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I put everything I think is sexy into my shoes. I was always the sexy bass player in the background while Robin stood centre. Barry and I played it up a bit, gave 'em a bit of thigh. Tina Turner is someone that I admire,http://bit.ly/1b8vitE because she made her strength feminine and sexy. I think they all went too far. Their jeans got too low, their tops got too see-through. Personally, I think that sexy is keeping yourself mysterious. I'm really an old-fashioned girl, and I think I'm totally sexy.
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Michal Myszka (13 hours ago)
jess jesse (3 months ago)
2: you tube rule = out of controlled. Overloaded crap + perversion + sick minds testeron ! Easy sum dude?
jess jesse (3 months ago)
1: wrong video title ! You are low level educated & learn to spell definition of elegance ! You switched your dirty mind to perversion dude ! Totally sick ? Easy sum dude ?
Charles Green (4 months ago)
everyone has a nipple peeking out!
Jayesh bhajan Nai (4 months ago)
1.37 naomi waoooooooooooo amazing hot
mike noor (5 months ago)

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