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Introduction to css in Hindi

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Text Comments (52)
Vipin Kumar (2 days ago)
Css is not a markup language its designing language . Please correct yourself
only awesome (1 month ago)
Thanks.great video!👍👌💐
Ekta Patwa (2 months ago)
Thany you, you explain very easily, your video really helps me
Abhishek Mishra (4 months ago)
Cascading ka kya matlab hota hai
Roshni Gautam (1 month ago)
Abhishek Mishra ... cascading simply means "in flow"
technical patel (4 months ago)
How to create WhatsApp share button
Sanjeev videotech (4 months ago)
Dishu Goswami (4 months ago)
Thank you so much sir......but audio is very low sir....
Vipan Kumar (5 months ago)
Thanks Vish I learned a lot from your videos before that it was seems to be very difficult task to become web developer but after watching your videos now i have confidence in me thanks again..............
Gurpreet Kaur (5 months ago)
Thanks sir g ,very nice video
Mannu sharma (6 months ago)
tnks a lot sir
Technology fanda (7 months ago)
jigyasha sharma (7 months ago)
Aapki video bohot helpful hoti hai. But Sir aapki voice Kam aa rahi hai.
samrat lilhare (4 months ago)
I have same program
papular BaBa (7 months ago)
Dik h
azan Jan (10 months ago)
u r the best Sir
Sahil Patel (11 months ago)
sir please respond to my request
Sahil Patel (11 months ago)
I am an online learner
Sahil Patel (11 months ago)
vinay sir! you are the best in field of computer. But i want you to also upload a video on c++ and on coreldraw
Girls Corner (11 months ago)
Komal Insan (11 months ago)
Audio is very low sir
Insad Mansoori (11 months ago)
sir new website html and css create please sir and step by step and hindi
Nadra Mishal (11 months ago)
MUZAMMIL shaikh (1 year ago)
how to run css file
Parimal Pari (1 year ago)
The css you are teaching is LESS or SASS. please reply sir
Aastha Jain (6 months ago)
Sir video Bhut Aacha hai but voice Bhut Kam aa rahi hai
Crazy fundax (1 year ago)
different kya h html and css mei or pahle css sikhe ya html
Kunal Goutam (1 year ago)
Learn HTML first than CSS
S Naidu (1 year ago)
Very usefull all who are interested in web development, excellent tutorial video
manav 0164 (1 year ago)
sir video is good but audio is too low
Girls Corner (11 months ago)
check this
Girls Corner (11 months ago)
Sir.Good Job.Thanks for uploading
Pradeep Mehrotra (1 year ago)
audio is very low beyond the normal listnable level
Owes Mirza (1 year ago)
Nice job Done Vinay. You cleared my so many doubts in this short video.
Himanshu Sharma (1 year ago)
Hello Sir !!! Do u provide coaching as well? If yes then please reply. If no, please tell me where can i get the best coaching in ncr for HTML 5, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery
flamboyant person (2 years ago)
You explained in the most simple way. Thank you so much.
Aman Silawat (2 years ago)
Nice Dude.
Maqsood Ali (2 years ago)
Your videos are enough to learn CSS.... Thank you...
VRP Tutorials (2 years ago)
sir id aur clas kab use karana chahiye
Rahul Mishra (7 months ago)
id ka use hm bar bar nhi kr sakte hai
Akhanisonline (2 years ago)
Id hum tab use krty hen jab hummey kisi unique cheaz ko access krty hen or class ko hum bar bar use krney k lye use krni hoti he
muhammad shahidkhan (2 years ago)
nice and great
Tahir Khan (2 years ago)
plz upload how to make a good looking form in css
Tech Computer (2 years ago)
nice tutorials
SR CLUB (3 years ago)
all video jabardast hai ...
SR CLUB (3 years ago)
good :)
zeeshan khan (3 years ago)
vinay vidhani (4 years ago)
hey vinay!!!! really u did a very good job specially for those guy they didnt attend lectures in college and last day of the exam they can learn and clear their exam... and also they have language barrier.. very nice vinay singh 
siddhesh mishra (4 years ago)
great innovative idea sir ji!....keep it up
technical dude (2 years ago)
technical dude (2 years ago)
Ye background image kaise banaye

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