is pictured here.
Ms Z (19 hours ago)
Yup, it sure isn't our Anna 😭 What a deceiving "tribute" to our girl
ann ramona (9 days ago)
Strange how anyone could forget Michael Jackson who is missing on this list.. . . . .!
Frank Blackcrow (10 days ago)
Too many died from drugs.. no one asks, was the real problem the drugs or the ability to have them self administered... no Micheal Jackson in this.. killed by a doctors administration of drugs.
bajeh dyer (12 days ago)
May their gentle souls RIP🙏🏾
kayla seawright (12 days ago)
Brittany murphy overdosed... ..
Frank Blackcrow (10 days ago)
Some have said that was the star killers.. as with a lot of them that suddenly died from too many prescription drugs when that their lives were looking as fairly good.. except whitney houston.. coke head.
ROY HISAE (12 days ago)
Wow, 10 years later and I didnt know Brittany Murphy is dead.Fail.
David Edwards (13 days ago)
People do not loose their life to drug overdoses, they GIVE their lives away. They do not deserve to be remembered, if their legacy is to kill yourself with drugs.
Tita Zimmerman (15 hours ago)
+Cisco Budge you neither
Cisco Budge (1 day ago)
I agree. Those pieces of trash don't deserve to be remembered.
Dayna Silverman (2 days ago)
Its harder than people think, its a lot more complex than that. its not that we can stop its a mental illness but its tearing people down and killing mad people and your fucked up for saying that and you should be more empathetic to the people that lost there lives due to drugs!
dessie o connor (8 days ago)
Must be hard being perfect..
Grahame Cole (11 days ago)
Fuck you
Antti Toiviainen (13 days ago)
What is the name of the last song??????????
Antti Toiviainen (7 days ago)
+Frozenstein Thanks a lot!! :)
Frozenstein (13 days ago)
Pony boy Curtis (13 days ago)
I had to stop watching this when it came to Bruce Lee! I thought this was going to be current times not actors who passed away b4 I was even born? I’m surprised William Shakespeare’s wasn’t on the list 😂
Pony boy Curtis (13 days ago)
Sorry stu but you won’t unfortunately be seeing willy in any Waterstones for book signings yes he is brown bread.
Stuart Foulkes (13 days ago)
Whattt ? Will's dead ? .... but I've just bought his new book in Stratford-Upon-Avon, bummer , I wanted it signed too :-)
Home sweet home
A P (14 days ago)
Celebrities are mostly drug addicts or alcoholics , they are not now nor should they ever be put on pedestals like fools and morons do in todays world
Gloomy Grim (14 days ago)
Sometimes life is not fair. . . >_<
Gloomy Grim (1 day ago)
+sonicstep >_<
sonicstep (1 day ago)
Yeah, especially when it's self inflicted. 😲
polite critique (14 days ago)
4:05 Farrah fawcett anal cancer
Nicci Berriman (9 days ago)
polite critique ya I wouldn’t want that advertised
polite critique (14 days ago)
All in hellfire for selling souls to Antichrist jewlywood was it worth it morons now oink for eternity
J (14 days ago)
Michael Geeter did not die from an epileptic seizure. He died from complications from AIDS.
Huriyah Kun (15 days ago)
Wow! 18 died of cancer 13 of drug overdose, 13 heart attack and 8 of Pneumonia. I know that not equal to 57; but those are the majoritarian cause of death for the list presented. I think that drug overdose and heart attack could have been prevented with abstinence and treatment .
Ronald Berue (15 days ago)
"57 Celebrities ..." The Vldeo plays So Very Fast.. When I stop it to read, YT's graphics prevent me from reading. fair question: What is your hurry?
Susan Dunkerley (14 days ago)
I pause it too but I touch the screen off to the side then touch the centre (triangle) to continue. I've never been a fast reader. 😏 what do you mean when you say youtubes graphics?
stephen (15 days ago)
Druggy scum better off dead hope it was painfull
TheColdHard Truth (15 days ago)
Eloisa Macal (15 days ago)
But how could some have died from over dose, when we don’t have a drug crisis?
* Artiko * (15 days ago)
* Artiko * (15 days ago)
Davis Bowie died the same day my dog died, and same year prince died
Cherry Smith (13 days ago)
2016 is the year we lost a lot of good celebrities
* Artiko * (15 days ago)
Saw this vid and thought....... Elvis.P Marilyn.M David.B Freddie.M Prince Done
Karl S (15 days ago)
* Artiko * not Dead. thay live in this Island, secret sociatys, allways talk about.
RIP Bruce
Greg Beames (16 days ago)
Always sad when people die but I really cannot have sympathy to those that died at the hands of drugs
TheColdHard Truth (14 days ago)
+Patricia McPhail if the dealer never sold them it they not have it to take and on prescription drugs if the doctor not help them get it they not have it and if they knew how make it they did them self's but it there choice to take it if they have it and I saying a big if on if okay and I say it the dealer more than who take it because dealer push there drugs on people because I buy weed and we one that I knew sold weed was out he was trying to sale me pills and one try to sale me crystal meth because they out of weed but some people want to get high at times they can not say no to the new idea that it not weed like most people in Hollywood smoke's weed or drinks alcohol and at times easier to be talked into other drugs what you can say it's both parties fault that the overdose occurred but I'm saying it's the dealer's fault more then who took it I say it 75% the dealers fault and 25% whoever takes it fault
Patricia McPhail (14 days ago)
No, it is NOT the dealers fault that these people are dead from an overdose. It’s the fault of the person that purchased the drugs in the first place. They made the CHOICE to take the amount that they did which ended up taking their lives....Or... look at it another way...it’s neither the dealers fault OR the purchasers fault, AND it’s BOTH their faults. No person, people, or situation should EVER influence you to overdose on street drugs or prescription drugs. Also, I too have no sympathy for people that lose their lives to drugs.
TheColdHard Truth (15 days ago)
Hands of drugs is part of the sickness the world is causing on others but why weep for the ones that tried to numb the pain of the world it just rough that some die this way because of drugs and yet nobody wants to take responsibility for selling the drugs to the people that overdosed on it for murder cuz they sold them the drugs that end up killing them where's the justice in these deaths but Greg maybe you are the drug dealer that's why you have no sympathy for those died because of drugs
Sonia Peters (15 days ago)
How sad you are.....
Dodgen Francis (16 days ago)
Sorry, you had just helped the evil one.
Svein Grimstad (17 days ago)
So many people died of cancer. I hope some day there will be no more cancer.
Dan G (14 days ago)
Yeah, then people will switch to more drugs... don't worry, cancer is not such a bad thing, it's one way of dying is all.
Francesco Xxx (17 days ago)
corey haim didin't die for pneumonia but drug
Gail Rogers (17 days ago)
That's not Anna nicole Smith
Greg Beames (16 days ago)
+Merlene James I just typed in Anna's name and under images that one came up and tagline said A-N_S biopic
Merlene James (16 days ago)
i see what you mean, her breasts have been photoshopped. https://www.google.com/search?q=anna+nicole+smith+biopic&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=YwwdOYQxQG67aM%253A%252Cyn6y2QhOIrxTVM%252C_&vet=1&usg=AI4_-kSShmWSSXGHH-yPK_seObsvBAcUAw&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiCzKL835LiAhXq8HMBHaOfCVgQ9QEwBXoECAoQCg#imgdii=1rY0Aot0bFYElM:&imgrc=YwwdOYQxQG67aM:&vet=1
Merlene James (16 days ago)
+Greg Beames i did cut and copy the photo and put it in google images and it shows "blond". Only info on blond haired women.
Greg Beames (16 days ago)
+Merlene James actually your right the pic is a still from her biopic
Merlene James (16 days ago)
Gail Rogers I agree
wareidav (17 days ago)
A great deal of drug related deaths here... Maybe drugs are not the answer to problems.
TheColdHard Truth (15 days ago)
But it's solution to end them for good
Dan The Man (17 days ago)
Hey Dead Folks in the Entertainment Field.....My Condolence.....
Dragon Warrior (18 days ago)
Rest in hell all drug atics
TheColdHard Truth (15 days ago)
And you should know drug dealer
Elizabeth Guenther (18 days ago)
Had no idea most of these people were dead
Gert-Jan van der Lee (18 days ago)
I can't feel sorry for drug related deaths. That's completely their own fault.
Gert-Jan van der Lee (14 days ago)
+Dan G They choose to use drugs, knowing it's extremely addictive. More than anything else in the world probably. So, yes they did choose to risk getting addicted. Get a grip please. Your comparison with cancer is an insult to all cancer patients. It's outrageous.
Dan G (14 days ago)
Uh....no, it's an addiction, a mental problem, they don't choose to be addicted like people don't choose to have cancer... get a grip please.
Um where’s Stephen Hillenburg???
Blowing Free (18 days ago)
I recognised about 4 or 5 of the women; I have no idea who the others were. RIP though.
Amanda Barry (18 days ago)
No offence to the others R.I.P but you forgot MICHAEL JACKSON THE KING OF POP!!!! :'( xxx
Lisa Bellin (16 days ago)
Yep I didn't see Michael Jackson or Prince on there
maureen bernhardt (18 days ago)
Amir Ghiasi (18 days ago)
Or got wacked...
Nick Elvins (19 days ago)
That's NOT Anna Nicole Smith!
Judith Shalders (19 days ago)
Don’t know most of them
Andrew Pryce (19 days ago)
Who the fuck are these people !
Sanddab Z (20 days ago)
Farrah Fawcett dies of anal cancer......that just seems cruel & wrong~
Sanddab Z (18 days ago)
+Gert-Jan van der Lee I'm sorry, I guess my statement was misguided. I couldn't agree more with you. I lost my Mom to cancer, it's a horrible disease.
Gert-Jan van der Lee (18 days ago)
Why only Farrah Fawcett? Cancer is cruel period. Not just for Farrah Fawcett.
Tim Newman (20 days ago)
do you realy need to show what they died from?!... how about an RIP with their appearances or reason for their fame?...it feels a bit macabre to be honest.
sdb 200 (20 days ago)
Mostly of them left so early Live is so short and we don't realize it that's why enjoy your life on maximum when you get a sick after will be late and after person realize what's did wrong and what did good ..and mostly of us like to pass out in sleep I think it's the best way no pain .. Cancer it's really painful and I really scared of that when my time will come God bless to all of us
bill Bloggs (17 days ago)
sdb 200 yea but what if you're broke and got sweet fa ? How can you enjoy it?
John Falstaff (20 days ago)
I do not regret those who lost their lives due to a drug overdose. We are in the XXI Century and people should be educated well enough how deceptive drugs are.
1adebarde (20 days ago)
Mostly death due to cancer and drug overdoses.
1adebarde (18 days ago)
That doesn't detract from the statement. Great name by the way.+Gert-Jan van der Lee
Gert-Jan van der Lee (18 days ago)
There were some cases of pneumonia too.
Anti NWO /Illuminati (21 days ago)
Hell is full of idiots who sold there soul for fame.
Barry Erickson (21 days ago)
We don't care any more.
UrbaeKIKI (16 days ago)
Barry Erickson so why did you watch?Who forced you to.
Maristela Fachini (21 days ago)
There is a wrong causa mortis here...Brittany was poisoned, Bil Paxton dead in heart sugery.
Pumping Aluminum (21 days ago)
Cancer, pneumonia, drugs .... Majority of death on this vid
JohnDgr81 (21 days ago)
It would have been good if their accomplishments where listed on the right side space of this video!
Dimity Connolly (22 days ago)
More then half of these deaths are wrong get you facts straight before making a video full of lies
poidk urdo (22 days ago)
who is the woman on the right in the thumbnail? I can't seem to find her in the video.
poidk urdo (19 days ago)
Thank you very much.
Aimie Macdonald (19 days ago)
Natasha Richardson, she is in the video at 7:37
Brenda Watkins (22 days ago)
Minister Barry Thomas (22 days ago)
Dilhat 12 (22 days ago)
4:00 anal cancer
Gert-Jan van der Lee (18 days ago)
4:44 Pulmonary embolism
Faith Manor (23 days ago)
Rip Bernie, loved his shows
SS Standartenfuhrer (23 days ago)
Never heard or seen most of these people not celebrities . Keep taking drugs we need to lower the population to save the planet .
Gert-Jan van der Lee (18 days ago)
They were celebrities once. But a lot of them have died so long ago that a lot of people living today never seen them alive.
Gaz Mach1 (23 days ago)
Talk about praying on people’s misery for likes on YouTube, come on now, get a grip
Jorge-Luis Fernandez (23 days ago)
Bernie Mac died from a heart attack
Gaz Mach1 (23 days ago)
He died of cardiac arrest brought on by Pneumonia
SammieDavidDeLuce (24 days ago)
Mrs Fratelli, we miss you RIP
Kathryn Phillips (24 days ago)
Sweetie that first photo of your video is absolutely NOT Anna Nicole Smith. She's pretty, but that's not her.
Bilal Afzal (19 days ago)
Hmm. By the talk of urs... U seems to be very preety and loving...
Terry King (24 days ago)
We all have to go sooner or later, somehow, somewhere and at some place, young or old, sickly or healthy, rich or poor, famous, infamous. It's that no one knows how or when but it comes when you least expect it.
Chandlch (25 days ago)
Rip Gustav Ahr (Lil peep)
Chandlch (25 days ago)
Farrah faecett died of (Anal Cancer)???
B Dulaney (25 days ago)
Bruce Lee is not dead, he ,I believe, is living as a monk in some monestary in China. I believe his son Brandon is with him.
Gerry Nightingale (22 days ago)
*So is Amelia Earhart/the 'Real Paul'/JFK/RFK/they're all there too!*
Nancy Nash (25 days ago)
These people have been gone for years... get real, there is no such thing as death and some may have already reincarnated. The others are now working in the heaven they most closely resonate to. "In my father's house are many mansions." God does NOT mean houses literally but actual realms or worlds. So you don't necessarily go to the same world/realm as everyone else. It ALL depends on your state of heart and soul. And better bring some rubber gloves and a mop because heaven has LOTS of work and then even more work.
Maximus Khan (25 days ago)
Rip all of them, I am SAD, Did not know or forgot that , Philip Seymour Hoffman also died
SammieDavidDeLuce (24 days ago)
He was actually a very very good actor. I don't believe he gets the recognition he deserves
And the lady at 4,14-92 yrs old? only 2 years younger than my late grandma, age fair enough 4 her to pass away)
Why "rest in peace" 4 Smith? She had it coming... you ask 4 it when you constantly take drugs (almost All of them did-I DON'T GIVE A DIME ABOUT THEM OR HEAVEN OR HELL OR SMTH LIKE THAT
ΤΖΕΝΗ ΓΑΛΑΝΗ Shut up you fucking clown!🙄
izi69 official (24 days ago)
Mozart (26 days ago)
nice audio
Dominga Brown (26 days ago)
So you dont care about the other few thousand celebrities who passed away?
jake canebrake (26 days ago)
chris farley,john candy and jame gandolfini all heart attacks...lose weight and don't smoke.
Greg Beames (15 days ago)
Farley was drug overdose
Anonymous (26 days ago)
I'm Tierd boss
James Toney (26 days ago)
Anal cancer 🍆
James Toney (26 days ago)
Anal cancer 🍆

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